Logitech PRO Racing Pedals


  • Extremely strong and smooth direct drive force feedback
  • Load cell brake pedal with swappable hardware
  • Fully adjustable settings via wheel display or software
  • Premium build quality and components
  • Good console and PC compatibility


  • Very expensive total package cost
  • Large wheel base challenging to mount
  • Can’t tweak brake from wheel base like some wheels
  • Lacking features in compatibility mode

Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals Review

Logitech’s new G Pro wheel and pedal set aims squarely at the sim racing enthusiast. I extensively tested this premium gear to see if its performance warrants the steep asking price. Read on for a detailed breakdown.


The G Pro wheel marks Logitech’s first foray into direct drive technology. This design does away with the gears or belts of cheaper wheels, instead directly coupling the motor to the steering shaft. The goals include smoother force feedback and reduced mechanical slop.

Meanwhile, the Pro pedals feature a load cell for the brake, promising pressure-based sensitivity rather than just travel distance for more modulation. With high-end parts and materials, this hardware clearly targets those seeking immersion. But integrated electronics also allow customization absent on competitors.

Design and Features

The G Pro wheel exudes quality craftsmanship, wrapped in grippy leather with a forged metal front plate. At 300mm diameter the rim strikes a good balance between Formula and GT sizes for extensive compatibility. It quickly detaches via a simple latch, ideal for excited post-race celebrations or rage-quitting pile drives.

Pedal Set Design

Meanwhile the pedal set impresses with CNC machined plates and adjustable rails allowing custom spacing. This adaptability suits many rigs, especially beneficiaries of the separate load cell brake. Its long throw suits heel-toeing while a easy dial adjustment sets maximum pressure.

Interchangeable elastomer inserts fine-tune stiffness, though lacking a preload dial for external tweaks. Durable materials and clever cable routing increase longevity while keeping things tidy. Fittingly premium touches justify the lofty asking price.

Direct Drive Performance

The wheel base hides an industrial motor capable of a mammoth 11 Nm torque, among the highest in consumer gear. Numbers alone fail to describe the uncanny precision and detail relayed through the sculpted rim though.

Nuanced effects like shock loading under rapid direction changes or wheel slip feed back sensations absent on cheaper setups. Meanwhile buttery smoothness across the entire rotation range enhances immersion in performance vehicles.

I preferred conservatively capping output at 7 Nm to avoid overly aggressive reactions however. This allows easily catching oversteer moments while retaining heavy steering effort. Dialing things in remains straightforward via the wheel’s handy display.

TrueForce and Customization

This panel also grants access to TrueForce settings, which complements force feedback with detailed road rumble effects. Subtleties like curbs or surface changes help awareness without artificial clutter. It works automatically on supported titles, though as an ancillary benefit.

Additionally onboard profiles retain extensive adjustments between restarts, eliminating tedious reconfiguration. The wheel buttons effectively navigate convoluted menu systems as well. Players swap between optimal parameters for Formula and rally games for example, with the wheel adapting seamlessly.

For less compatible programs, a compatibility mode caps features at G923 wheel levels. This ensures broad functionality but does limit torque and other benefits, slightly diminishing returns on investment.

Performance and Customization

Putting the package through its paces reveals the engineering prowess behind Logitech’s latest products. The G Pro wheel set reliably delivers extraordinary traction for extracting speed, confidence and consistency across driving disciplines.

Wielding the exquisitely machined rim feels second nature immediately. Force feedback proves both abundant and insightful, bolstering reflexes with ever-present traction clues. Loading the front tires provokes knowing fight through the hands well before understeer slides begin for example.

Nuanced Performance

Meanwhile the sublime pedal set vastly multiplies precision with a sublime brake demanding only small inputs adjustments to scrub serious speed. Smoothly trailing off throttle and balancing on the brink of lockup soon become subconscious reflexes. This allows trailing tenths or hundredths of seconds off lap times through intricate rhythm.

The hardware reveals deeper immersion potential as skills improve too. Gentle brake pressure shifts balance gracefully on corner entry as force feedback racks heavier through the wheel. Loading the suspension properly sets up agile rotation flicking through the apex.

Mastering these nuances brings enhancements invisible on time sheets yet clearly felt behind the wheel. This hardware uncovers new possibilities as abilities mature, helping drive the pursuit of perfection.


In the end Logitech deserves plaudits for finally embracing intense direct drive performance. The G Pro system sets new standards for refinement, configurability and quality at the high end. Driving these outstanding devices proves literally gripping while expanding horizons for personal growth.

Still, combination costs approach dedicated enthusiast setups, lacking only interchangeable rims available from boutique vendors. And perfectionists may desire separate pedal ports or quick brake tweaks. Yet more accessible customization and broad platform support partially offset those limitations.

Thus for many, the upgrades over Logitech’s venerable G29 provide well worthwhile enhancements. Discerning racers who prioritize immersion over mods will feel truly fulfilled by this ultimate package as well. The G Pro wheel and pedals deliver superlative driving delights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are compatible?

The wheel supports PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Pedals connect through the wheel base so no separate ports.

Is it easy to mount securely?

The large wheel base footprint and 11 Nm torque make rig mounting highly advisable over clamps. Bolting directly through the numerous mounting holes works best.

Does the wheel work with cockpit view settings?

Yes, console and PC titles typically allow independent steering wheel and cockpit view adjustment. The wheel functions regardless of camera settings.

How long do Logitech wheels typically last?

As a popular brand, Logitech enjoys a reputation for highly durable wheels lasting many years. The G Pro set seems built to uphold that standard for responsible owners.

Does TrueForce work on every game?

No, TrueForce requires developer integration so effects quality varies. It activates automatically on supported titles when detected. Basic force feedback remains consistent regardless.

Logitech PRO Racing Pedals