Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2


  • Superb build quality with premium materials
  • Excellent force feedback detail and road feel
  • Visually striking, accurate design replicating real GT2 wheel
  • Integrated telemetry displays very useful
  • Magnetic paddle shifters feel incredible
  • Extensive customization via Tuning Menu and software
  • Good button and input ergonomics for most hand sizes
  • Quick release system allows easy mounting on bases
  • Reasonably priced for the quality and features


  • Lack of Xbox compatibility
  • Limited features on PlayStation systems
  • Smaller grip diameter not ideal for large hands
  • Previous vibration alert removed, some may miss it
  • Strong competition from other high-end wheels on the market

Fanatec BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel - In-Depth Review

The Fanatec BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is one of the company’s flagship offerings that flawlessly blends quality, performance and style. As a sim racing enthusiast, I was excited to get my hands on the latest iteration of this highly popular model. Having spent extensive time testing it on a range of racing titles, I’m ready to share my in-depth take on whether the V2 version builds successfully on the strengths of the original while improving on its weak points.


What is it?

The Fanatec BMW GT2 V2 is a premium steering wheel officially licensed by BMW as an accurate replica of the BMW M3 GT2 race car wheel used in touring cars. It represents Fanatec’s trademark Clubsport series, aimed at dedicated sim racers looking for a realistic and fully-featured wheel.

Key features

  • Realistic 320mm diameter matched to original GT2 wheel
  • Alcantara wheel rim for excellent grip and handling
  • Integrated LED display and RPM lights for telemetry data
  • Magnetic shifter paddles with adjustable settings
  • Multi-function buttons and joystick inputs
  • Interchangeable quick release system
  • 30% lighter than previous V1 model


The BMW GT2 V2 retails for $299.95 USD which positions it as a mid-range offering in Fanatec’s wheel portfolio. The price is reasonable considering the use of quality materials, precise engineering and official licensing.

Design and Build Quality

One of the most immediately striking elements of the BMW GT2 V2 is its visually appealing design modeled after the real race car wheel. But beyond just aesthetics, the materials and build quality also impart a premium feel.

Materials used

The wheel rim is wrapped in supple Italian-made Alcantara which looks great while providing tremendous grip even during long racing sessions. The underlying metal structure has been strengthened by using revised materials that also shave off 30% of the weight compared to the older model. The steering wheel buttons have a pleasant tactile feel with durable switches rated for longevity.

Size and dimensions

With a diameter of 320mm, the GT2 V2 achieves that ideal balance between precision and stability. The proportions match the actual BMW GT2 wheel, allowing for precise driving inputs and smooth handling at high speeds. The grip is not overly thick which may be an issue for drivers with large hands.

Weight and force feedback

The lighter internal components result in an overall weight of just 1661g including the quick release system. This mass reduction directly translates into better acceleration effects and higher fidelity force feedback that can be felt through the wheel base.

Quick release mechanism

The GT2 V2 utilizes Fanatec’s QR1 quick release mechanism allowing tool-less mounting/removal to compatible wheel bases. It can be seamlessly upgraded to the newer QR2 system as well by swapping the QR1 wheel side adapter.

Paddle shifters

One of the biggest improvements over the original GT2 is the inclusion of magnetic paddle shifters. The aluminum paddles have a great tactile click with strong neodymium magnets contributing to the satisfying shifting action. They are also easily detachable and offer extensive adjustment of the angle, distance and travel range.

Buttons and inputs

The wheel has plenty of inputs including 11 buttons, 2 paddle shifters, a 7-way FunkySwitch module and an analog joystick. The FunkySwitch is especially useful providing a push button, rotary knob and d-pad style directional functions for tuning settings on the fly. The button caps are interchangeable and replicate those on real BMW race cars.

Display and LEDs

The GT2 V2 retains the central RPM LED bar with 9 lights indicating current engine revs. Just above it is a bright LED display used for telemetry data like speed, lap times and fuel info. It also gives access to the Tuning menu for tweaking force feedback and other hardware parameters during gameplay.

Performance and Functionality

Now let’s move on to evaluating how all these parts come together when actually driving various racing simulation titles with the BMW GT2 V2.


This steering wheel works with all recent Fanatec wheel bases like the CSL DD, CSL Elite, Clubsport v2.5 and Podium series bases. It can be used on PC and PlayStation platforms, while Xbox compatibility is not officially supported. The PlayStation mode may have limited functionality based on system firmware and game compatibility.

Customization options

Between the Tuning Menu accessed through the LED display and Fanatec’s PC software, there are abundant options for customizing the wheel. You can play with the force feedback effects, damper settings, adjustable paddle shifter positions, button mapping profiles and other helpful presets.

Force feedback effects

The dual vibration motors provide nuanced road textures and other force effects like wheel slip, curbs and gear shifts. The reduced weight compared to the older V1 model gives even small force feedback nuances a more pronounced tactile feel. Force feedback effects feel perfectly smooth and natural thanks to the excellent internals.

Telemetry displays

Having crucial real-time telemetry data easily visible right on the steering wheel is invaluable for competing at your best during intense racing. The LED bar showing RPMs and digital readout for speed, lap times, fuel etc. really improve situational awareness and consistency.

Overall the GT2 V2 delivers a very realistic and immersive driving experience that elevates any racing simulation. The premium build quality allows enjoying its performance for many years. Next I’ll summarize the pros and cons.


Who is it for?

The Fanatec BMW GT2 V2 is the perfect upgrade for dedicated sim racers looking to level up from budget wheels to a pro-grade model. Both GT and road racing fans will appreciate its blend of realism, customization and premium quality. BMW aficionados will also love recreating the race-winning GT2 wheel in their home setups.

Final verdict

Undoubtedly, the BMW GT2 V2 is one of the best all-round sim racing steering wheels money can buy. It hits the sweet spot between features, performance, build quality and value. I can easily recommend it for anyone looking to invest in a serious high-end wheel that will provide many years of exceptional racing experiences. Fanatec has succeeded in improving the already great GT2 formula with smart upgrades like the magnetic shifters while retaining the core essence. This wheel deserves a spot in every sim racer’s dream garage.


What platforms can it be used with?

The BMW GT2 V2 is fully compatible with PC. It has limited functionality on PlayStation consoles and is not officially supported on Xbox.

What racing games does it work with?

It works with all PC racing sims like iRacing, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa etc. PlayStation compatibility varies based on game and system firmware.

Is it plug and play?

Yes, on PC it is plug and play after installing the Fanatec drivers. On consoles it may require some initial calibration.

How is it different from the original GT2?

The new V2 model is 30% lighter, has improved internals, magnetic shifter paddles, and an upgradable quick release system.

What is the warranty period?

Fanatec provides a 2 year warranty on the steering wheel covering defects in materials and workmanship.

Can I use custom wheel rims?

Yes, you can detach the actual rim part and use compatible aftermarket rims from Fanatec or other brands.

How often do the paddle shifters need replacing?

The magnetic paddles are built to last tens of thousands of gear shifts. Replacement paddles are available from Fanatec if needed.

Is the Alcantara wheel rim durable?

The Alcantara has good wear resistance with proper care. It is also replaceable if it becomes worn out after prolonged use.

Fanatec Clubsport BMW GT2