Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2


  • Excellent ergonomic design modeled after real GT3 cars
  • High build quality and materials exceed the price
  • Massive upgrade to paddle shifters
  • Extensive customization via buttons/switches and software
  • Smooth, nuanced force feedback
  • Analog paddles enhance experience in many sims
  • Works across Fanatec ecosystem and Xbox natively


  • Large diameter not ideal for smaller hands
  • Rubber grips can cause sweaty palms
  • No LED display and OLED requires eyes off track
  • More costly upgrades needed for full compatibility
  • Annoying sensitivity on funky switch
  • Firmware updates can be problematic

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Steering Wheel Review

As an avid sim racer and McLaren fan, I was eager to get my hands on the new Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 steering wheel. Having used the previous version as my main wheel for over a year, I was curious to see how Fanatec improved upon their popular design. After extensive testing across various racing titles, I’m ready to share my in-depth review. This wheel offers an excellent blend of quality, performance and affordability that makes it a top choice for dedicated sim racers.

Design and Build Quality

The McLaren GT3 V2 wheel is designed as an exact replica of the wheel used in real McLaren GT3 race cars. Fanatec matched the dimensions, layout, and components precisely based on official CAD data from McLaren. This attention to detail is evident as soon as you unbox the wheel.

Materials and Construction

Unlike most high-end sim racing wheels that use metal or carbon fiber constructions, the GT3 V2 uses a plastic shell and rubber grips. However, the plastic is far from cheap or toy-like. The quality is sturdy and durable, with a realistic carbon fiber weave pattern on the front. The textured rubber grips are also high-quality, providing ample grip without being too soft or squishy. At 300mm diameter, the wheel strikes a nice balance between formula-style wheels and larger GT rims. Overall, the materials suit the design well and justify the competitive price point.

Size and Ergonomics

With its 300mm diameter, the GT3 V2 is on the larger side and may feel too big for users with smaller hands. For me at 5’10”, it took some adjustment coming from 270-280mm wheels. However, the ergonomic shape and rubber grips mold comfortably to your hands. The indentations for thumbs improve grip, and the intuitive button placement makes controls easy to reach. Once you get used to the size, it’s a very comfortable wheel for extended racing sessions.

Paddle Shifters

One of the biggest improvements over the original GT3 wheel is the new magnetic paddle shifters. They use a single piece of sturdy aluminum and have a longer throw and more satisfying mechanical action than the plastic rocker paddles of the past. The new 4mm throw gives excellent tactile feedback that you can feel with every shift. It’s a night and day upgrade that sim racers will appreciate.

Buttons and Switches

All of the buttons, knobs, and switches match the quality of Fanatec’s Clubsport lineup. The “P” and “N” neutral buttons have a distinct click, while the funky switch offers a multifunction rotary controller. My only complaint is the funky switch is quite sensitive, making it easy to bump the D-pad accidentally. Otherwise, everything feels precise and built to last through rigorous sim racing.

OLED Display

The GT3 V2 incorporates a 1-inch OLED display conveniently placed front and center. It relays basic information like speed, gear, and RPM. An upgrade from the first-gen wheel, the crisp white display is easy to glance at when driving. It adds functionality without looking out of place on the stylish face of the wheel.

Quick Release

Gone is the flimsy plastic quick release of the past. The GT3 V2 uses an all-new QR system that clamps tightly with an adjustable collar. No tools required! It offers easy mounting with almost no flex. For direct drive bases, the optional ClubSport QR provides a metal connection capable of handling extreme torque loads.

Features and Performance

In addition to nailing the iconic McLaren design, the GT3 V2 wheel is packed with features sure to satisfy dedicated sim racers. The well-tuned force feedback, customizable controls, and versatility add to the appeal.

Force Feedback

Thanks to Fanatec’s smooth torque delivery, the GT3 V2 conveys road textures and weight transfer convincingly. Even subtleties like curbs and tire slip are felt through the wheel. The precision and detail of the force feedback enhances immersion in any racing sim. No unwanted clunkiness or dead spots to complain about.

Analog Paddles

The dual analog clutch paddles are a standout feature, providing tons of customization. Switch between modes like clutch bite point, handbrake control, and brake/throttle input right from the wheel. I especially like the ability to set separate analog axes for bite point and full clutch travel. It’s an advantage for launching in vehicles like Formula 1 cars.


The GT3 V2 works across Fanatec’s ecosystem from the entry-level CSL Elite to its top-tier direct drive bases. Xbox compatibility out of the box is also handy. A ClubSport adapter unlocks full torque on higher-end bases, though it adds an extra cost. Playstation support requires using one of the officially licensed PS4/PS5 wheelbases.

Software and Customization

Via Fanatec’s software, users can reprogram buttons, alter force feedback, and switch between modes for the multifunction components. The OLED display is customizable as well to prioritize the information you want visible while driving. My only knock is the firmware update process can be finicky, sometimes requiring a full driver reinstallation.

Driving Experience

After putting the GT3 V2 through its paces across dozens of sim racing titles, I’m confident in its versatility and performance for all styles of virtual racing.

Formula and GT Cars

The McLaren design immediately feels at home in open-wheel cars like Formula 1. The ergonomic contours and intuitive controls make it easy to access critical functions at a split second’s notice. For GT-style racing, the wheel adapts well also. The size splits the difference between ultra-compact formula rims and larger rally/drift wheels. Honestly, it handles any circuit racing with precision and comfort.

Overall Feel and Handling

In terms of force feedback and handling, the GT3 V2 is fantastic. Thanks to Fanatec’s programming, the nuanced feedback enhances your connection to the car. Effects like weight transfer, slip, curbs, and bumps come through clearly. The smoothness and precision instill confidence to push to the limit. Compared to my other wheels, it requires the least adjustment period to feel comfortable.

Everyday Use

After switching to the GT3 V2 as my daily driver, I occasionally noticed some downsides for prolonged use. The size may still bother some users, and the rubber grips cause sweaty palms after hours of racing. I miss having an LED display for at-a-glance updates like RPM, as consulting the OLED requires briefly glancing away from the track. But these are minor gripes considering the quality and performance the wheel provides.


The Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 wheel offers an unbeatable blend of quality and performance for the price. No other wheel in this range provides such an accurate, feature-packed replica of a real racing wheel complete with premium materials and components. While not suited for every hand size or racing discipline, the GT3 V2 shines as an exceptional formula-style wheel. Its aesthetics, customization, and force feedback immerse you into the sim racing experience. For dedicated sim racers seeking a reasonably priced upgrade, the GT3 V2 deserves a top spot on your short list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements to use the GT3 V2 wheel?

The GT3 V2 is compatible with all Fanatec wheelbases, so it requires one of the following: CSL Elite, ClubSport v2.5, Podium DD1, Podium DD2. An Xbox or gaming PC is required. For PlayStation, you need a PS4/PS5-licensed Fanatec wheelbase.

Is this an officially licensed McLaren product?

Yes, Fanatec partnered directly with McLaren to recreate an accurate cockpit-style replica of the wheel used in McLaren’s real GT3 race cars.

How does the GT3 V2 compare to the older GT3 wheel?

It offers noticeable improvements like higher build quality, magnetic paddle shifters, a QR that doesn’t require tools, and multi-position encoders that work across more games. Current GT3 owners may not need to upgrade but new buyers should choose the V2.

What optional accessories are available or required?

The ClubSport Quick Release adapter enables high-torque mode on direct drive bases, adding $100+ to the cost. Xbox-licensed wheels also work on Xbox One and Series X/S. The GT3 V2 is a stand-

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2