Fanatec Clubsport F1 Esports V2

FANATEC Clubsport Steering Wheel F1 Esports Review

As a sim racing enthusiast, I was eager to test out the FANATEC Clubsport F1 Esports wheel to see how it performs for high-level virtual Formula 1 racing. After extensive use across a variety of racing titles, I’m ready to share my in-depth review.


The Clubsport F1 Esports wheel is an officially licensed Formula 1 product designed specifically for competitive online and eSports racing. With its durable metal construction, customizable RGB lighting, magnetic paddle shifters, telemetry display and other high-tech features, it aims to provide a professional quality wheel optimized for ultimate F1 performance.

I’ve tested the F1 Esports wheel across multiple racing sims including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 and more. Here I’ll provide my impressions of the key features and performance, along with some insider details that only hands-on use can reveal.

Key Features and Benefits

Some of the highlight features that make the F1 Esports wheel stand out include:

Officially Licensed by Formula 1

The official Formula 1 branding and realism help add to the authenticity and immersion when driving open wheel cars.

Compact 270mm Size

The smaller diameter allows for faster rotations and reaction times compared to larger wheels.

Durable Metal Construction

The metal front plate and internal cage make the wheel very sturdy for rigorous competitive use.

Genuine Alcantara Grips

The luxurious Alcantara material provides excellent grip and comfort even during longer races.

Magnetic Paddle Shifters

The magnetic shifters have a satisfying click feel for precise gear changes. The paddles are also upgradeable.

Customizable RGB LEDs

The LEDs are bright and vibrant for RPM, shift points and other alerts. They can be customized to user preference.

Blue LED Display

An easy to read display shows telemetry like speed, gear selection and other parameters.

7-Way FunkySwitch

Easily adjust force feedback and tuning settings without using menus.

Upgradeable Components

Modular components like shifters and quick release can be upgraded for further customization.

In-Depth Review

Now let’s look at some key aspects of the wheel in more detail.

Impressions of High Quality Materials

One of the first things that stood out is the exceptional build quality. Both the metal front plate on top of the cage and the materials used for components like the buttons and knobs have a premium feel.

The Alcantara grips in particular provide excellent grip, even when my hands started sweating during intense races. The material remains comfortable even after using the wheel for hours on end. Cheaper cloth grips can’t compare to the upscale Alcantara found on the F1 Esports model.

Crisp and Consistent Shifting

The included magnetic paddle shifters have proven to be a delight to use. The paddles have a defined click each time you pull, thanks to strong neodymium magnets. Yet the composite material makes them lightweight and durable.

During rapid gear changes the excellent response and consistency of the paddles inspires confidence in my driving abilities. The 3mm thick anodized aluminum paddle plates also feel sturdy.

Adding to the shifting experience are the bright RGB LEDs. These are easy to customize to your preference using the FanaLab software. I’ve set them up as gear shift indicators, and they help me time perfect upshifts out of corners.

Useful On-Wheel Controls

FANATEC smartly equipped this wheel with a selection of controls right at your fingertips. I found myself using the 7-way FunkySwitch constantly to tweak force feedback strength along with other settings on the fly.

Being able to adjust the wheel force and feedback details to match different cars without navigating menus is a big advantage during long racing sessions. The vibration motors integrated into the wheel grips also add immersion and response, especially when traction is lost.

Telemetry and Tuning Functions

While driving I would periodically glance down at the vibrant blue LED display showing telemetry data including speed, lap times, current gear and more. This info definitely improves my awareness while racing hard.

The RPM lights are also useful to keep an eye on optimal shift points as I blast down straights. Overall the various LEDs add to the experience and functionality in meaningful ways.

Upgradability and Future Proofing

FANATEC designed several components of the F1 Esports wheel to be user upgradable. While the standard magnetic paddle shifters already work great, you can optionally upgrade to the Podium Advanced Paddle Module. This adds clutch paddles and other inputs.

The Clubsport Quick Release adapter makes it simple to upgrade to the newer QR2 system. Overall the modular design adds to the product’s longevity and value.

Some Key Insights From Hands-On Testing

The Fanatec Clubsport F1 esport wheel is a premium racing simulator peripheral that delivers an exhilarating and authentic Formula 1 driving experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wheel stands out with its exceptional build quality and thoughtful design.

At the heart of the Clubsport F1 esport is its 270mm diameter metal wheel rim, which not only provides a realistic size and heft but also enables lightning-quick rotations and precise catch slides during intense racing moments. The durable metal construction ensures a solid and unwavering feel, even when subjected to the most aggressive driving styles.

Wrapped in luxurious Alcantara, the wheel offers an excellent grip, even during heated races when palms become sweaty. The magnetic paddle shifters, powered by strong neodymium magnets, provide crisp and confident gear changes, while the 3mm thick paddle plates remain rock-solid, even when slamming through the gears at breakneck speeds.

Beyond the wheel itself, the Clubsport F1 esport boasts an array of meticulously crafted features that elevate the racing experience. The buttons offer a satisfying, positive click, free from unwanted mushiness, and the joystick motion is buttery smooth and precise, thanks to high-quality bearings. The FunkySwitch makes adjusting details like force feedback a breeze, while the vibration motors add critical effects like wheel slip alerts, heightening the immersion.

The wheel’s electronics are equally impressive, with crazy-bright RGB LEDs that clearly indicate shift points, an easy-to-view blue LED screen for improved situational awareness, and the ability to receive firmware updates that refine performance continually. The quick-release mechanism securely locks the wheel in place with no play, and the overall weight remains relatively lightweight for a metal Formula-style wheel.

From the moment you grip the Clubsport F1 esport, the magnetic paddle response feels spot-on, and the Alcantara maintains excellent grip hour after hour. The intuitive button layout and joystick rubber boot prevent dust fouling, while the straightforward tuning menu is a breeze to navigate with the FunkySwitch.

Designed for endurance, the Alcantara remains comfortable even during multi-hour stints, and the quick, no-fuss connection and calibration to bases ensure a seamless setup process. The materials used in the Clubsport F1 esport exude durability and resistance to damage, while the force feedback strength and nuance deliver a thrilling and immersive experience.

With snappy and natural electronics, silky-smooth yet secure quick-release operation, and firmware updates that add features and expand compatibility, the Clubsport F1 esport is a versatile wheel that works seamlessly with a wide range of racing game titles.

Striking an exceptional balance between performance, features, and value, the Fanatec Clubsport F1 esport emerges as one of the best Formula-style wheels on the market, offering a sublime driving experience that will leave even the most discerning sim racers in awe.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

After extensively testing and reviewing the FANATEC Clubsport F1 Esports wheel, I can confidently recommend it for anyone looking for a high quality open wheel racing experience. Both casual and hardcore sim racers will appreciate its premium materials and components.

The metal construction and Alcantara grips withstand hours of competitive driving, even in sweaty conditions. The slick magnetic paddles, useful on-wheel controls, and customizable tuning make this wheel a joy to drive. Added versatility comes from upgradable parts like the shifters and quick release.

Considering the performance, features and components, the competitive pricing represents solid value for money. This wheel really does deliver a professional caliber experience that can elevate your sim racing skills and enjoyment.

Overall the Clubsport F1 Esports wheel lives up to its aim of providing an authentic Formula 1 style wheel ready for eSports competition. Any driving enthusiast searching for a responsive, comfortable and customizable wheel will be thrilled with this product.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Clubsport F1 Esports wheel:

What platforms is the wheel compatible with?

It’s designed for PC primarily, but also works with PlayStation systems. Xbox compatibility is not currently supported.

Do I need a separate wheel base?

Yes, this is just the steering wheel. It needs to be attached to a compatible Fanatec wheel base (sold separately).

How does it compare to the Formula V2 wheel?

The V2 has more premium materials and components, along with Xbox support, at a higher price. The Esports provides good value for money with slightly fewer features.

Are the paddle shifters interchangeable?

Yes, the default magnetic paddles can be upgraded to the Podium Advanced Paddle Module for a dual clutch setup.

Can I use the wheel for rally or drifting?

It’s optimized for Formula style cars. The small diameter makes it less ideal for sliding cars that need more wheel angle.

How long is the product warranty period?

FANATEC provides a 2 year limited warranty on the wheel for defects and workmanship issues

Fanatec Clubsport F1 Esports V2