Key Features

  • Brushed aluminum wheel frame – lightweight yet strong
  • Forged carbon fiber construction – button plates and wheel plates
  • Genuine leather hand-stitched wheel wrap – quality racing aesthetic
  • Extensive programmable inputs – buttons, encoders, sticks
  • Advanced magnetic paddle shifters – crisp seamless shifts
  • RGB shift lights – visually indicate shift points
  • Quick release system – derived from real race cars
  • Wireless connectivity – seamless pairing with MOZA bases

MOZA Racing RS V2 Steering Wheel - In-Depth Review

The MOZA Racing RS V2 steering wheel is the second generation release from sim racing peripheral company MOZA, aiming to deliver a high-end direct drive wheel pairing for their DD wheelbases. I’ve had the chance to extensively test and review the RS V2 wheel over several weeks of sim racing, and I’m excited to share my in-depth thoughts on this premium sim racing wheel.

Overview – Design and Features

The MOZA RS V2 wheel represents the pinnacle of MOZA’s steering wheel lineup, positioned above their GT style CS wheel for those seeking ultra premium materials and components. Here’s an overview of some of the standout features that make the RS V2 a top contender in the high-end sim racing wheel space:

With its combination of quality materials like real leather and carbon fiber, extensive inputs, and race-inspired engineering, the RS V2 steering wheel checks all the boxes for delivering an authentic and exciting sim racing experience. The wheel strikes a balance between an ultra-realistic racing aesthetic and approachable everyday usability.

Design and Build Quality

One of the most immediately impressive aspects of the RS V2 wheel is the sheer quality and craftsmanship apparent throughout its design and construction. MOZA spared no expense with the materials and components used to create a steering wheel that looks, feels, and functions at the highest level.

Premium Materials

  • Brushed aluminum alloy wheel frame – The wheel frame takes inspiration from exotic supercars, with its exposed brushed aluminum finish. The metal structure remains lightweight yet strong enough to maintain rigidity.
  • Forged carbon fiber construction – Both the button plates and wheel plates use genuine forged carbon fiber, a high-end alternative to injection molded plastics. The beautiful layered carbon weave is visible under the gloss coat.
  • Genuine leather-wrapped wheel rim – Wrapping the wheel is thick, durable steering wheel leather. The leather has decorative contrast stitching along the inner and outer rim reminiscent of a luxury vehicle.
  • High quality carbon fiber paddle shifters – The magnetic paddle shifters are made of 3mm thick carbon fiber for strength without flexing. Their finish matches the look of other carbon components.

Ergonomic Design

In addition to looking fantastic, the RS V2 wheel is designed for comfortable extended racing sessions. The shape, grip materials, and button positioning make this wheel a pleasure to hold and interact with.

  • 13 inch diameter GT style wheel – The 325mm diameter wheel with rounded shape fits nicely in your hands without being overly large or too small.
  • Comfortable padded leather grip areas – The leather wrap provides nice cushioning for your hands, while your fingers rest on grip tape patches when not using buttons.
  • Optimized button positioning – Whether using shifters, toggling controls, or accessing functions, all inputs are placed for fast access without adjustment.
  • Alcantara wheel option – An Alcantara wrapped variant offers increased grip and sweat resistance for aggressive racing sessions.

Sturdy Construction

Underneath the high-end materials, the RS V2 wheel is built around a rigid structure to maximize precision and longevity.

  • 5mm thick forged carbon fiber frame – This virtually eliminates any flexing or reverberations while driving.
  • CNC machined components – Button plates and mounting points are precision cut for clean, snug connections.
  • Metal paddle shifters and buttons – Unlike plastic components which can degrade over time, these will maintain their precision.

The Moza RS V2 clearly achieves extraordinarily high build quality through its combination of exotic materials, ergonomic design, and sturdy underlying construction. This all inspires confidence that the wheel can withstand aggressive racing action lap after lap.

Features and Functionality

Beyond sheer visual appeal and material quality, the RS V2 steering wheel is packed with extensive controls and functionality for deeply immersive racing. The variety of programmable inputs and integrated telemetry systems help take your sim racing immersion to the next level.

Extensive Inputs

Between buttons, rotaries, sticks, and shifters, the RS V2 provides an extensive array of optimized, programmable controls.

  • 10 backlit push buttons – The buttons are spread between both sides and the bottom of the wheel within easy thumb reach. White LEDs indicate their status.
  • 2 twenty segment encoder knobs – These knurled metal knobs provide granular analog input for functions like fuel mix and brake bias.
  • 2 universal joystick knobs – The top-mounted sticks offer precise digital control of functions like looking around in helmet view.
  • Racing horn button – Tap the prominent red button to loudly honk the horn for added realism.
  • Paddle shifters – Large carbon fiber paddles mounted behind the wheel activate seamless lightning-fast shifting.

Immersive Telemetry

Integrated RGB lighting and companion software connectivity enable engaging feedback and telemetry features.

  • RGB shift indicator lights – Bars of LEDs visually signal optimal shift points to keep your eyes focused ahead.
  • Customizable light colors and functions – Tailor colors, effects, and behaviors through the MOZA Pit House wheel configurator software.
  • Data integrated from MOZA software – Pit House displays realtime values like RPMs directly on the wheel’s shift lights.

Quick Release System

MOZA designed a quick release system for the RS V2 wheel that takes inspiration from real motorsports applications.

  • Derived from race car designs – The clamping mechanism and integrated alignment guides ensure the tightest possible fit.
  • Very rigid wheel connection – Once locked in, absolutely zero play is allowed between wheel and base.
  • Quarter turn lever – Locks and releases with a short quick twist, ideal for moving the wheel between rigs.

Wireless and Wired Connectivity

The RS V2 wheel offers flexible options for connecting to Moza wheelbases.

  • Proprietary wireless connectivity – Connects instantly via a low latency Bluetooth-esque signal. No cables cluttering your rig.
  • Wired USB connection – Can directly plug into wheelbases via USB cable for a more universal wired link.

This vast selection of physical controls, augmented by integrated telemetry and a race-proven quick release, equip the RS V2 wheel to handle the deepest and most demanding sim titles with all critical functions at your fingertips.

Performance and Feel

As important as its design and features is how the RS V2 actually performs and feels while driving. Does it convey detailed and convincing force feedback? How is the day-to-day reliability? Overall the wheel provides excellent driving fidelity and response.

Precise Force Feedback

Optimized for Moza’s industry leading direct drive technology, the RS V2 translates every nuance of physics into your hands.

  • Direct drive precision – Granular torque detail across the full operating range delivers an honest feel for available grip.
  • Road texture translated – Subtle vibrations over curbs and rumble strips enhance immersion in the virtual world.
  • Weight shift feel – Load transfers believably shift mass across the wheel as you pitch the car into corners.

Responsive Shifter Paddles

The advanced magnetic paddle shifters react immediately for satisfying gear changes.

  • Contactless sensors – This technology delivers flawless rapid-fire shifting time after time.
  • Distinct paddle sensation – The paddles snap against the magnets with a defined click you can feel.
  • Zero delay – Shift inputs register the instant the paddle moves without any lag.

Quality Pedal Feel

The wheel’s design lends itself to precise modulation of the pedals.

  • Smooth progressive brake pressure – Load cell brake pedals gain resistance smoothly, easing modulation.
  • Natural clutch bite point – The clutch engages progressively like a real car for flawless starts.
  • Excellent control – Minimal flex through the wheel maximizes pedal control accuracy.

In real on-track testing and extensive home use, the RS V2 provides outstanding force feedback delivery and shifting response, enabling you to focus on driving rather than equipment shortcomings.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After thoroughly testing and reviewing the Moza Racing RS V2 steering wheel, I’m confident in recommending it as one of the top options available for sim racers demanding quality materials, precise control, and aesthetic excellence.