Fanatec Clubsport F1 2023


  • Striking and high quality forged carbon fiber construction
  • Formula 1 inspired design/size
  • Advanced magnetic paddle shifters feel fantastic
  • Loads of buttons/inputs for complete adjustments
  • Helpful OLED display and LEDs
  • Easy tunings menu access
  • Reliable electronics and firmware
  • QR2 system for tool-less wheel swaps
  • Works great on PC and PlayStation


  • Very limited quantities – less than 3000 units globally
  • Expensive, though the quality justifies it
  • Xbox support not available currently
  • Small diameter may not suit all driving styles

Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2023 Review

As a long-time sim racing enthusiast, I was eager to get my hands on the new Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2023 and put it through its paces. I’ve used many Fanatec wheels over the years and been impressed with the quality and realism they provide, so my expectations were high for this Formula 1-licensed model. After extensive testing on various racing titles, I’m pleased to report that the ClubSport F1 wheel delivers an outstanding experience that lives up to the Fanatec name. If you’re looking for a premium wheel that will give you an authentic feel of driving current F1 cars, this is it.


The ClubSport F1 2023 wheel is specially designed to mimic the compact size, advanced electronics, and material quality found in real Formula 1 car steering wheels. The first thing you’ll notice is the striking forged carbon fiber front plate, which Fanatec produced using a special manufacturing process that results in each plate having a unique green metallic flake aesthetic. It looks fantastic and gives the wheel a high-end, exclusive vibe.

You have two options when ordering – one with Fanatec’s Magnetic Paddle Shifter Module starting at $399, and one with the higher-end Advanced Paddle Shifter Module starting at $499. I’d recommend the Advanced version if you have room in your budget, as the magnetic shifter paddles feel incredibly realistic and add greatly to the driving experience.

In terms of features, the wheel is packed with inputs, adjusters, displays and more. The list includes 11 buttons, multiple toggle and rotary switches, dual optical thumb encoders, an OLED display, RPM LED lights, Gear/Flag LED lights, two vibration motors, and a 7-way mini joystick encoder switch. It’s perfectly designed for simulating the complex control systems of modern F1 cars.

The wheel attaches to compatible Fanatec wheel bases via the new QR2 release system. An adaptor is included in the box so no additional purchase is required.

Detailed Review

Design and Build Quality

The ClubSport F1 2023 wheel lives up to Fanatec’s reputation for excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. The forged carbon fiber front plate on this limited edition model really makes it stand out. Fanatec uses a special forging method where pressure and heat are used to shape the carbon fiber layers like clay, resulting in a stunning single-piece plate that has metallic green flakes visible throughout its structure. Each plate ends up slightly different too due to the process, giving the wheel an exclusive feel. It’s rare to see genuine forged carbon fiber instead of a wrap or skin, so the complex manufacturing Fanatec utilized demonstrates their commitment to quality construction.

In terms of size and ergonomics, the wheel has a diameter of 270mm which is modeled after real Formula 1 car wheels. The compact shape allows for fast response inputs yet remains comfortable to grip. The sides are wrapped in synthetic suede in a matching green color, offering excellent grip and comfort even during long races. The material feels high-end and should hold up well over time. The overall build consists of solid metal and carbon fiber components for a sturdy, flex-free feel when catching curbs or fighting the force feedback.

Paddle Shifters

The ClubSport F1 2023 wheel can be purchased with either magnetic or advanced paddle shifters. The magnetic shifter option features carbon fiber paddle plates and strong neodymium magnets that provide a satisfying shift click feel and adjustable resistance. However, I recommend splurging for the advanced paddle shifter module if possible.

The Podium Advanced Paddle Module uses high precision contactless sensors for the upshift and downshift paddles, and dual magnetic analog paddles that can be toggled between different modes like clutch bite point or analog brake/throttle control. The upper and lower paddle plates are made of 3mm thick carbon fiber, while the paddle module cage is CNC machined aluminum.

Shifting with the magnetic advanced paddles is an absolute game-changer. The resistance and positive click feel very closely mimics actual Formula 1 car paddle shifters. You can adjust the strength of the magnets to tweak the force needed. The contactless sensor technology ensures precision and lifetime reliability. The two smaller magnetic analog paddles are great for controlling the bite point of the clutch or for configurable accelerator/brake inputs. Having all adjustments at your fingertips without taking hands off the wheel improves realism tremendously.

Electronics and Features

The ClubSport F1 2023 wheel is feature-packed when it comes to electronics, tuning options and customizability. It has an extensive array of buttons, switches, encoders and inputs:

  • 11 Buttons with removable caps
  • Dual 2-way toggle switches
  • Dual 12-position rotary switches
  • 7-way joystick/encoder FunkySwitchTM
  • Dual optical thumb encoders
  • 9-LED RPM indicator lights
  • Dual 3-LED flag indicator lights
  • 128×64 OLED display
  • Dual vibration motors

With all of these options, you can map pretty much every function of your racing sim for quick access without taking hands off the wheel. The OLED display is extremely crisp and can show telemetry like speed, lap times, fuel, etc. as supported by the sim title. The RPM LEDs make nailing downshifts easy by indicating the optimal shift points. The Flag LEDs are handy for alerts like traction control, pit speed limit, upcoming flags, etc. again depending on integration with the game. Everything is customizable via the Fanatec software.

The wheel includes a “Tunings Menu” that is accessible by pressing the rotary encoders. This allows tweaking force feedback, OLED settings, vibration, RevLEDs, and other options during driving. It’s a great way to dial in the force feedback on the fly for different cars and tracks. Updates are handled seamlessly through the Fanatec driver software on PC.

Overall the electronics are very sophisticated and geared towards providing an authentic experience. The components have proven reliable and durable over my extensive testing. The firmware is actively maintained by Fanatec which expands functionality over time. Everything just works as expected lap after lap.


The wheel is designed to work with Fanatec’s ecosystem of wheel bases and accessories. This includes all of their direct drive and belt driven consumer bases like the CSL DD, Podium DD1, Podium DD2, ClubSport v2.5 and others. So you’re covered whether you have a high-end DD setup or more modest gear.

The ClubSport F1 wheel comes with the QR2 wheel side adapter required to mount to bases that have the corresponding QR2 base side. QR2 represents Fanatec’s latest quick release system, providing a very solid and tool-less attachment. It only takes seconds to swap wheels. No need to purchase any additional parts – everything required is in the box.

In terms of platforms, the wheel is compatible with PC and Playstation 4/5. Xbox support is not offered currently. The wheel worked flawlessly for me on PC and PS5 with a variety of racing sims including iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione and F1 2021. Fanatec provides up-to-date drivers to handle any compatibility changes as platforms and games are updated over time.


Does the wheel work on Xbox?

Unfortunately not currently. Fanatec wheels are compatible with PC and PlayStation platforms only.

What quick release system does the wheel use?

The new QR2 system – the adapter is included so you don’t need to purchase anything additional.

Do I need a ClubSport wheel base or will it work with CSL/lower models?

It’s fully compatible with all Fanatec wheel bases including entry-level models like the CSL Elite and DD.

How many units will be produced?

Fanatec is limiting production of the F1 2023 wheel to only 2023 total units as a collector’s item.

Does the wheel work on PS4 and PS5?

Yes it’s fully supported on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

Which paddle module should I choose?

I highly recommend the advanced paddle module, as the magnetic shifter paddles are incredibly realistic and a game-changer for driving immersion.

Is assembly required out of the box?

Minimal assembly is required – you just need to attach the included QR2 wheel side adapter base and chosen paddle module with 4 screws using the included tool.

How long is the wheel’s warranty period?

Fanatec provides a 2 year warranty on the wheel components, which protects against any defects.

Fanatec Clubsport F1 2023