Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO

Key Features:

  • All-metal construction with industrial design
  • Adjustable spacing, angle and height
  • Textured footplate for stability
  • Two swappable brake mods included
  • Invertible to GT position
  • 1028 steps of resolution per pedal

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedal Set - The Ultimate Review

As an avid sim racer, upgrading your pedals can make a world of difference when it comes to consistency and immersion. After testing out the Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedal set extensively, I’m excited to share my in-depth thoughts on this impressive new offering for both casual and competitive racing fans alike.


The T3PA Pro pedals are Thrustmaster’s flagship standalone pedal set, aiming to provide a high-end option that lives up to real automotive standards. They take inspiration from the pedal design of the venerable T500RS wheel base, while adding a number of enhancements under the hood. The T3PA Pros are built from the ground up to pair with Thrustmaster’s T-series wheel bases, rounding out their ecosystem beautifully. But are they worth the price tag? Let’s dive in and find out!

Unboxing and First Impressions

Opening the T3PA Pro box, you immediately feel the heft and quality. Weighing in at around 15 lbs, these pedals make a statement right off the bat. The pedal faces are covered with grippy black textured plastic, while the body uses metal throughout. The look and finishes match the premium aesthetic of Thrustmaster’s lineup.

Included in the box is a basic quick start guide, showing the different configurations. For full installation, you’ll want to download the manual online. Also included are two different brake performance mods that can be swapped out to your taste.

Overall, my first impressions were extremely positive. The materials and construction seem very durable, which is critical for a component that takes so much abuse. The T3PA Pros should withstand many seasons of competitive online racing.

Setup and Compatibility

One of the best aspects of the T3PA Pro pedals is their broad compatibility across platforms. They can plug into any of Thrustmaster’s wheel bases on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. The plug and play design makes setup simple. Just connect the included proprietary cable from the pedals to your wheel base.

If using on PC, a separate USB adapter can also allow connecting the pedals directly to your computer. This gives you more flexibility for mounting locations.

Out of the box, the pedals are in the “floor-mounted” or F1 position. But they can easily be inverted to the “suspended” or GT mode if desired. This may take some reconfiguring, including turning the pedals upside down and disconnecting a support bar. There are alignment holes to assist getting them perfectly lined up.

Overall, setup was quick and painless. The T3PA Pro pedals integrate seamlessly into Thrustmaster’s ecosystem.

Adjustability and Customization

One key benefit of the T3PA Pro design is the huge amount of adjustability on offer. This lets you customize the spacing, angles and height to match your unique preferences and driving style.

Spacing can be set to 3 positions per pedal, providing flexibility in the side-to-side placement. I chose a narrow spacing to match the width between my shoulders.

Angles can also be tweaked with 2 position options per pedal. I preferred the more upright F1 style angle for heal-and-toe maneuvering.

In terms of height, there are 4 levels for the accelerator and 3 for the clutch and brake pedals. I ended up with the brake pedal slightly lower than the throttle for easier left-foot braking.

Beyond dimensions, the T3PA Pro pedals include two swappable brake performance mods right in the box.

The “spring” mod emulates a firm brake pedal with less travel, adding a secondary compression spring. This provides between 30-35 lbs of stiffness.

The “conical” mod has progressive rubber resistance for a more responsive, nuanced brake feel across the pedal range. It can be set from 45-70 lbs of pressure.

I found the conical mod delivered the most realistic and tunable brake experience. It really enhances trail braking and modulation ability compared to non-modded pedals.

For the ultimate in realism, the T3PA Pros can also be upgraded to a load cell brake mod. This change does come at an additional cost, but takes the brake precision to the next level.

Performance and Feel

In terms of responsiveness, the T3PA Pro pedals provide excellent precision across all three pedals. The 1028 steps of resolution translate into smooth, granular control of your vehicle.

The gas pedal throw is slightly longer than previous Thrustmaster sets, offering better modulation in the mid range. This helps with managing oversteer and slide recovery. The spring tension also provides nice feedback without being too stiff.

The brake is where these pedals shine thanks to the mods. The conical rubber stopper gives you a true sense of progressive pressure, mimicking a real performance brake system. You can use the full travel to fine tune braking points, trail off the brakes smoothly, and find those final meters before apex turn-in. Having used a load cell system as well, this mod gets extremely close to that feel and consistency.

My main critique would be the clutch. While the throw length is very long, almost too long, the spring tension felt quite light. Heavier springs could improve the simulated resistance. But this may have been a concession to allow inverting the pedals. During clutch kicking maneuvers, the pedal almost bounces back up to the top. The clutch is usable, but leaves room for improvement.

Overall though, the core gas and brake pedal experience provides the precision needed for competitive racing. The fundamental performance is on par with pedals costing much more.

Mounting and Stability

Due to the all-metal build and 15 lb weight, the T3PA Pro pedals stay planted nicely even when just sitting on the floor. But their stability is maximized when hard mounted to a cockpit or wheel stand.

Most rigs designed for the T500RS will have pre-drilled mounting holes that line up. The pedals use a 6-bolt pattern with some extra positioning flexibility. There are also threaded holes on the sides if needed.

Getting them perfectly aligned may require some trial and error. I’d recommend referring to the pedal dimensions diagram during mounting. Once bolted down, they become rock solid with no flexing or separation, even during aggressive left-foot braking.

The metal foot plate is also critical for stability, along with providing nice grip under racing shoes. The diamond plate texture helps keep your feet rooted in intense sessions.


  • High-end build quality with durable materials
  • Loads of customization and adjustments
  • Excellent brake modulation with conical mod
  • Good sensitivity and smooth pedal input
  • Broad cross-platform compatibility
  • Integrates flawlessly into Thrustmaster ecosystem
  • Hard mount for stability in rigs
  • Excellent value for money in this class


  • Clutch needs stiffer spring for realistic resistance
  • Can be tricky to invert/mount to some cockpits
  • Pinch point hazard reported without shoes
  • Instructions lack specifics on setup nuances
  • Not standalone USB without adapter (extra cost)


Having put the T3PA Pro pedals through hundreds of racing laps, I can confidently say they deliver an excellent overall package for the price point. The build quality and customization options meet or exceed pedals costing much more.

The materials and adjustability allow dialing in your ideal configuration. The included conical brake mod in particular brings next-level braking ability, enhancing trail braking skills. While the clutch leaves some room for improvement, the gas and brake pedals shine where it matters most.

If you’re looking to upgrade your pedals for consistent, competitive racing, the T3PA Pro set warrants strong consideration. They complete Thrustmaster’s premium ecosystem beautifully. For under $200, the T3PA Pros deliver superb performance and durability that can serve both amateur and pro racers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the T3PA Pro pedals worth it over the regular T3PA set?
    Yes, the Pro version adds significant adjustments, inverts to GT mode, includes two brake mods, and uses higher-end materials throughout. Easily worth the extra $50-100 upgrade cost for most.
  • Do they work with all Thrustmaster wheel bases?
    Yes, the T3PA Pros are compatible with the full Thrustmaster T-series ecosystem including TS, T300, T500, TX and T-GT.
  • Can you use them on Xbox One and PlayStation?
    Correct, they work natively on Xbox One and all PlayStation consoles. Just connect to the wheel base.
  • Is there a way to use as standalone USB pedals?
    Thrustmaster makes a USB adapter that connects the pedals directly to PC via USB. This allows separate mounting.
  • Are the pedals pre-drilled for mounting to rigs?
    Yes, they use the same 6-bolt pattern as the T500RS pedals. Most rigs designed for those pedals will fit these.
  • Do they include a load cell brake?
    The T3PA Pro pedals come with rubber cone and spring brake mods. Some owners add a load cell upgrade for maximum realism.
  • How hard are they to invert to GT position?
    Inverting takes about 5-10 minutes but requires removing the pedal bar and flipping the unit over entirely. Re-calibration will be needed.
  • Is there an included user manual?
    The box includes a simple quick start guide. The full manual with dimensions and instructions must be downloaded online.

Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO