• Direct drive precision at an affordable price
  • High build quality and durable materials
  • Easy plug-and-play setup process
  • Useful customization software options
  • Smooth and quiet force feedback


  • Only 4.4Nm of sustained torque
  • Pedals feel cheap without upgrades
  • No native console compatibility
  • Wheelbase scratches over time

MOZA R5 Sim Racing Bundle Review

As an avid sim racing enthusiast, I was eager to test out the MOZA R5 bundle after hearing so much hype surrounding its affordability and performance. After extensive use across various racing titles, I’m ready to share my full hands-on review of this promising entry-level direct drive wheel system.


The MOZA R5 sim racing bundle provides everything you need to get started in direct drive racing for under $500. Here’s what comes included right out of the box:

  • R5 aluminum wheel base with 5.5Nm peak torque
  • 11-inch ES steering wheel with paddle shifters
  • SRP Lite pedals (throttle and brake)
  • Table clamp for desk mounting
  • Cables and power supply

My first impressions upon unboxing the kit were very positive. The metal construction across all components immediately gives the bundle a premium feel, far from the plastic toys of entry-level gear.

The quick release mechanism inspires confidence, and the sizeable weight of the dense wheel base confirms you’ve got serious equipment. Even the included table clamp is foam padded for a quality mount.

Wheel Base

Let’s dig into the star of the show, the R5 direct drive wheel base. Touting an advertised 5.5Nm of peak torque, it handily surpasses my previous Logitech G29’s meager 2.3Nm output.

In real world driving, the step up to direct drive is immediately apparent. Every detail of traction and curb impact comes through with exceptional clarity. The subtle loss of grip at corner exit that I’d struggle to feel before is now communicated perfectly through the wheel.

Smoothness is another major advantage over belt driven options. The quiet operation allows you to focus on the feedback, not distracting rattling noises. The precision movement makes catching slides an intuitive reflex rather than a guessing game.


Diving into the settings, the included Pit House software offers extensive customization potential on PC. The intuitive interface makes trialing different force feedback nuances a breeze. Pre-made profiles for popular sims provide a great starting point.

The Moza mobile app grants you most of that same tuning flexibility on the go. Tweaking force feedback frequencies and wheel settings from your phone allows endless optimization as you hone your driving style.


My sole complaint around the wheel base is the lack of console compatibility without extra peripherals. Unlike some rivals, the R5 bundle only works natively on PC. Supporting Xbox or PlayStation down the road would significantly widen its appeal.

Wheel Rim

Although the included ES steering wheel won’t win any beauty contests, it provides a perfectly serviceable 11″ option for getting started. A leather-wrapped rim adds comfort, while paddle shifters and 22 buttons supply adequate inputs.


The brushed metal faceplate and rubber grips feel solid despite some rattling from the plastic buttons. The quicks release locks the wheel securely into place, although the release itself may scratch over time from metal-on-metal contact.


A major asset of the R5 bundle is the affordability of alternate wheel rim mods. For around $40-80, you can convert the attached wheel to better suit formula or drifting styles without the cost of entire replacement rims.


As with most budget bundles, the pedals represent the weakest link of the R5 package. While built from sturdy metals like the rest of the kit, the SRP Lite pedals have a cheap, arcade-like feel straight out of the box.


On the plus side, precision hall effect sensors lend the pedals excellent accuracy. The contactless sensors should stand up to prolonged use better than potentiometers as well.


The Moza software allows tweaking the pedal sensitivity curves to your liking. But without physical adjustments, you’re limited in tuning the throwing distance or firmness.

Brake kit

Thankfully, the $39 brake performance kit makes a night and day difference in pedal feel. The progressive spring and rubber damping transforms the brake from toy to proper racing pedal. This upgrade is an essential complement to the bundle.


The option to add a clutch pedal is convenient, but the identical pedal faces make rev-matched downshifting difficult. Aftermarket custom plates would be necessary to master proper heel-toe technique.


Getting set up with the R5 bundle is pleasantly straightforward. The wheel base and pedals are detected instantly by the Pit House app. From there, you can start driving in seconds or fine tune settings to your liking.

Switching between various racing titles is painless, with the software detecting games automatically and allowing you to clone and customize force feedback profiles.

The companion mobile app provides most of that same tuning potential through a smartphone. It lacks firmware tools, but monitoring wheel performance and tweaking FFB on the fly offers great convenience.

In Use

When you finally hit the virtual track, the R5 bundle feels like a proper racing machine. The direct drive precision allows you to push the limits with confidence. Kerbs, slides, and impacts all transmit through the wheel with remarkable clarity.

The 5.5Nm peak torque gives you just enough force to feel these details rather than overpowering the experience. My lap times improved immediately thanks to the increased consistency and car control.

Over time, the R5 continued improving with firmware updates for even smoother performance. The experience eventually felt so seamless that I forgot I was using entry-level equipment.

For under $600 total with the must-have brake kit, the MOZA R5 bundle punches far above its price class. This affordable package made me a dedicated direct drive convert. While the plastic pedals and PC-only support limit its versatility, the performance per dollar value is undeniable.

If you’re seeking a feature-packed starter kit for serious racing simulation on a budget, the R5 bundle deserves a top spot on your radar. Just be sure to spring for those brake performance upgrades to complete the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the R5 bundle work on Xbox or PlayStation?

Unfortunately no, the R5 is currently only natively compatible with PC gaming. You would need drive hub adapters or different wheels to use it on consoles.

What games does the R5 work with?

It’s compatible with all major racing sim titles on PC through the Moza software, including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, and more.

Do I need accessories beyond what’s included?

For a full starter setup, adding the $39 brake performance kit is highly recommended. The basic pedals lack realistic feel otherwise.

Can I mount the R5 on a racing rig?

Yes, the wheel base has mounting holes spaced 60mm apart to work with most rigs. The included desk clamp is also very sturdy.

How difficult is setup and compatibility?

Setup is designed to be quick and easy. The bundle has plug-and-play compatibility with PC racing games through the Moza Pit House app.