Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel add-on


  • Incredibly realistic and detailed replica of actual Ferrari F1 wheel
  • Premium carbon fiber faceplate construction
  • Smooth, precise force feedback
  • Extensive customization options
  • Integrated LCD display shows live telemetry


  • Very expensive at $400 USD
  • Limited game compatibility for LCD display
  • Some cheaper feeling plastic components
  • Quick release mechanism could be better

Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000 Steering Wheel - The Ultimate Sim Racing Wheel?

The Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000 is one of the most eagerly anticipated simulator steering wheels ever released. As a nearly 1:1 replica of the actual Ferrari Formula 1 car wheel used during the 2021 F1 season, it immediately captured the imagination of sim racing enthusiasts. But does this specialty steering wheel live up to the hype? After extensive testing and use across various sim racing titles, I’m ready to share my full review.


As an avid sim racer, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the SF1000. The prospect of having a meticulously accurate and fully functional replica F1 wheel to enhance the realism of my virtual driving was hugely appealing. The visually stunning design and inclusion of a built-in LCD display showing live telemetry made the SF1000 seem like the ultimate wheel.

After waiting over a year for stock to finally arrive, I’m thrilled to have been able to thoroughly test out the capabilities of this wheel and see if the hefty $400 USD price tag is justified. Read on for my detailed breakdown of the design, performance, features and overall user experience with the legendary Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000.

First Impressions – Design and Build Quality

Carbon fiber construction

The first thing you notice when unboxing the SF1000 is the beautiful full carbon fiber front plate. It gives the wheel a very premium, high-end feel while also adding rigidity. No creaks or flexing to be found here. Ferrari was clearly very particular about accurately recreating the visual aesthetics.

Rubber grips

The rubber coated grips play a huge role in creating an authentic F1 experience. The textured finish gives excellent grip and control, even as hands start sweating. The grooves are perfectly tuned to fit the contours of your fingers, helping keep a solid hold on the wheel when catching oversteer moments and the like. The smooth yet grippy texture is leagues better than cheaper plastic materials.

Buttons and controls

Nearly all the various buttons, rotaries, paddles and switches mirror the real life SF1000 car. The satisfying tactile clicks provide confidence each press registers properly. The rotary knobs have nicely defined steps and just enough rotational resistance without being too loose or sloppy.

Paddle shifters

One of my favorite aspects of the wheel are the magnetic paddle shifters. These offer an exceptionally snappy and responsive feel, truly mimicking the quick seamless shifts of an F1 car. Shifts are completed in a blink – under 5 milliseconds! The crisp action is addictively satisfying.

Display screen

The integrated 4.3 inch LCD display is a big selling point, providing live telemetry data to further enhance the simulation. Tire temps, fuel usage, engine rpms and more can all be monitored in real time. The crisp resolution and viewing angles make glancing down a breeze. It really elevates the immersion factor.

Performance and Functionality

Force feedback

A strong force feedback system is crucial for sim racing immersion, and the SF1000 delivers nicely weighted, smooth and nuanced forces. The precision helps convey subtle details like traction limits and weight transfer convincingly. No clipping or deadspots either. The solid internals avoid any flex or slop in the wheel rotation too.

Customization options

Extensive customization is possible via Thrustmaster’s software, allowing each button, switch and paddle to be reprogrammed for different functions depending on preference and game compatibility needs. Having this level of customizability for such an intricate wheel with so many inputs is invaluable.


The Thrustmaster SF1000 is compatible with PC, Xbox and Playstation when paired with Thrustmaster wheel bases that support detachable rims. The LCD display functionality may be limited in certain sim titles, but the core features work across platforms. Wheel bases like the TS-PC and TS-XW fully support the SF1000.

Driving Experience

Immersion and realism

Every interaction with the Ferrari branded SF1000 wheel boosts immersion tremendously. The visual accuracy, premium materials and precise replication of the real life Formula 1 car controls create an incredibly lifelike experience. Using an actual F1 driver’s steering wheel transports you into the race seat.

Ease of use

Despite the complex array of buttons, rotaries and switches, the layout is thoughtfully designed to make accessing functions intuitive and convenient. Adjustments can be made mid-turn without taking your hands off the wheel thanks to clever positioning. The learning curve to get fully comfortable is relatively quick.

Key features in action

Several standout features really shine when driving and make notable improvements over standard wheels. The quick-shift magnetic paddles allow rapid fire gear changes. The OLED display provides a constant stream of data at a glance. The handy in-game adjustments via the thumbwheels and rotaries dial in settings seamlessly.

Value for Money

Pricing and availability

Originally priced at $350 USD upon its initial release in 2021, shortages and inflation led Thrustmaster to raise the price to around $400. Considering its limited production run and intricate design, I had anticipated an even higher cost, possibly closer to $500 or more. Given the exceptional recreation and functionality, I feel the $400 price point represents solid value.


As an officially licensed replica F1 wheel with integrated display, the SF1000 occupies a fairly niche market segment without many direct competitors. The Fanatec Podium Formula wheel is the most comparable, but lacks the true 1:1 accuracy of the SF1000 and sells for around $50 more. Other replica wheels may mimic certain aesthetic elements but lack working displays and controls.


The Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000 certainly lives up to the hype and merits a spot in any serious sim racer’s wheel arsenal. No other wheel on the market can match its level of realistic immersion thanks to the uncompromising attention to detail and precise replication of the real life Formula 1 car controls. Although expensive, the exceptional quality and performance justify the price tag for devotees who want the ultimate F1 experience. For anyone looking to fully immerse themselves into the world of Formula 1, the SF1000 is simply unmatched.


What games is the SF1000 wheel compatible with?

The wheel is compatible across PC, Xbox and Playstation. The LCD display functionality may be limited on some titles. Games like F1 2020 have native integration.

Is it easy to mount the SF1000 to a wheel base?

Yes, the wheel uses Thrustmaster’s quick release system to attach securely to compatible wheel bases like the TS-XW, TS-PC and T300 bases.

Can buttons and functions be reprogrammed?

Yes, through Thrustmaster’s software it’s possible to completely reprogram every button, paddle, rotary and switch to suit your preferences.

How is the overall build quality?

Build quality is superb. The carbon fiber faceplate feels sturdy and premium. Internals are all metal with no flex. Some cheaper plastic components exist but are functional.

Are the paddle shifters loud?

The magnetic paddle shifters are slightly louder than some other wheels but deliver very satisfying and tactile shifts. Volume is reasonable and not distracting.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel add-on