Simucube Active Pedals


  • Truly groundbreaking technology that redefines expectations
  • Limitless customization for the perfect personalized feel
  • Bulletproof industrial design and components
  • Intuitive adjustment with no tools required
  • Incredible fidelity from integrated telemetry feedback
  • Optimized software integration with leading sims
  • Seamless switching between pedal types
  • Maintenance free and unparalleled consistency


  • Eye-watering price tag
  • Software still in early development stages
  • Limited availability at launch
  • Can seem overwhelming initially
  • Requires pedal deck reinforcement

What is the Simucube ActivePedal, and how does it work?

Forget everything you thought you knew about sim racing pedals. The game has just changed forever with the revolutionary new Simucube ActivePedal – the world’s first direct drive, force feedback pedal system.

Strap yourself in and get ready for the most immersive and realistic pedal experience money can buy. I recently got my hands on an early release model and have been putting it through its paces. Read on as I walk you through everything this incredible bit of kit has to offer. Trust me when I say this pedal is about to shake up the sim racing world in ways we can’t yet imagine.

A Revolutionary Direct Drive Pedal System

While high-end direct drive wheels have become commonplace in recent years, the humble pedal set has remained relatively unchanged. Pedals have relied on traditional elastomers, hydraulic dampers or load cells to provide resistance and pressure measurement.

The ActivePedal throws out this old formula and instead utilizes an industrial grade lead screw coupled with a powerful BLDC motor and precision machined aluminum parts. This transforms the motor’s rotational force into linear motion along the pedal arm’s axis. It’s this electromechanical direct drive system that gives the ActivePedal its game-changing capabilities.

Electrically Controlled Force Feedback

But it’s not just infinitely adjustable resistance that makes this pedal so special. The onboard digital signal processor (DSP) enables telemetric data from your sim to directly control electromagnetic feedback effects generated by the motor.

You’ll feel track surface changes, ABS activation, and engine vibrations right under your feet. The fidelity is incredible and it adds a whole new tactile dimension to your driving.

Software Adjustability and Customization

Gone are the days of unscrewing plates and tweaking messy rubber compounds when you want to alter a pedal’s characteristics. The ActivePedal plugs into Simucube’s True Drive software allowing every aspect of the pedal to be adjusted on the fly.

Create and store optimized profiles for different cars and tracks that can be recalled in an instant. Dial in the perfect brake pressure and throttle travel for your preferences and driving style. You have unlimited flexibility to customize however you see fit.

Accurate Physical Pedal Profiles

But it’s not just on-screen settings at your disposal. The unique mechanical design makes the physical pedal arm completely adjustable too. An innovative quick release mechanism built into the chassis lets you define and lock in your desired throttle and brake pedal angle and spacing with no tools required.

heights can all be tuned to best match your physique and driving position. And it will all stay locked-in and consistent thanks to the rigid industrial-grade components.

Seamless Transformation Between Pedals

Tired of constantly swapping your clutch and throttle pedals around when switching from an F1 car to a GT3 ride? Those hassles are a thing of the past too. Each ActivePedal unit can instantly change its input mapping between brake, throttle and clutch at the click of a button.

Unlimited Adjustability and Repeatability

With software defined resistance curves matched to a bulletproof mechanical design, the ActivePedal offers unmatched adjustability and consistency over time. There are no elastomers to wear, no messy hydraulic fluid to maintain. Just perfectly tuned precision electro-mechanical movement, infinitely customizable and endlessly repeatable.

Telemetry Data-Based Force Feedback

It’s the DSP powered force feedback that is the real game changer though. Unlike rumble motors crudely bolted onto traditional pedals, the ActivePedal’s integrated motor allows for unparalleled fidelity and customization of feedback effects.

Granite Devices worked closely with leading simulation software providers during development, establishing telemetry channels to stream critical vehicle data directly into the pedal. Feel the roar of your engine, the rumble of curbs, and the slip of tire traction loss vibrating right underfoot. It’s a level of immersion that has to be experienced first-hand to be believed.

Zero Maintenance

With precision CNC machined aluminum alloy components, industrial grade bearings and a stainless steel lead screw, the ActivePedal is built like an absolute tank. It’s designed to stand up to many years of abuse. And with electronic control and no elastomers or bushings to wear out, there is zero maintenance required. You’ll enjoy flawless precision and consistency for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games are currently supported?

At launch, native integration is provided for iRacing, Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2, with more titles coming. The pedals are fully compatible with other software via generic inputs.

Do I need special pedal mounts?

Yes, the substantial forces generated do require reinforced mounting. Pedal decks need to be at least 30mm thick and made of solid wood or metal.

Can I mix them with other pedals?

Absolutely. For those not ready commit fully, they pair nicely with Simucube’s new passive throttle pedal. Mix and match to build your ideal setup.

How difficult is setup and calibration?

The initial tuning process is greatly simplified through True Drive’s well-designed interface. While advanced customization has a learning curve, basic setup can be achieved quickly.

What is the warranty period?

All Simucube pedals now come standard with an industry-leading 5 year warranty, demonstrating the confidence they have in the products’ durability.


I’ll be honest – when I first heard rumors about an electrically actuated force feedback pedal last year, it seemed too good to ever come to fruition. Now, having spent serious time driving with the production ActivePedal, I’m still constantly amazed at what it accomplishes.

To feel engine pulses, ABS activation and wheel slip vibrating through the pedals connects you to the car in ways that have to be experienced firsthand. Every corner becomes a tactile experience, with all the subtleties and sensations coming through your feet just as they do in reality.

Combine the ActivePedal’s capabilities with Simucube’s class leading wheelbases, and we now have the first complete direct drive, force feedback ecosystem. It’s a system that allows for levels of precision and immersion previously unimaginable to be attained by serious sim racers.

Of course, such groundbreaking technology does not come cheap, and for many the 4 figure price tag will keep the ActivePedal firmly in the realm of fantasy. But for those with the means, selling a kidney seems a small price to pay for the unadulterated driving enjoyment these pedals deliver.

Mark my words – Simucube’s Active Pedal is a landmark product that signifies the future for our hobby. I suspect it will do for pedals what the first consumer direct drive wheels did five years ago. It’s an inflection point that will push software and hardware to new heights. Buckle up, because the ride is about to get even wilder!

Simucube Active Pedals