Simucube 2 Ultimate


  • Supreme force feedback detail and realism
  • Extremely responsive direct drive technology
  • Unmatched build quality and durability
  • Sleek and professional aesthetics
  • Customizable feedback via True Drive software
  • Unlimited wheel rotation range
  • 5 year warranty provides peace of mind


  • Eye-wateringly expensive price tag
  • Heavy unit requires sturdy mounting
  • Designed for hard-core sim racers
  • High forces can be tiring over extended use
  • Requires expertise to fully utilize customization

Simucube 2 Ultimate Wheelbase In-Depth Review

As an avid sim racer and racing enthusiast, I was eager to test out the Simucube 2 Ultimate wheelbase to see if it lived up to its “ultimate” name. After extensive use across various racing titles, I can confidently say this is the pinnacle of consumer direct drive technology and an incredible force feedback experience. However, it comes at a very steep price. This in-depth review covers everything you need to know about the Simucube 2 Ultimate.


The Simucube 2 Ultimate is the flagship wheelbase from Granite Devices, the Finnish company behind the Simucube brand. It sits at the very top of their product range, promising unmatched performance and incredible detail in its force feedback effects. This wheelbase is aimed squarely at dedicated sim racers willing to pay a premium for the best possible experience.

With its powerful direct drive motor producing up to 32Nm of torque, ultra-responsive electronics, and uncompromising build quality, the Simucube 2 Ultimate delivers an exceptionally smooth, nuanced and realistic feeling through the steering wheel. The level of detail and authentic sensations bring you closer than ever to the experience of driving a real race car.

Key Specs and Features

  • 32Nm maximum torque from direct drive motor
  • 9.5Nm per ms maximum torque response rate
  • 24-bit Hiperface torque sensor
  • Unlimited rotation range
  • Dual CPU architecture for responsiveness
  • 1000W power supply
  • 11.5kg heavy duty metal construction
  • 5 year warranty

Price and Value

There’s no getting around the fact that the Simucube 2 Ultimate commands an extremely high price of over $4000 USD. This puts it out of reach for many sim racing enthusiasts. The price is hard to justify fully based on the technology inside. However, if you have the budget and are searching for the absolute pinnacle of force feedback in a consumer wheelbase, the Simucube 2 Ultimate does deliver a driving experience that is unmatched. For dedicated sim racers who spend hours immersed in virtual racing every week, the investment can be worthwhile. But more casual users will be better served by cheaper options.

Design and Build Quality

One area where the Ultimate firmly justifies its price tag is in the sheer quality and sturdiness of its design and construction. This wheelbase is built like an absolute tank.

High Quality Materials and Construction

The casing uses CNC machined metal components and industrial grade materials throughout. There are practically no plastic parts outside of the wireless receiver antenna. The motor itself comes from a respected Austrian manufacturer and has been customized to Granite Device’s specifications for superb performance in direct drive racing applications. It’s clear no compromises were made in choosing the components.

Sturdy Metal Casing

The 11.5kg metal casing feels extremely solid and durable. It oozes quality from the precise machining of the parts to the sleek chamfered edges. The heft of the metal improves stability when mounted and also adds physical realism by providing more resistance against your steering inputs.

Sleek and Professional Aesthetics

While the Simucube 2 Ultimate prioritizes performance over looks, it still retains a stylish and professional aesthetic. The sleek black metal and orange accents look appropriately high-end. The branding is subtle and the overall design is compact considering the power inside. It won’t look out of place mounted on even the nicest racing rigs.

Careful Packaging for Safety

Given the weight and cost of this wheelbase, safe packaging is crucial. Every component arrives well secured in thick foam padding and the high quality cardboard box features Simucube branding. The power supply alone weighs 5kg, so it’s securely packed in its own compartment. Overall the packaging provides confidence your investment will arrive safely.

Performance and Technology

This is where the Simucube 2 Ultimate really shines. The performance enabled by its cutting edge technology is what sets it apart. The level of detail and realism in the force feedback truly elevates the racing experience.

Powerful Direct Drive Motor

The 32Nm torque motor lies at the heart of the Simucube 2 Ultimate. Direct drive eliminates the gears or belts used in other wheelbases, resulting in far superior responsiveness and much finer force feedback. Simucube worked closely with the motor manufacturer to customize and tune it specifically for sim racing. The power enables strong and sustained feedback effects unlike anything else in this price range.

High Torque and Torque Response Rate

In addition to the high peak torque, the Simucube 2 Ultimate also excels with its torque response rate of 9.5Nm per millisecond. This enables exceptionally quick and precise delivery of force feedback effects as you turn the wheel. You feel the most minute details of the road surface and tire grip through intricate vibration patterns.

Dual CPU Architecture

To maximize responsiveness, Simucube developed a dual CPU architecture for the Ultimate. It uses one 144MHz processor to communicate with the PC over USB, while a separate 216MHz processor handles real-time calculations for the force feedback. This eliminates any lag and allows the highest fidelity effects.

Precision Robotics-Grade Sensors

An extremely precise 24-bit optical sensor measures the wheel’s position with incredible accuracy. It detects the smallest movements and variations, which are then reflected in the feedback forces. The quality of this sensor plays a huge role in the realism.

Unlimited Rotation Range

Some wheelbases limit total wheel rotation, which can hamper immersion and control in certain vehicles. The Simucube 2 Ultimate provides unlimited rotation for unrestricted maneuverability. Drifters will love having complete freedom of movement.

Customizable Force Feedback

Through the True Drive software, the Ultimate offers extensive customization of force feedback effects and fine tuning parameters. You can dial in the exact feel preferred for your driving style and simulator setup. The default out-of-box settings are also superbly balanced.

Experience and Feel

Numbers and specs can only tell part of the story. You need to feel the Simucube 2 Ultimate first-hand to fully appreciate what an incredible force feedback experience it provides.

Extremely Smooth and Responsive Steering

The first thing you notice is just how smooth and responsive the steering feels. Inputs are translated with minimal lag into on-screen reactions. It’s this immediacy that heightens the sense of connection to the virtual vehicle. The precision enables you to place the car exactly where intended.

Precise and Detailed Force Feedback

But the real game changer is the fidelity of the force feedback. The intricate textures of road surfaces, subtle changes in tire grip, and powerful inertia effects come through with eerie accuracy. You feel things in your hands that can’t be conveyed through mere visuals and audio alone. It’s this haptic feedback that makes racing truly immersive.

Authentic Racing Car Sensations

The Ultimate conjures up many sensations scarily close to driving a real racing car. Weight transfer in corners, scrubbing understeer, orABS vibration under braking – it’s all recreated in your hands in real-time. The forces pound your arms upon curbing and you fight to tame powerful drifts. The realism is astounding.

Weight Adds Inertia and Realism

The considerable heft of the wheelbase isn’t just for show – it tangibly adds to the realism through inertia as you turn the wheel. The resistance from the weight enhances the impression of controlling a powerful racing machine. Whipping the wheel around therefore feels more satisfying.

Software and Compatibility

For such a sophisticated piece of equipment, the Simucube 2 Ultimate offers pleasingly simple plug and play operation. But advanced customization options exist for those who want to dig in deeper.

Intuitive True Drive Software

The True Drive software provides a clean interface to install the latest firmware updates and tune performance parameters. While the out-of-box defaults work excellently, you can tweak torque, friction, damping, and other effects to tailor the feel. The range of adjustments is incredibly granular for those who really want to dial it in.

Wide Range of Customization Options

Between the global settings and the ability to setup custom force feedback profiles for individual games, the possibilities for adjustment are extensive. You can tweak torque limits, acceleration rates, framerates, notch filters and other advanced parameters. It caters well for both simplicity and intricacy.

Broad Compatibility with PCs and Consoles

The Ultimate plays nicely with all mainstream racing titles and platforms. The dual CPU design ensures glitch-free performance whether on PC or games consoles. Extensive testing validated smooth operation across various titles and scenarios. You can simply jump between games without issue.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Simucube 2 Ultimate undoubtedly delivers the pinnacle of consumer-grade force feedback and the most realistic driving experience currently possible. The combination of cutting edge direct drive engineering and no-compromise components results in an exceptional wheelbase capable of astonishing immersion. If you have the budget and are dedicated to sim racing, nothing else comes close to the fidelity offered by the Ultimate.

However, the astronomical price means it best suits only the most hardcore sim racers. More casual users or those looking to dip their toes in direct drive technology are likely better served by the significantly cheaper Simucube Sport or Pro models. But if you desire the absolute best and spend hours racing every week, the Ultimate may be difficult to resist and ultimately provides extremely rewarding performance. Just be sure to factor in the necessary rig reinforcements to safely support its considerable weight.

Overall the Simucube 2 Ultimate delivers uncompromising engineering in pursuit of driving perfection. While the value equation may be questionable for some, the driving experience is undeniably spectacular. This is the promise of high-end direct drive technology fully realized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Simucube 2 Ultimate compare to other high end wheelbases like those from Fanatec or Simagic?

The Simucube 2 Ultimate represents the pinnacle of consumer direct drive technology and handily outperforms everything from other brands in torque, responsiveness and detail. Products like the Simagic Alpha Mini positions itself more as a mid-range direct drive. The Ultimate is engineered to an even higher standard.

Is the Simucube 2 Ultimate worth the price?

For dedicated sim racers who spend hours immersed in virtual racing every week and have the budget, the Ultimate provides an experience that can’t be replicated by any other consumer product currently. If sim racing is your passion, the price may be justifiable. More casual users are likely better off with a cheaper alternative however.

What mounting options exist for the Simucube 2 Ultimate?

Given its 11.5kg weight, the wheelbase requires a very sturdy mounting solution. Purpose built rigs from quality manufacturers typically offer mounting points for direct drive wheels. You can also purchase reinforced mounting brackets designed specifically for the Simucube dimensions. Check for compatibility before purchase.

Can you use third party wheels with the Simucube 2 Ultimate?

Yes, the wheelbase is compatible with 70mm standard aftermarket racing wheels for PC from all major brands. For those using the wireless receiver, Simucube’s own steering wheels provide integrated compatibility, but wired third party wheels also work flawlessly.

How difficult is it to set up and configure?

One of the appeals of the Simucube 2 Ultimate is it offers great out-of-box performance with minimal initial tweaking needed. The default settings work very well across various titles. You can simply plug in and race. The True Drive software also makes adjustments straightforward, though the tuning possibilities are endless for those who wish to dig deeper.

Simucube 2 Ultimate