How to Get Telemetry in iRacing

A red Ferrari on a racing track with several other cars behind it

You can enable telemetry in iRacing by pressing Alt+L whilst in-game. This will record your telemetry until you exit the car, at which point a file will be created in your iRacing directory. However, I recommend that you use third-party telemetry tools such as VRS as they are easy to set up, read, and deduce … Read more

How To Stop Your Desk Chair From Rolling

a picture of locking chair caster wheels for sim racing

If you’re sim racing using a desk and chair then you will quickly discover the frustrations of a chair that rolls or slides when you steer, accelerate, or brake. Fortunately, this is a widespread problem, and there are a few straightforward solutions that thousands of others have used to alleviate the pain of this frustrating … Read more

Where To Find Mods For Assetto Corsa

cars from car mods in asseto corsa

One of the biggest reasons that Assetto Corsa remains one of the top sims almost 6 years after it was originally released is largely in part due to the outstanding amount of high-quality mods available. Whether you want to race Formula 1 around the Red Bull Ring in Austria, cruise the highways of Tokyo in … Read more

How To Stop Sim Pedals From Sliding On The Floor

sim racing pedals next to a non slip mat

If you haven’t got a sim racing rig or somewhere to mount your sim racing pedals then you have probably encountered the annoying issue of your sim racing pedals sliding on the floor when you press on the throttle or brake pedals. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy solutions to this annoying problem! … Read more

Can You Make Money Sim Racing

can you make money from sim racing

You can make money sim racing however the chances are rather small. Currently, there are only a handful of ways that sim racers can make money. Private leagues, professional series, and sponsorships. Privates leagues usually have a signup fee where the total prize pool is split among the winning team, professional series have extremely large … Read more

How To Get Faster At Sim Racing

iracing race cars racing on a track

Sim racing can be a frustrating hobby to be involved in. The skill gap between the top and the bottom sim racers is insane and even getting to the level where you’re somewhat competitive with the other racers in your race is no easy task. You have more than likely been in online races where … Read more

How Far Should Your Sim Racing Monitor Be From You?

A sim racing rig in front of a television

The distance from your eyes to your sim racing monitor should be between 25.5″ – 31.5″ (65cm – 80cm). This distance should ideally put the monitor just above the back of your wheelbase. The reason that it is best to have your monitors set at this distance is so you can get as close to … Read more

How To Install Setups For iRacing

Installing setups on iRacing is very straightforward. You just have to know where the folders are located and what files to drop into them. To install setups in iRacing simply drop the setup file that you have (this will be a file with a .sto extension) in the correct cars’ setup folder. By default, this … Read more

A Beginners Guide to iRacing

It’s no secret that iRacing has exploded in popularity in the recent weeks, but for many newcomers, it can be a daunting and confusing experience to get started. This is a guide to help you get out on the track with some confidence that you know what’s going on and to hopefully remove some of … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Beginner Sim Racers

When you’re just learning the ropes of sim racing it can be a daunting, frustrating process. Here are 10 tips that I recommend that will hopefully help you get up to speed(literally) as quickly as possible. 1. One Car, One Track It’s really tempting to jump straight into a GTE, an LMP1, or maybe a … Read more