Simucube 2 Sport


  • Extremely precise and detailed force feedback
  • Solid wireless performance
  • Highly adjustable with True Drive software
  • Compact size for rig flexibility
  • Robust all-metal construction
  • Excellent value for direct drive


  • Extra cost for mounting bracket
  • Quick release less elegant than some
  • Antenna placement seems vulnerable
  • No hybrid wired/wireless option
  • Can’t auto-detect games for profiles

Simucube SC2 Sport Direct Drive Wheel Base Review

The world of sim racing has seen major advancements in recent years, with direct drive force feedback representing one of the biggest leaps forward in realism and immersion for enthusiasts. Simucube is a brand synonymous with exceptionally detailed and realistic force feedback technology, and their SC2 line aims to bring direct drive to more accessible price points. In this in-depth review, I’ll be taking a close look at the Simucube SC2 Sport wheel base to see how it stacks up to the competition and its more powerful SC2 Pro sibling.


The Simucube SC2 Sport sits at the entry-level of the company’s direct drive wheel base offerings, but still provides a mighty 17Nm of torque output. I’ve been using this wheel base extensively across a range of racing sim titles on PC to find out if it truly delivers a next-level experience compared to more mainstream options from competitors.

With its optimized direct drive motor and advanced True Drive software, the SC2 Sport promises to bring top-tier force feedback to more accessible price points. But does it stand out enough from the SC2 Pro, and how does it compare to other direct drive options on the market? Read on for my full thoughts.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Right out of the box, the SC2 Sport makes an impression with its focused industrial design. The all-metal construction has a nice weight to it at 8kg, feeling very sturdy but still surprisingly compact. Small flourishes like the included emergency stop button make it clear this wheel means business.

My initial reservations came from the exposed wiring and seemingly fragile wireless antenna placement. However, careful setup and use mitigates most of these concerns. Overall, the SC2 Sport delivers quality and performance you’d expect at this premium price point.

Price and Value

There’s no sugar coating it – this wheel base represents a serious investment at around €1,250 MSRP. You’ll also need to budget an extra €100-150 for a suitable mounting bracket tailored to your rig. Top-tier sim racing gear doesn’t come cheap.

However, the SC2 Sport goes toe-to-toe with the leading options on the market, usually at higher prices. Compared to the €1,450 SC2 Pro with 8 more Newton meters of torque, the value proposition is quite strong. For context, theFanatec CSL DD clocks in at €480 for the 8Nm model. Serious sim racers investing in a long-term upgrade will find excellent performance per dollar here.

Setup and Installation


Physically installing the wheel base is straightforward provided you get the right mounting bracket for your rig. The front mounting design means you can position it farther forward for optimal monitor alignment. I opted for a sturdy bracket from Sim-Lab which attached securely with the included M8 mounting bolts.

The quick release system easily accommodates a range of wheels, though the exposed metal pin design is less elegant than some competitors. Overall the sturdy metal construction gives confidence that things will stay connected during hard driving. The prominent emergency stop button placement serves as a nice reminder to take caution with the wheel’s formidable torque output.


Getting up and running on the software side only takes a few minutes. The True Drive app immediately prompted me to upgrade firmware, walking through the process seamlessly. Default force feedback profiles provided a good starting point across sims, but taking time to tweak settings based on personal preference really unlocks the potential here.

The ability to save multiple profiles directly on the wheel base makes switching between titles a breeze. However, auto profile detection by game would remove some hassle. The depth of adjustments in advanced mode enables serious tuning, but can feel overwhelming initially. Taking advantage of recommended settings from experienced users helps shortcut the learning curve.

Features and Performance

Design and Build Quality

An optimized direct drive motor sits at the heart of the SC2 Sport, engineered specifically to deliver ultra-low torque ripple along with responsive performance. The industrial all-metal design eschews plastic pieces, exuding quality and seriousness. Smaller size than the SC2 Pro increases placement flexibility for rigs and monitors.

The quick release works flawlessly to lock in a variety of wheels securely. However the exposed metal pin design lacks the elegant click of some competitors’ systems. Durability stands up well after extensive use. The vulnerable antenna placement remains a potential concern though.

Force Feedback

Simply put, the fidelity and detail of the force feedback here is incredible. With 17Nm on tap, power is more than sufficient for delivering intricate texturing of track surfaces along with weighty steering resistance. Settings allow extensive adjustment from a smooth, muted feel up to an extremely detailed sensory experience.

Response feels lightning quick, translating subtle physics cues through the wheel with clinical precision. Compared to my prior belt driven wheel, understeer and oversteer are communicated much more intuitively. This allows quicker reactions and greater confidence. The SC2 Sport provides next-level immersion that has to be felt first-hand.

Wireless Connectivity

The wireless functionality works flawlessly in my testing. Latency is imperceptible, and the system detects wheels instantly upon button press. The downside is limited inputs, ruling out advanced wheels with features like dual clutch paddles. Battery life anxiety still lingers in the back of my mind as well despite ample run times.

I do wish Simucube offered a wired power option like some competitors, even if data transmitted wirelessly. Additionally, certain premium wheels from other brands only work wired currently. These limitations should be factored into wireless wheel selection.

Software Adjustability

While the range of adjustments can seem intimidating at first, the True Drive software offers incredible tuning potential. Effects like damping and nonlinearity can be tweaked to achieve your ideal force feedback feel. The ability to import/export and share settings online makes dialing things in much easier.

The downside is the lack of auto game detection for switching profiles. With profiles stored locally on the base, it’s puzzling that the software can’t automatically apply steering sensitivities and force effects optimized for each title. Needing to manually change profiles feels outdated.

Comparison to Other Products

SC2 Pro

On paper, the SC2 Pro clearly overpowers its little sibling with 25Nm of torque on tap. However, in back to back testing, I struggled to consistently discern a dramatic difference in actual driving experience. The Sport provides more than enough power for all but the most extreme needs. For most, saving €200+ and desk space seems favorable over 8 additional Newton meters.

Fanatec DD and Other Competitors

The Simucube SC2 series has a reputation as the pinnacle of consumer focused direct drive systems, surpassing competing options from Fanatec and others in precision feedback quality. Having tested the flagship DD models from these brands, I can confirm the SC2 Sport still maintains an edge in the fidelity and detail of its forces.

The main trade-off comes down to ecosystem flexibility. Simucube accepts wheels from various 3rd party makers, while Fanatec ties you into their own rims. For those not needing fixed paddles or preferring boutique wheels, Simucube rewards with unmatched feedback.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Simucube SC2 Sport direct drive wheel base delivers an exceptional experience that sets a new bar for detail and realism in sim racing force feedback. The 17Nm of torque provides abundant power for all but the most demanding racers. Build quality exudes premium confidence, and the True Drive software empowers extensive adjustments from buttery smooth to intensely detailed.

Compared to the SC2 Pro, the Sport holds its own, offering nearly identical feedback refinement for over €200 less. The ecosystem offers more rim flexibility too, though lacks some perks of a closed one like fixed paddle wheels. For those seeking a new pinnacle of immersion, the Simucube SC2 Sport will provide incredible fidelity to elevate driving skills and enjoyment for years to come.


Does the SC2 Sport work on consoles?

No, Simucube wheel bases are designed for PC use only currently.

What steering wheels can I use with it?

Any wheel rim not locked to another brand’s ecosystem (like Fanatec) will work provided it connects by USB or wirelessly. Lots of custom rims exist from boutique makers.

Is installation difficult for this wheel base?

The wheel base itself is straightforward to mount and connect. The more complex part is properly configuring force feedback settings through the True Drive software.

How does the grip/feel compare to a real race car?

With proper tuning, the SC2 Sport provides extremely realistic forces and response that capture subtle details incredibly well. It’s as close to real racing as most consumers can experience.

What are the best games to try with the SC2 Sport?

All mainstream PC racing sims fully support it. Titles like iRacing, Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione really shine on this hardware.

Simucube 2 Sport