Pros of the ES Formula Mod:

  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Much lighter formula-style rim
  • Enhances force feedback from lower torque wheelbases
  • Comfortable rubber grips with great control
  • Formula design improves view of ES wheel display
  • Affordable way to convert ES wheel to formula shape

Cons to Consider:

  • Not for those wanting to frequently swap wheel rims
  • Lacks advanced features of higher-end wheels
  • Those wanting paddle clutch may prefer GS/FSR wheels

MOZA Racing ES Formula Mod Review

The MOZA Racing ES Formula Mod is an easy yet highly effective upgrade for owners of the MOZA Racing ES wheel. With a simple swap of the wheel rim, it converts the entry-level MOZA wheel to an open-wheel style more suited for formula cars and open-wheel racers. Weighing in at only 500g, the lightweight aluminum formula rim enhances the force feedback from more affordable wheelbases like the MOZA R5. The simple installation process and quality rubber grips also make this an excellent value upgrade for the price.

Overview of the MOZA Racing ES Formula Mod

The ES Formula Mod is designed specifically as an aftermarket accessory for the MOZA Racing ES wheel. Key features include:

  • Converts the standard ES wheel to a lightweight 280mm formula rim
  • Straightforward installation – simply swap wheel rims
  • Much lighter than original ES rim, improving force feedback feel
  • Quality rubber grips provide great handling and control
  • Formula shape gives an authentic open-wheel racing experience
  • Retains full use of ES wheel buttons, rotaries and paddles
  • Great value upgrade for ES owners at only $39

Unboxing and Contents

The MOZA Racing ES Formula Mod comes neatly packaged in a compact box. Inside you’ll find:

  • Formula-style wheel rim
  • Hex key and screwdrivers for installation
  • Optional sticker pack

That’s all that’s needed – the simple yet effective package provides everything required to transform the standard ES wheel into an open-wheel style rim.

The wheel rim itself is crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, providing a sturdy yet featherlight feel in your hands. Tipping the scales at just 500g, MOZA claims it shaves a full 400g off the standard ES rim.

The rim is wrapped in grippy rubber molded from eco-friendly TPU. The quality and finish give it the look and feel of a premium race-ready wheel.


One of the biggest advantages of the ES Formula Mod is the sheer ease of installation. There’s no need to disconnect the electronics or wheel base. The process involves just two simple steps:

Step 1: Remove Original ES Rim

  • Use included hex key to remove the 6 screws from the front of the ES wheel
  • Remove 3 screws from the rear of the wheel located under the shifter paddles
  • With all screws removed, gently pull the original rim away from the wheel base

Step 2: Install Formula Mod

  • Align the new Formula Mod rim and attach it using the 6 screws at the front
  • Leave the 3 screws from the original rim off

That’s all there is to it. No need to disconnect or re-thread any wires. The straight-forward install can be completed in just a few minutes with the tools provided.

The ES Formula Mod rim attaches to the same 6 mounting points used by the original. This ensures a tight and secure fit.

Performance and Feel

Once installed, the ES Formula Mod provides some clear benefits over the stock ES wheel rim:

Lightweight Design

The reduced 500g weight of the Formula Mod rim is immediately apparent when racing. The almost 40% reduction versus the original ES rim gives improved force feedback, especially on lower torque wheelbases like the MOZA R5.

Steering feels much more agile and responsive. The effects from kerbs, bumps and wheel spin come through the wheel more clearly. This helps elevate more affordable wheelbases closer to the experience of pricier high-end models.

Rubber Grips

The molded rubber grips give excellent control and handling. The material provides plenty of cushioning and comfort, even during long racing stints.

Unlike some budget wheels, the rubber compound offers impressive durability and resistance to wear. It also stays grippy when hands get sweaty or wet.

The quality rubber grips match or exceed those found on many premium wheels costing much more.

Formula Shape

The Formula Mod rim mimics the open wheel shape found in modern open-wheel race cars. This provides a much more realistic and engaging experience when driving Formula style vehicles in sim racing.

The open front gives an unobstructed view of the ES wheel’s LCD display. With the standard ES rim, the bottom portion of the screen can be hidden from sight.

Seeing racing data like RPM, speed and lap timing is critical for performance. The Formula Mod improves visibility and immersion in open-wheel cars.


A Great Upgrade for ES Owners

The MOZA Racing ES Formula Mod checks all the boxes as a simple yet worthwhile upgrade for owners of the MOZA ES wheel.

It installs in mere minutes while retaining full use of the ES wheel’s buttons, rotaries and paddles. The open wheel design and lightweight feel elevate both immersion and force feedback.

At only $39, it provides an affordable way to convert the entry-level ES wheel to a formula rim. The quality and performance punch well above its modest price point.

Potential Limitations

While the ES Formula Mod is a great budget-friendly upgrade, it may fall short for some users:

  • Those wanting to frequently swap between round and formula rims may find the install process cumbersome for regular changing.
  • Hardcore sim racers desiring high-end features like paddle clutches or magnetic shifters may be better served by MOZA’s GS or FSR wheels.
  • The simple aluminum construction understandably lacks some of the premium touches found on standalone formula wheels costing $200+.

Even so, for most ES owners seeking an open-wheel upgrade, the MOZA Racing ES Formula Mod hits the sweet spot of affordability, quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ES Formula Mod work with all MOZA ES wheels?

Yes, the ES Formula Mod is designed to be fully compatible with all versions of the MOZA Racing ES wheel.

Do I need any tools to install it?

MOZA provides the necessary hex key and screwdrivers in the package. No other tools are required.

How long does installation take?

The simple 2-step installation can be completed in approximately 5-10 minutes.

Can I still use the ES wheel’s buttons and paddles?

Yes, the ES Formula Mod rim attaches to the same mounting points, allowing full use of all original ES wheel controls.

Is the rim size the same as the original ES wheel?

Yes, the ES Formula Mod retains the 280mm diameter of the original ES rim.

Do I need to upgrade my wheel base to use the ES Formula Mod?

No, it is fully compatible with all stock MOZA wheel bases including the R5. The reduced weight may improve force feedback however.

Can I still mount my ES wheel to my racing rig?

Yes, the mounting points are identical so no rig modifications are needed.

Is the ES Formula Mod compatible with Xbox/PlayStation/PC?

Yes, just like the original ES wheel, the ES Formula Mod works with all major gaming platforms. No change in compatibility.