Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedals


  • Premium build quality with a sturdy metal construction and CNC machined aluminum components, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Highly adjustable brake pedal with customizable force and travel, thanks to the multi-stage elastomer system and adjustable springs.
  • Precise braking modulation with the load cell sensor, providing a linear and consistent braking feel.
  • Revamped clutch pedal with an adjustable cam mechanism for improved engagement and immersive driving experience.


  • Premium price point, making it a significant investment for sim racing enthusiasts.
  • Requires some assembly and adjustment to find the optimal pedal setup for individual preferences.
  • Limited adjustability for the throttle pedal compared to the brake and clutch pedals.
  • No built-in support for rumble or vibration feedback, which some users may prefer for added realism.

Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2 - The Ultimate Sim Racing Pedal Set


As an avid sim racer, having a high-quality pedal set is absolutely essential for achieving fast and consistent lap times. The pedals serve as the core connection between you and the virtual car, transmitting your inputs directly into the physics engine. This means that factors like precision, adjustability and realism are paramount when evaluating pedals.

In the world of sim racing hardware, few companies have as sterling a reputation as Fanatec. Their Clubsport line of products caters to serious racing enthusiasts, offering pro-level performance without the fully professional price tag. I’ve been eager to get my hands on the Clubsport Pedals V2 to see if they live up to the hype.

The V2 pedals represent an evolution over the original CSL Elite pedals, with major improvements to durability, adjustability and the all-important brake pedal. In this detailed review, I’ll be breaking down the complete experience of unboxing, installing, and testing these pedals over hundreds of virtual miles. Buckle up and get ready for an in-depth look at whether the Clubsport Pedals V2 can shake up the sim racing world.

First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Clubsport Pedals V2, I was immediately struck by the sleek and durable construction. Nestled neatly within the standard Fanatec packaging, the pedals feel sturdy with their metal frame and plates.

Unboxing and Contents

The V2 pedals ship assembled and ready to mount out of the box. Fanatec includes all necessary hardware and the highly detailed instruction manual. For connectivity, you get both a USB cable for standalone use and an RJ12 cable for connecting to Fanatec wheelbases.

Build Quality and Materials

Constructed primarily from steel and aluminum, the V2 pedals are built like absolute tanks. The side profile shows thick metal reinforcement bars running horizontally to eliminate flex. The pedal arms and plates are CNC machined aluminum with a beautiful black anodized finish. Small details like the grippy rubber pedal faces showcase Fanatec’s attention to detail.

Design and Aesthetics

Visually, the V2 pedals share the same basic design and dimensions as the V1 iteration. However, subtle changes like the polished brake pedal plate and black anodizing definitely give them a more premium look and feel. Form follows function here – the pedals don’t have any flashy lights or designs, simply an elegant machined aesthetic.

Key Features and Performance

Underneath the hood is where the Clubsport Pedals V2 really start to differentiate themselves from the previous generation. Fanatec has made significant improvements to the core mechanisms of each pedal, spearheaded by a completely redesigned brake. Let’s break down how each pedal performs and contributes to the overall driving experience.

Adjustable Brake Pedal Force and Travel

The brake pedal is the crown jewel of any high-performance pedal set, and Fanatec clearly invested heavily in this redesign. The brake uses a 200kg load cell to accurately measure pressure and provide a perfectly linear input to your sim racing software.

Shifting the load cell from the pedal arm to directly behind the elastomer stack significantly improves consistency. Your braking force no longer varies based on where you place your foot on the pedal face. Out of the box, the brake is adjustable from 10kg to 90kg of maximum force. This gives you an enormous range to find your ideal stiffness.

Load Cell for Precise Braking Modulation

Compared to cheaper potentiometer or position sensor designs, the load cell transforms the braking experience. You can rely purely on muscle memory instead of pedal position, allowing extremely precise trail braking and modulation. Even over long stints, you can maintain consistently high brake pressure lap after lap.

Multi-Stage Elastomers for Customized Brake Feel

The magic behind the V2 brake pedal lies in the customizable multi-stage elastomers. Fanatec includes 3 types of elastomers (65, 75 and 85 Shore) that compress at varying rates when force is applied. Stacking these elastomers in different combinations gives you complete control over the overall brake pedal feel.

Revamped Clutch with Adjustable Cam Mechanism

While the V1 pedals had a simple clutch, the V2 get a major upgrade with the addition of an aggressive cam mechanism. The cam completely changes the clutch engagement characteristics, with a prominent bite point. Adjusting the cam position has an enormous impact on the driving experience. This massively improves the immersion on starts, upshifts and downshifts.

Sturdy Throttle Pedal with Tension Adjustment

The throttle pedal uses the same proven design as the V1 pedals, with a smooth spring resistance that provides subtle feedback. A simple tension adjustment knob makes it easy to tighten or loosen the pedal to match your preferences. The pedal is sturdy with a long lifespan, utilizing contactless magnetic sensors.

Pedal Faces with Grippy Rubber Pads

Finally, the pedal faces have grippy rubber pads that grab your feet, whether using socks or racing boots. Under heavy braking, the pedals stay firmly planted even when pushing the limits. The rubber pads can be removed for those who prefer a smoother pedal feel, but I found them ideal for consistent pedal work.

Driving Experience and Adjustability

After getting a feel for the hardware itself, it was time to jump into some sim sessions to truly put the Clubsport Pedals V2 through their paces. I was anxious to discover how the adjustable components would impact driving immersion and lap times.

Default Pedal Setup Out of the Box

Right away, the default factory setup impressed me with its smooth yet responsive pedal characteristics. The brake, with its uptake spring and 65 Shore elastomer stack, provides excellent tactile feedback for trail braking. There’s a very progressive increase in pressure as you compress the elastomers deeper.

The cammed clutch likewise feels far superior to a traditional simpler clutch. You can actually modulate the clutch engagement unlike some more rudimentary designs. Overall, the default pedal setup delivers an intuitive driving experience that boosts consistency.

Adjusting Springs, Elastomers and Cam for Personalized Feel

Of course, the true magic comes from customizing the pedals to match your individual preferences. Swapping springs and stacking elastomers in different combinations completely transforms the pedal feel. After experimenting with numerous configurations, I settled on the firm spring along with a stack of 65 Shore and 85 Shore elastomers.

This provided the ultra-stiff brake pedal feel that I prefer for maximum braking precision. Adjusting the clutch cam position also dialed in the catch point and engagement characteristics exactly how I wanted. The extensive flexibility here makes these pedals a perfect fit for nearly any driving style.

Brake Pedal Offers Progressive Build Up of Force

Regardless of the components used, the brake retains a very progressive increase in resistance through its pedal travel. The spring eliminates initial slack before the elastomers begin compressing. This makes it easy to find the ideal threshold brake point for consistent trailing braking.

Clutch Bite Point Adjustment Significantly Impacts Driving

The cammed clutch design reacts extremely well to adjustments. In different cars, you can tweak the cam position to match the desired clutch catch point and engagement pattern. This level of customization is invaluable for nailing downshift rev-matches or getaway launches.

Extensive Customization Enables Optimized Driving Style

Overall, being able to fine tune the pedals to this degree gave me the confidence to push harder than ever. Once you have the perfect pedal setup dialed in, you can focus purely on driving without distractions from the hardware. The Clubsport Pedals V2 become an extension of yourself.

Compatibility and Connectivity

A top-tier pedal set needs to be widely compatible and easy to integrate into your rig. Fortunately, Fanatec designed the V2 pedals to work across just about any setup. Let’s examine the various connectivity options:

Standalone via USB or with Fanatec Wheelbases

The Clubsport Pedals provide dual connectivity choices right out of the box. You can use the included USB cable for plug-and-play compatibility with PC and Mac. This takes full advantage of the contactless magnetic sensors for buttery smooth input.

Alternatively, connect them directly to any compatible Fanatec wheelbase via the RJ12 cable. This unlocks console compatibility, along with adjustment via the wheel tuning menu.

Adjustments Possible Through Wheel Tuning Menu

When paired with a Fanatec wheelbase, you can fine tune settings like brake force, sensitivity and dead zones through the wheel. No need to have your computer nearby or memorize unintuitive button combos!

Magnetic Sensors Provide High Resolution on PC

The USB connection utilizes precision contactless magnetic sensors, rather than old-fashioned potentiometers. This delivers silky smooth pedal input to your PC with zero jitter or dead zones. Fidelity this high means your inputs translate directly into virtual performance.

Works with Xbox/PlayStation via Wheelbase

Console racers rejoice – the Clubsport Pedals also work on xbox & playstation.

Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedals