MOZA HGP Shifter

Here are the key specs and features of the Moza HGP shifter:

  • All CNC aluminum construction
  • Exposed aluminum shift gate pattern
  • 7-speed + reverse gear layout
  • 15-bit non-contact sensors
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Built-in dampers to reduce noise
  • Multiple mounting points
  • USB and RJ11 connectivity
  • Moza Pit House software for adjustments

Moza HGP Shifter Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

The Moza HGP shifter is an exciting new entry in the world of sim racing gear. As an avid sim racer myself, I was eager to get my hands on this premium H-pattern shifter and put it through its paces. In this detailed review, I’ll provide my in-depth thoughts on the HGP shifter after extensive testing and use on my rig.


The Moza HGP is a standalone USB shifter designed for sim racing on PC and compatible Moza wheelbases. With its sturdy metal construction, exposed shift gate design, and 7-speed plus reverse layout, it aims to bring a realistic shifting experience to virtual racing.

At around $150 USD, the HGP hits a competitive price point in the premium shifter market while still delivering robust performance. I was curious to see how it would stack up to my previous shifter, as well as higher-end options from other brands.

After installing the HGP shifter on my rig and using it for numerous racing sessions, I’m ready to share my detailed thoughts. Below I’ll cover the design, performance, features, and value of this new sim racing gear option.

Detailed Review

Design and Build Quality

Let’s start with the physical construction and aesthetics of the HGP shifter. At first glance, the all-metal design and exposed shifter gate grabbed my attention.

The CNC machined aluminum looks and feels very sturdy, giving confidence that it can handle forceful use during intense racing action. The materials seem durable enough to maintain the precise shifting performance over years of use.

I especially like the exposed aluminum gate, which resembles a race car shifter. It has a mechanical, high-quality appearance that fits great in any sim racing cockpit. The edges are nicely chamfered to prevent abrasion when changing gears quickly.

Another neat design element is the integrated dust cover. It seamlessly integrates into the contour of the shifter body. The cover fits precisely to keep dust and debris out of the internal mechanisms. Its automotive-style shape looks right at home on a sim racing rig.

Overall, the physical construction oozes quality. The materials used should easily withstand aggressive driving for a long product lifespan.

Shifting Performance

Of course, the most important aspect is how well the shifter performs during driving. With its sturdy build and precision sensors, the HGP provides a fantastic shifting experience.

The default 7-speed H-pattern layout covers all the typical use cases in sim racing. Having distinct gears with a definitive click between each notch ensures precise shifting. The gear positions are evenly spaced so it’s easy to quickly snap the shifter into the desired gear.

The sensors capture each shift cleanly without the need for constant recalibration. I never experienced any missed or false shifts during my testing. The gear changes feel accurate at all times.

While the default resistance provides nice feedback, the adjustability via the Pit House software is handy. I prefer a lighter shift action, which can be easily set by lowering the resistance setting. This customizability is a major plus.

The integrated dampers also do an excellent job minimizing noise from the metal construction while retaining a pleasing mechanical shifter sound. Finding the right balance of noise and feel is nicely executed.

In summary, the HGP provides a high-quality shifting experience every time you get behind the virtual wheel. It’s precise, consistent, and highly customizable.

Mounting and Compatibility

Given the variety of sim racing rigs out there, flexibility in mounting is important for any addon. Luckily the HGP shifter delivers here as well.

It comes with multiple threaded mounting holes to attach the shifter in different configurations. During my installation, I was able to securely mount it in a very natural position using the included hardware.

Connectivity is another area where Moza got it right. The standard USB connection allows the shifter to function as a standalone plug-and-play device on PC. But it also has the option to directly attach to Moza wheelbases via the RJ11 port for a clean setup.

This dual connectivity means the HGP shifter should work great on virtually any rig. It’s seamless to integrate into an existing setup thanks to the well-designed mounting options and inputs.

Calibration and Software

To unleash the full potential of this shifter, Moza’s Pit House software is used for adjustments. During initial installation, calibrating the shift throw is critical to ensure proper gear detection.

The process itself is straightforward – just follow the on-screen instructions while moving the shifter through its full range of motion. Once calibrated, the shifter maintains consistent performance even after swapping between various vehicles in different games.

Within Pit House, you can also tweak the shifter resistance, update firmware, and test functionality. For everyday use while racing though, I found it best to close the software to maximize game performance.

The ability to fine-tune the shifter behavior is excellent, but the software impact seems heavier than ideal. It’s best suited for initial setup and occasional adjustments.

Value and Pricing

When reviewing sim racing hardware, value for money is always a major factor. Priced around $150, the Moza HGP hits an appealing price point compared to competing products.

It manages to deliver premium quality and performance without breaking the bank. The HGP has all the features needed for immersive shifting in any sim rig.

Compared to my old Fanatec SQ shifter, it provides a nicer shifting feel and more customization at a similar price. I also prefer the cleaner look of the exposed metal design.

Considering what you get for the money, the Moza HGP represents fantastic value in my opinion. It punches well above its weight class given the reasonable asking price.


After comprehensively testing and reviewing the Moza HGP shifter, I think it’s a fantastic option for any sim racer looking to elevate their experience. Here are my closing thoughts:

The Good

  • Extremely sturdy full metal construction
  • Striking exposed aluminum gate design
  • Precise and consistent shifting performance
  • Quiet integrated dampers minimize noise
  • Useful tuning adjustments via Pit House software
  • Flexible mounting and connectivity options
  • Great value relative to competitors

The Bad

  • Software can impact game performance
  • Shifter stiffness may be excessive for some
  • Lacks a sequential shifter mode

For me, the Moza HGP is an absolute winner. It looks and feels fantastic, provides immersive shifting feedback, and does so at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend it to any sim racer wanting a premium stand-alone shifter without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games is the Moza HGP compatible with?

The shifter is compatible with any PC racing simulation that supports an H-pattern shifter, including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, and more.

Does the shifter work on consoles or mobile?

No, the HGP is a USB shifter designed exclusively for use on PC. It does not work directly with consoles or mobile devices.

Can I adjust the stiffness of the shifter?

Yes, the resistance can be adjusted through the Moza Pit House software to suit your preference. Lower settings reduce stiffness for an easier shift.

Is there a display or LEDs on the shifter?

No, the HGP shifter does not include any electronic display or LED shift lights. It focuses solely on the mechanical shifting experience.

How do I mount the shifter to my rig?

The base has multiple threaded mounting points that allow attachment to rigs. The included bolts and slide nuts enable installation to a cockpit frame or plate.

Does the shifter need to be calibrated?

Proper calibration in Pit House is highly recommended. This sets the full gear range for accurate detection. It only takes a minute to complete.

Can I upgrade the shifter knob?

Yes, the knob is removable so any aftermarket shifter knob could be installed to customize the look and feel.

Is there a warranty or return policy?

Moza offers a 1 year limited warranty on the HGP shifter. Returns may be accepted within 30 days in new condition. Contact your place of purchase for details.

MOZA HGP Shifter