• Extremely detailed and natural force feedback
  • Intuitive software with endless customization
  • Quality ecosystem of wheels and accessories
  • Excellent performance-per-dollar ratio


  • PC only (for now)
  • Won’t work with older Moza wheels
  • Pedals sold separately

Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase Review

The Moza R12 direct drive wheelbase has made quite a splash since its release, offering a complete high-end sim racing package at a very competitive price point. As an avid sim racer and racing enthusiast, I was eager to get my hands on the R12 and put it through its paces. After extensive testing across a variety of racing titles, I’m ready to share my in-depth review of this exciting new offering from Moza.


The R12 slots right into the middle of Moza’s impressive wheelbase lineup, positioned between the more affordable R9 and their flagship powerhouse R21 model. With 12Nm of torque on tap, it hits the “sweet spot” that most sim racers are looking for – enough power for excellent and highly-detailed force feedback, but without the overkill top-end torque that only the most hardcore users may require.

Despite packing more power under the hood, the R12 maintains the same compact footprint as the R9. It’s a slick looking wheelbase finished in matte black with some subtle design flourishes like cooling fins down the sides. Everything about it just oozes quality – from the materials to the construction and attention to detail. Initial impressions are very positive.

Pricing is set at $589 in the US, keeping it very competitive. While not exactly cheap, you are getting serious performance and features for the dollar. Available exclusively for PC for now, the R12 slides in right alongside other mid-range offerings like the Simagic Alpha Mini. Let’s dig deeper into what this wheelbase brings to the table across both performance and features.

Performance and Features

Force Feedback Quality

This is where the R12 really shines. The direct drive force feedback feels punchy and powerful, yet refined enough for precise control. There is a noticeable bump up from the R9, with a lot more detail and nuance coming through the wheel. The forces are strong when you want them, but you can also feel subtle details like track surfaces, curbs, and weight transfer.

After dialing in settings like strength and sensitivity to my liking, I was blown away by just how natural and connected the R12 felt across a wide range of racing titles. The feedback coming through the wheel exactly matches what you see and feel in the sim. I could confidently push to the limit knowing the wheel would provide all the information I need.

Software and Customization

The Moza Pit House software unlocks extensive customization potential. Everything from force feedback curves to button mappings can be adjusted to create your ideal setup. I especially liked being able to create and save presets tailored to different games.

Firmware updates are also handled seamlessly through the software – no cables required. It’s refreshingly simple compared to some competitor offerings. Between the intuitive software and the phone app for on-the-fly adjustments, Moza hits it out of the park on the customization front.

Supported Wheels and Accessories

Moza offers a complete ecosystem of products to complement the R12 wheelbase. From formula-style wheels like the stunning GS rim to round GT designs like the RS, they have models to suit different driving styles and preferences.

Their newest KS wheel pairs perfectly with the R12, mimicking higher-end performance at an entry-level price. It has quality components like clicky, responsive buttons and comfortable rubber grips. Add in the optional SR-P pedals, shifters, and handbrake, and you have a full, integrated system.

Quick Release System

The R12 utilizes a proven quick release design common among high-end wheels but ditches wireless connectivity. This means it only works with Moza’s V2 wheels. While a bit limiting, the wired connection provides a rock-solid steering input. The QR locks in securely with no slop or play.

Comparison to Competitors

vs Thrustmaster T818

The T818 has been my mid-range wheel of choice up until now. At a similar price point, the R12 matches or even exceeds it when it comes to force feedback detail and customization potential thanks to the excellent Pit House software. While the T818 is an excellent base, I give the edge to the R12 overall.

vs Simagic Alpha Mini

The Alpha Mini is renowned for punching above its weight class when it comes to performance. However, the R12 goes toe-to-toe with it, delivering a comparable direct drive experience for less money. While the Simagic ecosystem offers more premium materials and construction, the R12 gets you 95% of the way there for significantly cheaper.

vs Other Moza Wheelbases

It’s impressive just how far Moza has come with its wheelbase offerings in such a short time. The R12 gives you nearly the same fidelity and detail as the range-topping R21 at almost half the cost. Meanwhile, it adds a welcome bump up in torque and refinement coming from the R9. Moza has the mid-range dialed in with the R12.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Moza knocked it out of the park with the R12 wheelbase. It raises the bar in the hotly contested mid-range direct drive market, offering nuanced, realistic force feedback and extensive customization for hundreds less than the competition.

For PC sim racers looking to step up to direct drive without breaking the bank, the Moza R12 should be at the very top of your list. It leaves competitors in the dust in nearly every area that matters. Moza is also innovating at a rapid pace, so I expect great things to come as they expand into console compatibility and additional accessories.

The R12 gets my highest recommendation and has firmly established Moza as the new standard-bearer in the mid-range direct drive market. Their performance, quality and value is going to be incredibly tough to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games does the R12 work with?

The R12 is compatible with any PC racing title. I tested it extensively on iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, F1 22, and more.

Do I need special mounts or rigs?

The R12 uses a standard 4-bolt mounting pattern that is compatible with most rigs. Table clamps are also available.

What wheels can I use with it?

You’ll need one of Moza’s newer V2 wheels. Some options include the GS, RS, ES, and new KS rims. Universal hubs allow using other brand wheels too.

How difficult is setup and installation?

Installation only requires mounting the wheelbase with 4 bolts. The Pit House software handles everything else, including wheel/pedal calibration and firmware updates. It’s seamless.

How does the R12 compare to a CSL DD or other entry-level wheels?

There is no comparison. The R12 completely blows affordable gear drive wheels out of the water in terms of smoothness, detail, and power delivery. This is a true high-end direct drive experience.

What separate accessories do I need?

The R12 wheelbase can function on its own with a compatible steering wheel. However, you’ll likely want a quality pedal set like Moza’s SR-P along with a cockpit or rig. Shifters and handbrakes allow further expansion.