Thrustmaster T3PA


  • Cost effective at around $100
  • All-metal pedal plates
  • Smooth feel and throttle resistance
  • Side-to-side and angle adjustability
  • Includes conical brake mod for resistance
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster wheels


  • Lightweight plastic base feels cheap
  • Brake has spongy feel without mods
  • Excessive clutch/gas pedal travel
  • Not natively compatible with other wheels
  • Lack of load cell limits brake precision

Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals: A Sim Racer's In-Depth Review

As a sim racing enthusiast, a good set of pedals is just as important as the wheel itself when it comes to realism and consistency. I’ve used the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals extensively across various racing titles, and wanted to provide a detailed hands-on review for those considering this pedal set. Read on for my full thoughts on the T3PA’s performance, customization options, and overall value.


The Thrustmaster T3PA is a 3-pedal set that serves as an add-on option for Thrustmaster’s lineup of racing wheels. It includes a gas, brake, and clutch pedal and is compatible with wheels like the T150, T300RS, and T500RS.

I’ve used the T3PA pedals with both the T150 and T300RS wheels. In this review, I’ll cover how these pedals perform in terms of feel, customizability, and value compared to other options on the market. I’ll also offer recommendations on ideal use cases based on experience level and budget.

Key Specs and Features

To start, here are some key specs and included features on the T3PA pedals:

  • Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Materials: Metal pedal faces, plastic base
  • Adjustability: Side-to-side and angle
  • Connectivity: RJ12 cable (wheel compatible)
  • Accessories: Conical brake mod

The all-metal pedal plates provide durability, while the plastic base helps reduce overall weight for portability. The pedals connect directly to compatible wheels via an RJ12 cable. Side-to-side and angle adjustments allow customizing the pedal positions.

Thrustmaster also includes a conical brake mod accessory which can be added to increase brake pedal stiffness and resistance. This addresses a common complaint with the brake feeling too “spongy” out of the box.

Performance and Feel

Here are my impressions on how each pedal performs and feels during use:

Gas Pedal

  • Smooth and progressive resistance curve
  • Mimics real car gas pedal well
  • Pedal travel distance feels slightly long

Brake Pedal

  • Spongy feel without brake mod attached
  • Brake mod adds stiffness but reduces travel
  • Mod position adjusts overall resistance
  • Can be difficult to modulate brake pressure

Clutch Pedal

  • Completely changes experience vs paddle shifters
  • Much more realistic with H-pattern shifter
  • Pedal travel also feels slightly long

Overall the pedals are smooth in use, but the excessive travel on both the gas and clutch reduces consistency. The brake pedal feel really benefits from adding the conical mod.

Customization Options

One of the T3PA’s strengths lies in its adjustability and customization potential:

Adjusting Pedal Positions

The pedals can be moved side-to-side and the angle adjusted with the included Allen key. This allows tweaking the geometry and leverage to your preferences. It also enables switching between Formula and GT-style pedal configurations.

Adding Brake Mods

The conical brake mod that comes with the set provides a good starting point for adding brake stiffness. Further aftermarket mods can be purchased to enhance this even more.

Compatibility with Wheels

The T3PA pedals are plug-and-play compatible with all of Thrustmaster’s wheel bases. An RJ12 to USB adapter will allow using them as a standalone set.

Ideal Use Cases

The T3PA pedals are best suited for the following use cases:

For Beginners

The low cost and included conical mod make the T3PAs a good starting point for those completely new to sim racing. The overall smooth action is easy to get accustomed to.

For Those on a Budget

At around $100, it’s hard to find a full 3-pedal set at a lower price point. The T3PAs offer decent quality considering the budget-friendly cost.

However, for more experienced sim racers, the limitations of the non-load cell brake and excessive pedal travel will likely be frustrating. Enthusiasts will probably want to consider higher-end pedals for a realistic experience.

Comparison to Other Pedal Sets

Here’s how the T3PA pedals stack up against some other options:

  1. Thrustmaster T3PA Pro

The T3PA Pro pedals have a more premium look and feel. They also allow the pedals to be inverted. However, the underlying technology is very similar.

  1. Thrustmaster T500RS

Nearly identical pedal feel, but the T500RS pedals can be inverted and don’t work with the conical brake mod.

  1. Logitech Pedals

A minor upgrade over entry-level Logitech sets. Much better feel than the basic G29 pedals.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Thrustmaster T3PA pedals offer a cost-effective way to add a 3-pedal setup to an entry-level racing wheel. For around $100, they provide smooth performance and helpful modulation options like the included brake mod. Adjustability allows customizing the positions to your preferences as well.

However, the lightweight plastic base construction feels cheap, and the lack of a load cell in the brake limits the realism. The long pedal travel also negatively impacts consistency. As such, the T3PA pedals are best suited for casual or beginning sim racers on a tight budget.

More advanced enthusiasts will likely want to look at higher-end pedals with hydraulic or load cell brakes to get a true-to-life experience. But as an affordable way to get started with a wheel/pedal combo, the T3PA set is a solid value considering the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the T3PA pedals work with Playstation/Xbox?

A: Yes, they are compatible with Thrustmaster wheels designed for console use, like the T150.

Q: Can the pedal positions be inverted?

A: No, the T3PA pedals only allow side-to-side and angle adjustments. The T3PA Pro can be inverted.

Q: Is a load cell mod available?

A: Not from Thrustmaster, but some third party load cell mods can be purchased.

Q: Can I use the pedals without a Thrustmaster wheel?

A: Yes, you just need an RJ12 to USB adapter to connect them directly to a PC.

Q: Is the clutch pedal necessary for paddle shifters?

A: No, the clutch is only needed when using an H-pattern shifter. Paddle shifting does not require a clutch.

Q: Are replacement brake mods available?

A: Yes, Thrustmaster sells spare conical brake mods for the T3PA pedals on their website.

Thrustmaster T3PA