Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2


  • Excellent value for a load cell set – affordable price but high build quality
  • Contactless sensors offer great precision and smooth pedal feel
  • Load cell brake is a huge improvement for braking consistency
  • Lots of customization possible with modular upgrade kits
  • Sturdy construction keeps pedals firmly planted on hard floors


  • Mounting directly to aluminium rigs requires some DIY adaptions
  • Original brake pedal foam provides lighter initial resistance
  • Springs could be stiffer to better match load cell brake
  • No adjustability on clutch pedal resistance or bite point

Fanatec CSL Pedals and Load Cell Kit Review

As an avid sim racer, upgrading your pedals can make a massive difference to lap times and consistency. I’ve been using the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals for a while now and have been itching to try out a load cell brake to improve my braking technique.

The new Fanatec CSL Pedals seemed like an affordable way to finally make the jump to load cells. I decided to purchase the base CSL Pedals and the separate Load Cell Kit add-on to transform the set into a 3-pedal configuration with a load cell brake.

After testing out the CSL Pedals and Load Cell Kit for a few weeks across various sims, here’s my in-depth review on Fanatec’s new budget load cell option.

Unboxing and Contents

The pedals come neatly packed in separate boxes – one for the base CSL Pedals and another for the Load Cell Kit. Inside the base pedal box is the throttle pedal, brake pedal, heel plate, hex wrench, screws, spacers, and extra rubber feet.

The Load Cell Kit contains the load cell brake pedal itself, extra screws and bolts, and the necessary USB cable for standalone use. The included manuals are brief but illustrated well.

Assembly and Installation

Assembling the pedals only took me about 5 minutes. You simply screw the pedals onto the heel plate using the provided hex wrench and Torx screws.

Aligning the pedals and adjusting the spacing is easy thanks to the pre-drilled holes in the heel plate. I set the pedals to closely match my previous setup.

Adding the load cell took barely any extra time. You just remove the original brake pedal, screw in the load cell pedal, and reconnect the wires.

Hard mounting the pedals was a bit trickier without a pedal deck. The threaded heel plate mounting points require accessing from underneath. I had to improvise a bit to bolt them down firmly on my rig’s aluminium extrusion.

Build Quality

Considering the reasonable price point, the CSL Pedals feel very sturdy and solidly built. The pedal arms and plates are steel rather than plastic or aluminium.

The only non-metal parts are the removable plastic pedal faces. But the optional Tuning Kit adds anodised aluminum faces for extra rigidity.

There is no flex or wiggle at all when mounting the pedals or pressing them. Overall the construction inspires confidence in the CSL Pedal’s durability.

Features and Adjustability

Out of the box, the CSL Pedals are a simple throttle and brake configuration. But the set is designed to be upgraded for extra features:

  • The Clutch Kit adds a third pedal for clutch functionality.
  • The Load Cell Kit upgrades the brake to a load cell and replaces the original brake with a clutch pedal.
  • The pedal faces can be moved up or down to 3 different height positions.
  • Sideways adjustment is tool-free thanks to the pre-drilled heel plate.

Unlike the CSL Elite pedals, the CSL Pedals use contactless Hall effect sensors rather than potentiometers. These should improve responsiveness and longevity.

The load cell brake offers 12-bit resolution and a maximum resistance of 60kg. This is highly adjustable through the Fanatec software.

Driving Experience

Here are my impressions of how each pedal performed while driving various sims:

Accelerator Pedal

The accelerator pedal spring tension is quite light but feels smooth during use. Response seems linear without any dead zones. Sensitivity is well suited to throttle modulation for trail braking.

Brake Pedal

Out of the box, the brake pedal uses a foam insert for progressive resistance – light at the top of the pedal travel, firm at the bottom. This makes it easier to finely control braking force.

Clutch Pedal

The clutch uses a thicker spring than the throttle so it has some static resistance. There’s no adjustability, but the pedal is responsive enough for consistent starts.

Load Cell Brake

The load cell completely transforms the braking experience. It takes some practice to adjust to the firmer brake pedal but offers much better feel.

Trail braking and modulation are much easier with the pressure-based input. The brake consistency has helped lower my lap times.

Overall Feel

The CSL Pedals provide a great feel for the price point. Everything works smoothly out of the box once set up to your preferences.

All three pedals have excellent stability on my hardwood floor. The inverse mounting points allow flexibility in mounting angle as well.

Upgrade Options

One of the best things about the CSL Pedals is the range of available upgrades:

  • Clutch Kit: Adds clutch functionality and a third pedal.
  • Load Cell Kit: Replaces brake with a 60kg load cell and repurposes original brake as clutch.
  • Tuning Kit: Provides anodized aluminum pedal plates for enhanced rigidity.
  • Performance Kit: Replaces pedal springs with stiffer alternatives if desired.

This modularity lets you customize the CSL Pedals to best suit your budget and needs.


The CSL Pedals offer broad compatibility with Fanatec’s ecosystem:

  • Works directly with all Fanatec wheelbases like the CSL DD, CSL Elite, and Podium series.
  • Connects to PC through the optional ClubSport USB Adapter.
  • The Load Cell Kit includes USB connectivity for standalone use.
  • Works with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC when connected to a compatible wheelbase.

Comparison to Other Products

How do the CSL Pedals stack up against other popular pedals in the mid-range price bracket?

Vs CSL Elite Pedals

  • Cheaper price but slightly lower build quality than the all-metal CSL Elites.
  • Smoother pedal feel than the CSL Elites thanks to contactless sensors rather than potentiometers.
  • CSL Elites offer more adjustability but potentiometers are more prone to wear.
  • Improved load cell brake over the CSL Elite provides more progressivity and a distinct end point.

Vs Thrustmaster T-LCM

  • The CSL Pedals with load cell rival the T-LCM at around the same price point.
  • Sturdier construction on the CSL Pedals with mostly metal parts rather than plastic.
  • Brake pedal pressure is not adjustable like on the Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals.
  • Overall the CSL Pedals provide a better quality pedal set for roughly the same investment.

Vs Fanatec ClubSport V3

  • The ClubSport V3 pedals are in a higher pricing tier and have unrivalled adjustability and build quality.
  • The V3 pedals use high-end materials like anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic bearings.
  • Performance and durability exceed the CSL Pedals but come at over double the price.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After several weeks testing out the CSL Pedals with the load cell kit, I’m very impressed with the performance and quality Fanatec have delivered at this price.

The pedals feel smooth and responsive through the full range of motion, with excellent stability when heel-toe downshifting. The load cell brake is a game-changer for the consistency and precision of my braking, helping to lower lap times.

I’d highly recommend the CSL Pedals to any sim racer looking for an affordable way to upgrade their rig with a high quality, load cell equipped pedal set. They provide a fantastic bang for your buck and will give your consistency a noticeable boost.

I’m extremely satisfied with the CSL Pedals upgrade – it was the single best improvement I’ve made to my sim racing experience and I wish I’d done it sooner. These pedals are absolutely worth the investment for both casual and serious racers alike.


Do the CSL Pedals work on console?

Yes, the CSL Pedals are compatible with Xbox and PlayStation when connected through a Fanatec wheelbase. The USB connectivity only works on PC.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2