Fanatec ClubSport GT Forza Motorsport V2


  • Stunning authentic build quality and materials
  • Accurate and smooth force feedback effects
  • Deep customization via Tuning Menu and software
  • Xbox and PC compatibility in one package
  • Modular hub supports rims from any brand
  • Premium components promising longevity


  • High price tag, especially with a required wheel base
  • Limited hard mounting options out of the box
  • Wheel rim contains no internals – hub required
  • Fewer buttons than some competitor wheels
  • Leather rim will wear over time with heavy use

ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza Motorsport V2 for Xbox - In-Depth Review

The ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza Motorsport V2 for Xbox is Fanatec’s officially licensed steering wheel for the Forza Motorsport series on Xbox consoles. As a high-end sim racing wheel designed specifically for Forza titles, it delivers an authentic racing experience complete with premium materials, advanced force feedback, and deep customization.

I’ve tested the ClubSport GT V2 wheel extensively across a variety of racing sims on Xbox and PC. In this in-depth review, I’ll break down the wheel’s standout features, real-world performance, and how it stacks up for competitive online and single player racing.


The ClubSport GT V2 wheel is the result of a collaboration between Fanatec and Turn 10 Studios, the developers behind the Forza racing franchise. Both the rim and bundled steering wheel hub are tailored to deliver responsive, accurate force feedback effects in Forza Motorsport 6 and newer titles.

At its core, the GT V2 package combines Fanatec’s ClubSport universal hub for Xbox alongside a limited edition Forza-branded wheel rim. This modular approach allows the custom rim to be attached to Fanatec wheel bases on both Xbox consoles and PC.

Key Features

Some of the highlight features that make the ClubSport GT V2 wheel special:

Authentic Materials and Design

  • The wheel rim is crafted from high quality brushed and anodized aluminum, sharing its 330mm diameter with real racing car steering wheels.
  • Smooth genuine leather with immaculate stitching provides a thick premium feel and touch reminiscent of luxury vehicles.

Adjustable Components

  • Removable button clusters and shifter paddles allow flexible positioning for your exact preferences.
  • Interchangeable button caps toggle between Xbox icons and racing style designs.

Advanced Force Feedback

  • A industrial grade brushless motor paired with a dual belt drive mechanism delivers unparalleled smoothness, detail, and realism in force feedback effects.
  • On-the-fly adjustments for force feedback strength, sensitivity, and advanced drift handling let you fine tune the feeling while driving.

Xbox Compatibility

  • The included steering wheel hub unlocks Xbox compatibility for Fanatec wheels and other ecosystem peripherals like pedals and shifters.

In-Depth Review

Now let’s dive deeper into my first-hand experience and review of the Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza Motorsport V2 for Xbox across a range of testing criteria:

Unboxing and Contents

The ClubSport GT V2 ships in two separate packages – one for the wheel rim itself and another for the universal hub and other components.

Once unboxed, you’re presented with an impressive set of hardware:

  • ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport
  • ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox
  • 4 x removable button clusters
  • 2 x pairs of magnetic shifter paddles
  • 7-way FunkySwitchTM
  • LED display unit
  • Quick release adapter
  • Selection of bolts and mounting hardware

The range of included parts allows for an extensive amount of customization in putting together your configuration.

Setup and Installation

Connecting the universal hub to the wheel rim is straightforward, only requiring fastening six bolts on the rear to secure it in place.

Mounting the complete assembly onto a Fanatec wheel base is then simply a matter of slotting it onto the quick release. The initial setup took me around 15-20 minutes.

One downside is the lack of flexibility in hard mounting options out of the box. The included screws and adapter support only one bolt pattern, so you’ll need to source alternatives if your rig doesn’t match it.

Build Quality and Materials

In keeping with its premium aspirations, the ClubSport GT V2 wheel is fabricated to an exceptional standard. The forged aluminum absolutely looks and feels like a real race car component.

The leather wheel covering also sets it apart from cheaper competition. Its smooth matte texture and tightly sewn construction gives confidence it will hold up well over time.

Altogether the rim has a hefty feel at around 1.8kg, staying firmly planted through aggressive maneuvers. Overall build quality is difficult to fault.

Buttons, Paddles, and Switches

A total of 30 buttons and controls manage to fit onto the ClubSport GT V2 wheel without feeling cluttered.

The FunkySwitchTM in particular stands out, combining a joystick, rotary knob, and push button into a single compact component. It lends itself well simulating a wide range of secondary car controls.

The magnetic dual-paddle shifters deliver an excellent crisp sensation thanks to their strong neodymium magnets. Adjustable plates cater for both small and large rims diameters too.

Force Feedback Performance

Force feedback is where this officially licensed Forza wheel truly shines. The advanced brushless motor and industrial belt drive system translate game physics into silky smooth torque free of noticeable cogging or dead spots across the entire rotational range.

It’s clear the ClubSport GT V2 was designed in unison with Forza Motorsport’s physics engine, as subtle tire slip, weight transfer, and suspension effects come through with lifelike accuracy. More so than any other wheel I’ve tested, this one truly allows you to “feel” the car.

The detail in textures like road rumble or engine vibration is also superb, adding an extra layer of immersion to aid consistency during long runs.

Software and Customization

Fanatec’s configuration software unlocks extensive customization of the ClubSport GT V2 wheel’s functions and feedback.

I especially appreciated being able to tune force feedback strength, wheel operating range, ABS intensity, drift handling, and other parameters on the fly using the Tuning Menu button during gameplay itself.

Up to 5 wheel setup profiles can be saved and switched between at the press of a button too. This is invaluable when alternating between different cars or tracks that benefit from unique force feedback parameters.


A key advantage of the ClubSport GT V2 wheel is its dual compatibility with Xbox consoles and PC. The universal hub pairs the bespoke rim with Fanatec wheel bases on both platforms.

I used it seamlessly across a variety of racing sims including the Forza Horizon and Motorsport games in addition to titles like Assetto Corsa and iRacing. The modular quick release system also meant I could easily swap to other rims when desired.

Note that the wheel must be attached to a Fanatec wheel base to function – the GT rim itself contains no internals. So you’ll need to budget for one of their bases separately if you don’t already have one.


Fanatec’s ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza Motorsport V2 is purpose-built to deliver an elite-level sim racing experience on Forza titles, and it succeeds wholeheartedly.

The combination of unrivaled force feedback realism courtesy of Turn 10 Studios’ direct input, construction quality befitting its price tag, and cross-platform support cement its reputation as one of the best Xbox compatible wheels money can buy.

If you’re seeking the definitive Forza racing experience to shave seconds off your lap times and immerse yourself in the driver’s seat, the ClubSport GT V2 warrants your consideration. Just be prepared to pay a premium for the quality on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ClubSport GT V2 compatible with Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, it functions flawlessly on the latest generation Xbox consoles. The included universal hub enables compatibility.

Does the wheel work on PlayStation consoles?

Unfortunately no, due to the Xbox-focused universal hub the wheel is not natively supported on PlayStation 4 or 5.

Do I need a separate wheel base to use it?

Correct, the ClubSport GT V2 rim has no internal electronics. You’ll need to attach it to a compatible Fanatec wheel base purchased separately.

How does it compare to the older ClubSport V2.5 GT wheel?

The V2 improves on some minor flaws like the button clusters. But the core force feedback and performance is similar, so the V2.5 still holds its own.

Will the wheel work across a range of racing sim titles?

Absolutely, its excellent force feedback and features make it a fantastic choice for all PC and Xbox racing games, not just Forza titles.

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Fanatec ClubSport GT Forza Motorsport V2