MOZA HBP Handbrake


  • High quality materials and construction
  • Smooth, precise hall effect sensor
  • Interchangeable springs with different resistance
  • Adjustable lever angle and length
  • Customizable brake travel distance
  • Useful software with full calibration


  • Mounting to cockpit requires additional hardware
  • Accessing adjustments requires disassembly
  • Short lever may contact steering wheel on some rigs

MOZA Racing HBP Handbrake Review

The MOZA Racing HBP Handbrake is the newest addition to MOZA’s rapidly expanding ecosystem of sim racing hardware. As an avid sim racer and drifter, I was excited to get my hands on the HBP Handbrake to see how it performs. After extensive testing, I’m ready to share my detailed review.


MOZA is a relative newcomer to the sim racing hardware market, but they have quickly established themselves as a serious contender. The HBP Handbrake is priced at an affordable $109 USD, aiming to compete with more expensive offerings from other brands.

Constructed from CNC machined aluminum and featuring an adjustable lever, the HBP Handbrake is designed for versatility. With interchangeable resistance springs and customization options, MOZA boasts that the HBP Handbrake can suit any driving style. I put these claims to the test to see if this handbrake delivers on its promises.

Unboxing and Contents

The HBP Handbrake arrived neatly packaged in MOZA’s signature style. Inside the box, molded foam securely holds the handbrake components and accessories. MOZA includes everything you need to get started:

  • HBP Handbrake unit
  • USB and RJ11 connection cables
  • Yellow and blue resistance springs
  • Black progressive elastomer
  • Allen keys and wrenches for adjustments
  • Mounting hardware
  • Rubber pad spare part
  • Calibration tools
  • User manual

The inclusion of adjusting tools, spare parts, and cables adds value compared to other brands. The overall unboxing experience matches the premium quality of the unit itself.

Design and Build Quality

Immediately upon unboxing the HBP Handbrake, the quality craftsmanship is evident. The black anodized aluminum construction gives it a high-end, durable feel.

The materials are top notch, with CNC machined aluminum used throughout the entire handbrake. The edges are smoothly rounded, and the lever handle has a refined finish that feels great in hand. It’s clear this hardware is built to last.

MOZA designed adjustability into the handbrake to suit various mounting positions and driving styles. The lever can be installed vertically or horizontally, and adjusted to two different lengths. There is also an adjustable end stop to control the brake travel distance.

Under the hood, a contactless 16-bit sensor precisely tracks the lever angle without any mechanical wear over time. This high resolution allows for smooth, extremely precise braking control.

The resistance mechanism is designed for easy customization between the included springs and elastomer. More on adjusting the feel later. Overall, the HBP Handbrake exhibits MOZA’s attention to quality in both materials and design.

Setup and Installation

Getting the HBP Handbrake ready to use is simple, thanks to the flexible compatibility and intuitive software. Installation takes just a few steps:

  1. Mount the handbrake to your rig using the included hardware.
  2. Connect the USB or RJ11 cable to your PC or MOZA wheelbase.
  3. Download the MOZA Pit House software suite.
  4. Calibrate and configure the handbrake axis and force curve.

The handbrake is plug and play compatible with PC via USB. For full ecosystem integration, connect to a MOZA wheelbase with the RJ11 cable.

MOZA’s Pit House software unlocks the handbrake’s full customization potential for button mapping, curves, and calibration. The step-by-step wizard makes installation easy.

Mounting the handbrake is straightforward. The base features threaded holes to bolt directly to a rig plate or profile. MOZA also sells a separate clamp accessory for desktop mounting.

Performance and Feel

The real test of a handbrake is how it performs and feels in racing simulations. Gliding through drift circuits and rally stages, the HBP Handbrake impressed me with its smooth precision and customizable resistance.

MOZA achieved the seemingly contradictory combination of a mechanically simple design that also offers incredible tuning potential. The adjustable components come together to deliver an exceptional experience.

At the heart of the unit is an accurate 16-bit sensor that translates the lever’s angle into a perfect in-game brake input. The sensor stays smooth and responsive from first pull to full lock.

The highlight of the HBP Handbrake is the interchangeable resistance springs and elastomer. Each option provides a distinct feel:

  • Yellow Spring: Light, smooth resistance with a linear increase
  • Blue Spring: Slightly stiffer than yellow for heavier feel
  • Black Elastomer: Heaviest resistance with a progressive build up

I found the elastomer ideal for rally driving, as the increasing pressure provides nuanced brake control similar to a real hydraulic handbrake. The light yellow spring excels for rapid full lock drift initiation.

Fine tuning the performance is easy in the MOZA software. I customized the force curve with a quick rise to lock the wheels instantaneously for drifting. The adjustments enable perfect calibration for your needs.


A key strength of the HBP Handbrake is the abundance of customization options to tailor the hardware to your exact preferences.

The lever angle can be adjusted in both the vertical and horizontal positions. Switching between the two lever length settings is simple with the included tools.

To change the resistance or travel, unscrew the cover plate to access the mechanism. Swapping the spring or elastomer takes just moments. The end stop position is also adjustable via four screws to control the brake travel range.

In the software settings, you can select between analog and button mode, along with tweaking the input curve. After making any adjustments, it’s easy to recalibrate the sensor in seconds.

The combination of physical and software settings provides extensive flexibility. I was able to dial in the perfect configuration for both rally and drifting use.


After rigorously testing the MOZA Racing HBP Handbrake over countless virtual miles, I’m thoroughly impressed. MOZA delivered an excellent handbrake that excels in every area.

The build quality stands out immediately, with CNC aluminum construction that looks and feels fantastic. The materials and refined design exceed the price point.

Adjusting the handbrake is seamless between the customizable hardware and intuitive software settings. I was able to customize it perfectly for both rally and drifting disciplines.

Most importantly, the performance and feel match the premium experience that MOZA intended. The 16-bit sensor provides unprecedented precision, reacting instantly to input. Swapping between the different resistance options keeps the brake feeling fresh.

Considering the affordable $109 USD price, the HBP Handbrake punches far above its weight class. For sim racers seeking a responsive and adjustable handbrake, this product has my wholehearted recommendation. MOZA hit a home run with the HBP Handbrake.


How does the HBP Handbrake connect to a PC or wheelbase?

The handbrake includes both USB and RJ11 cables. USB provides plug-and-play compatibility with PC. For MOZA wheelbases, use the RJ11 connection.

Does the handbrake work on game consoles?

Currently the HBP Handbrake is designed only for PC use. Console compatibility is not supported.

What tools are needed to install and adjust the handbrake?

MOZA includes hex keys, wrenches, and screwdrivers in the box for all required adjustments and mounting.

Can the handbrake be used for both rally and drifting?

Yes, the customizable resistance and curves allow optimizing the HBP Handbrake for both rally and drift driving.

How durable is the handbrake over long term use?

The aluminum construction and contactless sensor are built to last. The mechanism should provide years of smooth precision performance.

MOZA HBP Handbrake