• Extremely smooth and detailed force feedback
  • Class-leading torque density from the specialized motors
  • Clever design that essentially eliminates cogging
  • Excellent cooling for consistent performance
  • High quality industrial grade components throughout
  • Great range of customization and tuning capability
  • Well designed tuning software with intuitive layout
  • Future-proof wireless wheel connectivity


  • Mounting points are basic – integrated side mounting would be ideal
  • Software lacks built-in telemetry integration
  • No bundled rim option

Moza R21 Wheelbase In-Depth Review

The Moza R21 wheelbase sits at the pinnacle of Moza Racing’s direct drive lineup, designed to deliver uncompromising force feedback precision and torque for next-level sim racing immersion. After extensively testing and racing with the R21 over several weeks, I’m ready to share my in-depth thoughts on how it performs and stacks up to the competition. This beast of a direct drive impressed me with its industrial grade components, thoughtful design, and wealth of customization options. Read on for the full scoop in this hands-on review.


Key Specs

  • Peak Torque: 21Nm
  • Resolution: 18-bit (262,144 counts per revolution)
  • Motor Type: 3-phase brushless
  • Housing: CNC machined aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 8.9Kg
  • Compatibility: PC
  • Wireless wheel connectivity

Design and Build Quality

Straight out of the box, the R21 makes a striking impression with its sturdy yet sleek aluminum housing finished in a stylish two-tone paint scheme. Weighing in at a solid 8.9Kg, this wheelbase certainly has a premium, rock-solid feel in your hands.

The aviation grade aluminum alloy body looks and feels fantastic, clearly built to withstand the rigors of serious racing. Attention to detail is evident, from the neatly routed wires under the hood to the clean machined edges.

Force Feedback Performance

Let’s talk specs – the R21 boasts a peak torque output of 21Nm, putting it right up there with the highest torque consumer direct drive bases on the market.

It uses a specialized 3-phase brushless motor designed specifically for buttery smooth torque delivery and exceptionally high torque density. The unique winding and pole combination allows the motor to churn out significantly more torque than typical off-the-shelf solutions.

An 18-bit optical encoder with 262,144 counts per revolution translates your smallest steering inputs into precise force feedback effects. No detail goes undetected.

Software and Features

The R21 works with Moza’s Pit House tuning software for Windows, which provides control over all aspects of the wheel settings. Key features include:

  • Force feedback equalizer
  • Adjustable damping sliders
  • Game profile management
  • Firmware updating
  • Real-time control from mobile app

There is also an optional plugin for connecting an emergency stop button for instant shutdown if needed.

Driving Experience

Force Feedback Fidelity and Precision

Simply put, the fidelity and detail conveyed through the force feedback is second to none. The precision of the 18-bit encoder combined with the specialized motor design allows an unbelievable level of detail to come through the wheel.

Every tiny bump, crack, and nuance of the road surface is clearly communicated in a natural and organic way. Understeer and oversteer are translated with remarkable clarity. Hard curbs have a sharpness you can truly feel in your hands.

Strength and Torque

With 21Nm on tap, the R21 naturally has brute strength to spare. Strong, powerful cars truly come alive with the authority they deserve. You can feel the incredible torque as you put the power down out of corners.

At the same time, the wheelbase is very capable of conveying more subtle effects with finesse when needed. The dynamic torque range is extremely impressive.

Smoothness and Lack of Notchiness

A key highlight of the R21 driving experience is just how smooth and notch-free the force feedback feels. The unique motor and encoder design essentially eliminates any perceivable cogging or notching sensations.

No matter how slowly I turn the wheel, it moves with a perfectly smooth progressive feel at all times. Other wheels often have minor notchiness at very low speeds that detracts from realism, but not so with the R21.

Responsiveness and Speed

The brushless motors respond lightning quick to signal changes, adapting the force feedback on a dime as you change direction or traction conditions change. The communication is instantaneous with no noticeable lag or delay.

Whether sawing at the wheel in tight hairpins or making rapid catch corrections at high speed, the motors keep up flawlessly. The force feedback reacts as quickly as you can turn the wheel.

Road Feel and Immersion

The R21 simply excels at conveying intricate road feel for unparalleled immersion. The subtle textures of different track surfaces come through with nuance and clarity.

You can feel the large bumps compressing the suspension, the high frequency vibration on curbs, and every little slide or slip of the tires through your hands. There is no question – this is as close as it gets to the real thing short of actual g-forces.

Customization and Setup

Range of Adjustability

Through the Pit House software, you get extensive control over fine tuning the force feedback to match your preferences. The equalizer lets you dial in the exact desired strength across the frequency spectrum from high to low.

The adjustable damping sliders essentially control the dynamic response profile, allowing the R21 to be tuned to feel more nimble, planted, or anywhere in between. There is a very wide range of adjustment capability here.

Tuning Software

The Pit House PC software offers all essential functions while maintaining a clean, simple interface. The layout is well thought out with all controls handy in one place.

I especially like the ability to name and save tuning profiles for quick access. Switching between cars is a breeze.

Ease of Setup

Getting up and running is quick and painless. The clear manual covers the basics well. Firmware updates are downloaded directly in the Pit House software – no digging around on websites required.

The mobile app worked flawlessly for me, offering wireless real-time tuning adjustments from my phone. It couldn’t be much simpler.

Value and Comparison to Competitors

Price to Performance

Considering the premium industrial grade components and best-in-class force feedback performance, the R21 represents a tremendous value in my book. It outperforms wheelbases costing significantly more.

For those seeking absolute top-tier force feedback with all the bells and whistles, the Moza R21 should be high on your radar. The value proposition here is outstanding.


The R21 goes toe-to-toe with other flagship consumer direct drive wheelbases from Fanatec, Simucube, VRS, and others. It holds its own against them all and even exceeds them in some areas like smoothness and torque density.

Compared to belt driven offerings, there is simply no comparison in the fidelity and detail of the force feedback. This is true high-end direct drive.


What wheels can I use with the R21?

The R21 is compatible with Moza’s steering wheel rims as well as any rim that fits the common 70mm standard pattern. A quick release adapter for Fanatec rims is also available.

Is the R21 easy to mount securely?

The R21 uses a typical 4-hole bottom mounting pattern. While adequate, a front mounting method would be preferred for the higher torque. Reinforcing mounting plates helps maximize rigidity.

How loud is the R21?

It produces a smooth, relatively quiet whirring sound when in use. There is some noise from the cooling fans but it’s not obtrusive or distracting.

Does the R21 need frequent cooling down periods?

No, the cooling system maintains safe operating temperatures continuously during extensive usage. It can run endurance races for hours on end with no attenuation.

How difficult is the setup process?

Setup is straightforward – install the Pit House software, plug in the cables, calibrate the wheel, and you’re basically ready drive. Fine tuning the force feedback takes more time but the interface is simple.

Overall, the Moza R21 stands at the top of its class, unleashing the potential of direct drive force feedback. This industrial grade beast delivers uncompromising detail, torque, and immersion that has to be felt to be believed. If you’re looking for peak sim racing performance, your search ends decisively with the R21.