MOZA SR-P Pedals

Key Specs and Features

  • Pressure sensor brake with max 75kg load cell
  • Dual sensor fusion on brake using load cell and hall sensor
  • 16-bit magnetic sensors on all pedals
  • Adjustable brake stiffness with multiple springs
  • Interchangeable brake damper elastomers
  • Clutch with simulated pressure plate feel
  • Organ-type throttle pedal shape
  • USB connection works with any wheel or PC
  • Pedals can be detached and reversed
  • Software allows custom sensitivity curves

MOZA SR-P Pedals Review

The MOZA SR-P Pedals are a new offering from sim racing hardware company MOZA, aimed at the mid-range load cell pedal market. In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the design, performance and feel of these pedals to see if they’re a worthwhile purchase for sim racers looking to upgrade their pedal setup.


What are the MOZA SR-P Pedals?

The MOZA SR-P Pedals are a set of USB-connected pedals for sim racing on PC. They feature a load cell brake along with throttle and clutch pedals, and are intended to fill the gap in MOZA’s range between entry-level potentiometer pedals and their premium hydraulic pedals.

At a mid-range price point, the SR-P pedals promise high-quality construction and adjustable load cell feel to appeal to a wide range of drivers. They can work with any wheel or PC setup thanks to the USB connectivity.

How Do They Compare to Other Pedals?

The MOZA SR-P pedals sit in between cheaper potentiometer pedals from Logitech/Thrustmaster and more premium offerings from Fanatec, Simucube etc.

They offer a reasonable max load cell pressure for the price, but can’t match the power of top-tier hydraulic pedals. The quality and adjustability seems good for the money, filling an important gap in the market.

Build Quality and Design

Construction Materials

The pedal faces are made from CNC aluminum alloy for durability, while the rest of the pedals utilize steel in the construction. This contrasts to MOZA’s premium CR-P pedals which are mostly aluminum. However the materials feel high quality with smooth chamfered edges.

Adjustability Options

A key selling point of the SR-P pedals is the wide adjustability. The pedals can be easily detached and reversed for left-foot braking. Spacers allow pedal spacing changes.

There are 3 springs of varying stiffness included for the brake pedal, along with 2 interchangeable damper elastomers. This allows users to tune the brake pedal feel based on preference.

Mounting and Setup

The pedals come with an anti-slip rubber mat that allows using them freestanding. They can also be easily mounted to pedal plates using the included screws.

Overall the setup process is quick and simple either way. Adjustments to pedal spacing and angle can be made on the fly thanks to the smart design.

Performance and Feel

Brake Pedal Design

The brake pedal incorporates a load cell to measure pressure, along with a 16-bit magnetic hall sensor that detects travel. This dual sensor approach aims to provide fine control across the full pedal range.

In testing, the load cell feel only really engages in the last part of the pedal travel. This makes trail braking modulation a bit vague. However, the adjustable springs and dampers allow tuning the feel to suit your style.

Throttle and Clutch Pedals

The throttle pedal uses an organ-type shape which mimics the natural motion of your foot during acceleration. This allows precise application of throttle coming out of corners.

The clutch features a simulated pressure plate feel thanks to integrated roller cams. This recreates the increasing resistance when disengaging the clutch. The feel reduces with very quick heel-toe motions however.

Load Cell and Sensors

The maximum pressure sensor on the brake is 75kg which is reasonable for a mid-priced set of load cell pedals. This allows strong, consistent braking power.

The contactless magnetic sensors use very high resolution for excellent precision and smoothness. This aids trail braking as you can make minor inputs.

Software and Compatibility

Customization Options

Using the MOZA Pit House software, you can fully customize the sensitivity curves on each pedal to suit your driving style. This includes altering the pressure bonding point and gradient.


Thanks to the USB connection, the pedals will work nicely with any PC or wheel setup. No extra adapters or compatibility issues to worry about, perfect for mixing and matching hardware.

What We Liked

  • Very quick and easy setup with multiple mounting options
  • Pedals feel durable and smoothly finished
  • Lots of customization via included springs/dampers
  • Software allows tuning pedal sensitivity curves
  • Works with any wheel or PC setup thanks to USB
  • Smart designs like organ throttle and simulated clutch

Areas for Improvement

  • Load cell could be more powerful for truly premium feel
  • Brake lacks finesse for precise trail braking techniques
  • Not labeled clearly which damper is soft vs medium
  • Can feel vague transitioning from light to heavy brake pressure
  • Doesn’t have all-metal construction of pricier pedals

Verdict and Recommendations

Who Are These Pedals Ideal For?

The MOZA SR-P Pedals are a great option for sim racers looking to upgrade from entry-level potentiometer pedals to load cell feel. They offer strong performance for the price and lots of customization potential.

Hardcore sim racers who demand the highest fidelity may want to look at high-end hydraulic pedals however. The maximum brake pressure and feel leave a little to be desired for super precise techniques.

Overall they successfully bridge the gap between MOZA’s budget and premium offerings, slotting nicely into the mid-range market.

Value for Money

Given the quality components, smart design and adjustability options, the MOZA SR-P pedals represent good value for money. They can add load cell feel to your rig for a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

The MOZA SR-P Pedals deliver a full set of customizable, high-performing pedals for mid-range budgets. They feel like a durable, quality set of pedals with lots of adjustment potential to get the right feel.

While they can’t quite match the fidelity of high-end hydraulic pedals, they provide an excellent stepping stone from budget gear. The load cell performs admirably even if it lacks the finesse for hardcore racing techniques.

Overall the MOZA SR-P pedals succeed in their goal of bringing adjustable, mid-range load cell performance to the masses. For the price, they are an easy recommendation for driving enthusiasts looking to enhance their pedal game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What wheels are these pedals compatible with?

Thanks to the USB connection, these pedals will work with any wheel or PC without needing extra adapters. They can be used standalone or alongside wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec etc.

Can you mount them easily on a rig?

Yes, the pedals come with screws suitable for attaching to pedal plates on racing rigs. The spacing is adjustable, and swapping the brake pedal side is possible too.

Do they work well for hardcore competitive racing?

The pedals perform very nicely overall and have lots of customization, but lack some finesse for high-level racing. Hydraulic pedals would be better for sim pros needing ultimate precision.

How difficult is it to change the springs and dampers?

Swapping the included springs is quick and simple to dial in your preferred brake stiffness. The dampers are a bit trickier to change, but with some care you can mix and match them too.

Can I use the pedals without installing any software?

Yes, the pedals will work out the box with default settings. But installing the MOZA software lets you customize sensitivity curves, deadzones etc.

MOZA SR-P Pedals