Simucube Tahko GT-21


  • Premium materials and sturdy construction
  • Adjustable magnetic paddle shifters
  • 7-way funky switch and quality buttons
  • Integrated wireless connectivity
  • Force feedback customization from the wheel
  • Extremely smooth and detailed force feedback
  • Perfectly suited for high torque applications


  • Formula cars feel slightly unnatural
  • Software has room for refinement
  • No option to add third party rally shifters

Simucube Tahko GT-21 Steering Wheel Review

The Simucube Tahko GT-21 steering wheel is the latest offering from Finnish sim racing company Granite Devices, better known for their high-end direct drive wheel bases. This 320mm wireless rim marks Simucube’s first foray into the steering wheel market. Having spent the past month with the standard and Black Edition variants, I’m pleased to report that the Tahko GT-21 establishes a new benchmark for build quality, innovation, and driving experience.


Design and Build Quality

Straight out of the box, the Tahko GT-21 oozes craftsmanship and attention to detail. The thick steel rim is wrapped in durable suede fabric, while the button enclosure, quick release mechanism, and emblems are precision CNC machined from aluminum. At 2.1 kg, heftier than average mass lends a premium feel befitting Simucube’s reputation.

Materials and Construction

Simply put, the Tahko GT-21 is built like a tank. Materials like steel and aluminum will stand the test of time, while small touches like encasing the wiring in flexible conduit and utilizing magnetic retention for the access plate demonstrate thoughtful design. I especially appreciate that the alcantara-style grip covering is higher quality than leather or rubber alternatives found on cheaper wheels. Just be sure to wear gloves in order to preserve the suede over extended use.

Buttons and Controls

The button layout includes 10 high quality industrial switches – 3 across the top of each side and 2 on the bottom. While the buttons offer positive actuation, the short throw and firm pressure require intentional presses. No accidental inputs here. My one ergonomic gripe is that the lower inside buttons sit close to the central post, making them harder to reach for those with smaller hands.

As expected, the highlight inputs are the magnetic paddle shifters and multifunction stalks. The paddles strike an ideal balance of size, throw, and effort, with integrated lateral adjustment to dial in the perfect positioning. Meanwhile the sturdy funky switch and notched rotary encoder deliver the kind of deliberate, quality feel absent from cheaper wheels. My only request would be some way to modify or replace the shifters to better accommodate rally and sequential use cases.

Features and Innovation

Beyond nailing the basics, the team at Granite Devices demonstrate their sim racing pedigree by packing the Tahko GT-21 with clever integration and customization options.

Wireless Connectivity

The GT-21 eschews cables in favor of Simucube’s own wireless system. An unobtrusive transmitter in the wheel connects directly and automatically to compatible bases. An integrated battery even boasts an impressive 5 year lifespan given average use. This allows seamlessly swapping between multiple wireless rims without fiddling with wires. The included on/off switch also helps conserve power when not in use.

Force Feedback Customization

Another standout feature is the ability to tweak force feedback strength and detail on the fly using the multifunction stalks. Holding the “Simucube” button enters a special adjustment mode, with subsequent stalk directions mapping to parameters like overall intensity or road effects. While recalling the exact effect of each combination does require some memorization, this still provides a handy method to dial in settings from the hot seat. Anxious to get on track, I often made blunt adjustments only to fine tune later using the True Drive PC software.

Performance and Feel

Of course, all the build quality and innovation matters little if the driving experience fails to inspire. Thankfully, the Simucube directly translates every minute texture of modern tire models and suspension physics into impeccably smooth, intelligible forces.

Smoothness and Detail

Simply put, no other consumer simulator captures the nuances of weight transfer, load sensitivity, and surface conditions with such staggering realism. Much of this comes down to the SC2 Pro base itself, which outputs more faithful cues thanks to stronger motors and a rigid inverted mounting structure. But the Tahko GT-21 plays a big role as well. The larger 320mm rim amplifies force differences that might get lost with smaller diameter wheels. And make no mistake, the fidelity here leaves belt/gear hybrid units in the dust.

I’m continually blown away by how effortlessly the Simucube communicates details like momentary slip angles, damper compression, or changes in friction. More importantly, it renders intuitive sense of available grip that breeds confidence pushing to and beyond the limit. An accomplished rally driver or GT ace would feel instantly at home. Casual enthusiasts stand to learn a tremendous amount about car control too.

Suitability for Different Racing Genres

While exceling with contemporary race cars, I will admit the Tahko seems slightly out of its element when hopping into formula equipment. The disconnect stems mainly from mismatch between open wheel expectations and the wheel’s thicker, curvier contours. Then again, I doubt prospective customers crave this rim for divng into spec single-seaters.

Instead, the GT-21 truly shines with high torque applications like GT3 endurance racers, historic prototypes, rally stages, or oval stock cars. The ample diameter tames heavy steering efforts, while simultaneously magnifying the incredible detail. Sweeping drifts, heavy curbs, and car-to-car contacts come alive in a way that demands respect. I found myself adjusting to the increased forces in much the same way as upgrading brake or throttle pedals. But learning to listen and respond reaps serious rewards, ultimately translating to faster, more consistent laps.

Comparison to Other Wheels

Given its $830 asking price, the Tahko GT-21 plays squarely in the premium bracket against stalwarts like the Fanatec Formula V2 and Ascher Racing F28. As mentioned above, the Formula wheel wins out for dedicated open wheel use, while aftermarket modifications make Ascher’s rim better suited to rally.

Otherwise, none match the combination of superb engineering, integrated electronics, and uncompromising performance showcased by the new Simucube. The overall package nudges ahead of comparable offerings based on authenticity alone. Yes, the ecosystem lacks variety at the moment, though major players would be wise to up their game with additional GT and vintage designs.

Pricing and Availability

The Simucube Tahko GT-21 is available directly from the online store for €822.96, with included quick release and free shipping to most major markets. That positions it competitively among high-end wheels, while undercutting the asking price of Simucube’s own SC2 Pro bundle by almost €600.

Savvy buyers may recognize some shared DNA with the humble GSI Formula Pro SIM, which utilizes a similar wireless protocol albeit with less adjustment capability and compatibility limited to the GS-Ultimate base.


With its maiden steering wheel effort, Simucube emphatically demonstrates the performance potential beyond traditional gear/belt driven solutions. Simply put, no other product I’ve tested captures tire dynamics, suspension movements, and surface effects with such astonishing accuracy. The Tahko GT-21 clearly aims for the pinnacle of consumer-grade simulation, affirming Simucube’s place among the elite manufacturers pushing the industry forward.

Build quality stands on par with legendary reputation of the company’s wheel bases. And smart features like integrated wireless connectivity and force feedback tweaks usher a new level of convenience. My only wish would be more options to satisfy different disciplines, as the curvy contours seem out of place in an open wheeler.

Make no mistake – the Simucube Tahko GT-21 warrants consideration for anyone serious about maximizing immersion. Its sublime fidelity only truly shines when powered by SC’s own industry-leading motor bases. But when paired with compatible equipment, the combination sets a lofty new watermark for precision and realism.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Tahko GT-21 connect to Simucube wheel bases?

It uses a proprietary wireless protocol to connect directly to Simucube bases like the SC2 Sport, Pro, and Ultimate models. No cables or adapters required!

What kind of quick release mechanism does the GT-21 use?

The wheel comes bundled with Simucube’s own QR1 system. The sturdy clamping design provides rock solid mounting stability critical for handling the full torque potential.

Can I use the Tahko GT-21 on console or with other brands like Fanatec, VRS, etc?

Unfortunately no. The wireless technology only works with Simucube bases. The wheel must connect directly via USB or QR1 for PC compatibility.

How long does the integrated battery last between charges?

Simucube quotes a minimum lifespan of 5 years with average usage. A convenient on/off switch helps preserve charge when not racing.

What is the recommended driver size for the most comfortable fit?

The thick 320mm rim caters best to medium or larger hands. Smaller drivers may struggle reaching the lower inside buttons. Paddle lateral adjustment helps fine tune positioning.

Is the Tahko GT-21 compatible with aftermaket rally/sequential shifters?

Not currently. While the magnetic paddles can be removed, the wheel does not readily support third party replacements.

Simucube Tahko GT-21