• Extremely lightweight maximizes force feedback effects
  • Comfortable TPE grip material
  • Convenient thumb encoders for in-race adjustments
  • Highly customizable RGB lighting and programming
  • Smooth magnetic paddle shifters with adjustable throw


  • Quick release can make wheel removal tricky
  • Smaller size may be uncomfortable for large hands
  • Lack of button labels requires customization
  • Shift lights not as visible due to compact shape

Moza KS Formula Steering Wheel Review

The Moza KS Formula steering wheel is the company’s latest release aimed at sim racing enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, customizable formula-style wheel. I’ve had the chance to thoroughly test this wheel over several weeks across a variety of racing titles. Here are my detailed thoughts on how the KS Formula performs and stacks up to competitors.


The Moza KS Formula wheel sits in the middle of Moza’s wheel lineup, above entry-level offerings but below premium wheels like the Moza GS. It’s designed to strike a balance between performance and affordability.

Packaging and Unboxing

The KS Formula arrived in Moza’s standard premium packaging, well protected inside a sturdy box. Included in the box are button labels, tweezers for application, and a manual.

Once unboxed, the wheel’s lightweight carbon fiber construction is immediately apparent. Weighing just 1221g, it’s one of the lightest formula wheels available. This reduced mass helps maximize effects from the force feedback.

The wheel has an understated design with exposed carbon fiber, grey accents, and the Moza logo front and center. No screws are visible from the front for a clean, minimalist look.

Specs and Features

This 30cm diameter wheel includes 10 customizable RGB backlit buttons, dual joysticks, thumb rotaries, 3 central rotaries, and programmable shift lights. Shift paddles are aluminum with magnetic action.

Key features:

  • 10 tactile buttons with RGB lighting
  • 2 thumb encoder wheels for adjusting settings
  • 3 central rotary knobs for ABS, TC, turbo
  • 10 LED RPM indicator lights
  • Dual ergonomic joysticks
  • Aluminum magnetic paddle shifters
  • Removable with quick release system
  • Weighs just 1221g

Design and Ergonomics

The KS Formula wheel uses a “butterfly” design common on many real-world open-wheel race cars. This provides a very natural and comfortable driving position.

The grips are molded from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which is softer and grippier than previous Moza wheels. It remains comfortable even during long racing sessions.

Thumb encoders are conveniently located right above the grips for quickly altering settings like brake bias on the fly. Large rotary knobs are within easy reach and their stiffness prevents accidental activation.

Paddle shifters use strong magnets for smooth, defined shifts. Their adjustable throw and ideal positioning make them a joy to use. Clutch paddles are also highly responsive thanks to precision sensors.

Overall, the well-designed ergonomics allow all controls to be accessed without taking hands off the wheel or compromising driving position.

Customization and Software

Fully customizable RGB lighting allows shift lights, buttons, and rims to be programmed for visual alerts. This helps identify functions at a glance.

The Moza Pit House software enables extensive adjustments to the force feedback along with button and encoder assignments. Paddles can also be configured as buttons, analog axes, or bite point clutches.

An onboard debug menu accessed through the joysticks provides real-time button reprogramming. This is useful for changing functions between different racing games.


Now let’s dig into how the KS Formula actually performs once you hit the virtual track.

Force Feedback and Immersion

The lightweight construction allows small details in the force feedback to shine through over heavier wheels. Effects feel more nuanced and natural.

Force feedback is delivered smoothly and consistently. Under hard braking you can feel the ABS kicking in through the wheel rim. Aggressive curbs also translate into a proper jolt up your arms.

The overall level of immersion and realism from the FFB is fantastic. The KS Formula does a superb job communicating traction loss, weight transfer, and tire slip.

Response and Precision

The compact shape with optimal grip placement promotes quick reflexes and precise inputs. Magnetic paddles have a defined pressure point with just the right amount of resistance.

Thumb encoders rotate cleanly and their notched positions allow exact setting changes. The same goes for the central ABS, TC, and turbo rotary knobs – their stiffness prevents overshoots.

Short throw buttons have positive, tactile feedback for confident activation. Accidental presses are rare since buttons need deliberate pressure.

Reliability and Durability

Although lightweight, the KS Formula still exhibits no flexing or signs of fragility during aggressive racing. Materials feel durable enough for many years of use.

Rotaries, buttons, joysticks, and paddles all retain consistent performance even after extensive use. The magnetic paddle system shows no degradation or malfunctions.

The TPE grip material resists wear and does not become slick or deteriorate over time. It provides just as solid a hold after long races as the first time used.

Compatibility and Versatility

The wheel attaches to Moza bases natively using the quick release system. For other brands, Moza’s universal hub adapter can be purchased to expand compatibility.

Its small diameter and open wheel design make the KS Formula ideal for single seaters. The ergonomics and precision also work well for GT style cars. Larger wheels may be preferred for heavy duty vehicles.

Across various racing sims including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and F1 2021, the KS Formula delivered excellent performance and versatility. The programming options ensure full functionality with any title.

Comparison to Similar Products

How does the Moza KS Formula compare to competing wheels in the mid-range pricing segment? Here are some brief comparisons:


Against the Logitech G923 Trueforce, the KS Formula provides much smoother and detailed force feedback along with better build quality. Logitech’s dual clutch paddles are a highlight though.


The Thrustmaster T-GT II offers similar performance to the KS Formula but has more premium materials and components. However, the Moza is significantly cheaper given equal quality.

Other Moza Wheels

The higher-end Moza GS provides refined materials like Alcantara grips but comes at a steeper price. The entry-level Moza R3 lacks the paddle shifters and programming of the KS Formula.

Value and Conclusion

With an MSRP of $279 / £279 / €309, the Moza KS Formula hits a sweet spot for affordability while retaining excellent performance. It’s a great option if you want customizable high-fidelity force feedback without breaking the bank.

For the money, nothing else comes close to matching the Moza KS Formula’s mix of quality, customization, and lightweight precision. Both casual and competitive racers will find it a responsive, accurate, and immersive wheel that excels across racing titles.

It’s not flawless – the grips may feel small for some users, shift lights lack visibility, and the quick release poses some wheel removal challenges. However, these are minor nitpicks on an otherwise stellar package.

Overall, Moza has delivered an excellent mid-range formula wheel that punches far above its price bracket. If you’re seeking an upgrade from lower tier wheels or just starting out in higher fidelity equipment, the KS Formula is easy to recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems is the Moza KS Formula compatible with?

The wheel is compatible with PC and Xbox. A DriveHub adapter can allow use on PlayStation consoles as well.

Does the wheel work on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, the KS Formula is fully compatible with next-gen consoles in addition to PC.

What racing games does it work with?

All mainstream racing sims are supported including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Automobilista 2, F1 2022, and many more.

Does the wheel work with VR headsets?

Absolutely – the KS Formula provides excellent immersion and usability with VR systems like Oculus Rift and Valve Index.

How is the wheel attached to a rig?

The wheel base mounts to rigs the same as any other wheel using bolt patterns or clamps. The wheel then attaches to the base via Moza’s quick release.

What options are there for buttons and controls?

Users can program 10 RGB backlit buttons, dual joysticks, multiple rotary knobs, shift and clutch paddles. All controls are customizable.