Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2.5X


  • Premium build quality with solid carbon fiber front plate
  • Smooth and durable leather grips
  • Extremely responsive and nuanced force feedback
  • OLED display for telemetry and tuning menu
  • Ideal size and ergonomics for open-wheel cars
  • Fully customizable inputs including rotaries and LEDs
  • Integrates seamlessly with Fanatec ecosystem


  • Pricey investment compared to entry-level wheels
  • Heavy wheel weight takes getting used to
  • Thumb encoders are too sensitive and can turn inadvertently
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners with so many inputs

Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 Review

The Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 is one of the most popular high-end wheels for serious sim racers. As an avid sim racer myself, I was eager to test out the renowned Formula V2.5 wheel firsthand and see if it lives up to its reputation. After extensive use across various racing titles, I’m ready to share my detailed review.


The Formula V2.5 wheel is the flagship open-wheel rim from Fanatec’s ClubSport lineup. It builds upon the Formula V2 wheel with some significant upgrades like the addition of thumb encoders, an OLED display, and high-end materials like aluminum and carbon fiber construction.

For sim racers seeking the most immersive and realistic formula driving experience, the Formula V2.5 aims to deliver with its uncompromising performance. Let’s take a deeper look across the key categories:

Build Quality and Design

The Formula V2.5 wheel exudes craftsmanship and attention to detail from the materials used to the subtle design elements. The front plate is made of genuine 5mm thick carbon fiber, giving it a professional race car look and feel. The shaped grips are covered in smooth perforated leather that remains comfortable even during long racing sessions.

All the switch housings and modules are CNC-machined aluminum, highlighting the excellent structural rigidity. At around 1.4kg (3.1lbs), the Formula V2.5 has some heft to it, but I grew to appreciate the weight after a while since it adds realistic inertia and a sturdy feel.

The grip diameter of 270mm strikes the ideal balance between agility and stability needed for open-wheel formula cars. Notably, the Formula V2.5 uses Fanatec’s proven quick release system for convenient mounting and interchangeability across different wheelbases.

Features and Customization

A standout aspect of the Formula V2.5 is the extensive range of controls and customization options it offers. In total there are 12 buttons, 2 toggle switches, 3 rotary switches, and two high-precision thumb encoders.

With the add-on Podium Advanced Paddle Module, you also get dual-clutch magnetic paddle shifters and dual analog clutch paddles. All of these inputs are easily mapped to in-game functions for a tailored racing experience.

The OLED display is a major upgrade over a basic LED display, providing crystal clear monitoring of data like current gear, fuel usage, tyre wear, and more. It also allows tweaking parameters like FF strength on the fly through the tuning menu.

Integrated into the wheel are dual LED strips and dual Rev LED arrays that are fully RGB customizable. With the Tuning Menu or Fanalab software, you can set up shift lights, traction loss indicators, and other visual alerts.

Performance and Experience

The driving experience delivered by the Formula V2.5 is nothing short of exceptional. The precision in steering feel and pedal inputs translated through the Direct Drive wheelbase is incredible. Even subtle changes in tyre slip, surface conditions, or weight transfer are communicated back through the wheel.

Combined with the responsive electronics and lag-free inputs, the Formula V2.5 gives you an intimate sense of connection with the vehicle. The intuitive controls like the perfectly positioned shifter paddles become natural extensions of your hands.

Whether battling wheel-to-wheel with opponents or tackling a hot lap alone, the Formula V2.5 inspires confidence. The realism pushes you to rely on proper racing techniques like smooth inputs and optimizing gears and racing lines.


A major benefit of the Formula V2.5 is its broad compatibility across platforms. It works seamlessly on PC by default and is fully compatible with Xbox thanks to the integrated security chip. For PlayStation users, compatibility depends on the wheelbase but works flawlessly with Sony-licensed bases like the CSL DD.

Moreover, the Formula V2.5 slides right onto any Fanatec wheelbase thanks to the universal quick release system. So you can use this wheel with an entry-level CSL Elite or high-end Direct Drive bases like the DD1 and DD2.


After dozens of hours testing the Formula V2.5 across various racing sims, my verdict is extremely positive. It truly lives up to its reputation as one of the premier high-end sim racing wheels money can buy. The unparalleled driving experience, premium build quality, and diverse customization make the Formula V2.5 stand out.

For sim racers prioritizing realism and immersion with budget flexibility, I can’t recommend the Formula V2.5 enough. While the price is on the higher side, the quality and performance justify the investment. Fanatec continues releasing firmware updates to expand features and compatibility, so the wheel has lasting value.

If you’re seeking the pinnacle of formula-style wheels for serious sim racing, look no further than the Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5. It is engineered to fulfil the needs of the most discerning driving enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Formula V2.5 compare to the cheaper F1 Esports wheel?

The F1 Esports wheel is a more affordable alternative from Fanatec but lacks some of the premium features of the Formula V2.5 like the OLED display, thumb encoders, leather grip, and heavy metal construction. The Formula V2.5 is better suited for experienced racers seeking maximum realism.

Is the Formula V2.5 compatible with Xbox?

Yes, the Formula V2.5 works seamlessly with Xbox thanks to the integrated security chip. The Formula V2.5 X variant also offers Xbox compatibility with alcantara grips.

Can the Formula V2.5 wheel be upgraded?

Absolutely. The quick release system means you can upgrade to higher torque Direct Drive bases. You can also swap out the default paddle module for the advanced paddles if you prefer.

How long is the warranty period?

Fanatec provides a 2 year warranty on the Formula V2.5 wheel covering defects and workmanship issues. The warranty is only valid for the original buyer and non-transferable.

Does the Formula V2.5 work with all racing games?

It’s designed for universal compatibility. The drivers and button mappings allow the Formula V2.5 to work with popular PC titles like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 etc. Console compatibility varies.

Is the Formula V2.5 beginner friendly?

The plethora of buttons and functions can seem intimidating at first for beginners. I’d recommend the McLaren GT3 wheel if you’re just starting sim racing. But the Formula V2.5 is worth the investment if you’re committed.

Fanatec Clubsport Formula V2.5X