Thrustmaster T150


  • Strong value and features given affordable pricing
  • Quick and seamless setup out of the box
  • Sturdy clamp keeps wheel securely planted
  • Impressive 1080 degree rotation range
  • Responsive force feedback adds realism
  • Ergonomic wheel grip keeps hands comfortable
  • Easily accessible wheel buttons and paddles
  • Wide PlayStation, Xbox and PC compatibility
  • Clutch pedal and shifters can be added separately
  • Upgrade potential within Thrustmaster ecosystem


  • Lightweight pedals lack responsiveness and realism
  • Rotation can feel slightly notchy or loose at times
  • Entry-level plastic materials lack premium feel
  • Buttons are plastic and flimsy feeling
  • Lack of adjustability limits rig mounting options
  • No built-in cockpit mounting points
  • Force feedback could be stronger on high settings
  • No interchangeable wheels or console ecosystem integration

Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel Review

As an avid sim racing enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for wheels that can enhance the immersive driving experience without breaking the bank. The Thrustmaster T150 caught my attention as a budget-friendly option aimed at entry-level racers. After extensive testing across various racing titles, I’m ready to share my in-depth review of the T150’s performance and capabilities.


The Thrustmaster T150 racial wheel is designed as an accessible entry point into the world of sim racing. With a streamlined design and straightforward setup process, it’s intended to appeal to newcomers who want to elevate their racing games on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

While it lacks some of the premium materials and adjustability of higher-end models, the T150 still aims to provide realistic force feedback and control for budget-minded enthusiasts. The 1080 degree rotation range and included pedals further add to the immersive experience.

Overall, the T150 hits a nice sweet spot of affordability while retaining the must-have features for compelling sim racing. But how does it hold up once you start turning laps? Let’s dive into the details.

Overview of the T150 Wheel

The Thrustmaster T150 wheel base provides 11″ diameter with an ergonomic textured rubber grip. The materials are a sturdy plastic that seems durable enough for the price point. The wheel incorporates paddle shifters, D-pad, console buttons, and twist-action handbrake. There are also useful options to fine-tune rotation range and force feedback strength.

Who is the T150 For?

This wheel is squarely aimed at casual and budget-focused racers looking for an affordable entry point. The straightforward design suits beginners who don’t want excessive complexity. At the same time, it provides upgrades potential for features like shifters and pedals as skills progress.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Packaging and Included Accessories

The T150 comes neatly packed with the wheel base, two-pedal set, clamp system, and necessary cables to connect to your platform of choice.

The included pedals are simple but usable, with a decent weight and rubber grip. However, they are not adjustable and lack a clutch. A Ricmotech hard-mount adapter is one recommended upgrade to stabilize the pedals.

Build Quality and Materials

Considering the reasonable price point, Thrustmaster did not cut too many corners with the materials and construction. The wheel base feels sturdy, with quality plastics and a strong clamping mechanism. Buttons and shifters have a pleasing tactile clickiness when pressed.

There are some hollow plastics in places, but the overall impression is that this is a well-built budget wheel that won’t fall apart after moderate use.

Initial Setup Process

One of the T150’s strengths is its quick and painless setup right out of the box. Following Thrustmaster’s instructions, I had it clamped securely to my rig and plugged into my PlayStation in under 5 minutes.

The straight-forward, minimalist design means you are up and racing fast without sorting through a rat’s nest of wires or complicated software calibration. This makes it an appealing option for racing rookies.

First Use Impressions

With the wheel clamped in and connected to my PlayStation, it was time to take it for some test laps. Powering on the T150 triggers its unique feature – the wheel spins almost fully around to initialize the 1080 degree turning radius.

Once in-game, the first thing I noticed was the textured rubber wheel grip that felt great in hand. The responsive force feedback added tension and weight to the turns. At this price point, it exceeded my expectations for realism. The pedals were usable, if a bit light. Overall, my initial impressions were very positive.

Performance and Handling

Now it was time to put some serious laps in and push the T150 to its limits across varying tracks and conditions. Here are my detailed impressions on how it performed in key areas:

Force Feedback Strength and Realism

The dual-belt force feedback system provides surprisingly detailed road feel for an entry-level wheel. Understeer and oversteer are communicated through the wheel in a nuanced way. You can even feel rumble strips or kerbs through the steering. While it won’t blow you away like a high-end direct drive system, the T150 has enough feedback strength for immersive racing at this price range.

Rotation Range and Centering

The advertised 1080 degree rotation range was spot on when measured manually or in-game. This allows precise control of countersteer and catching slides. The centering mechanism smoothly recenters the wheel off-center without any sticking. This is important for straight line stability at high speeds. Overall, the rotation feels natural and accurate.

Pedal Responsiveness and Feel

Here is where the T150’s budget constraints show through more clearly. The included pedals are usable, but a definite downgrade from standalone units. The pedals are quite light, with a soft, mushy feel even when pressing firmly. This makes throttle and brake modulation more challenging. The pedals are really the prime candidate for upgrading down the road.

Clamp System Stability

The clamp on the T150 provides a reassuringly tight grip onto a desk or wheel stand. Even during aggressive counter-steer maneuvers, the wheel stayed firmly planted in position. This is a crucial feature, as no one wants their wheel sliding around mid-race! The stability was seriously impressive for the price.

Ease of Button/Paddle Access

Thrustmaster smartly positioned the wheel buttons and shifter paddles to be easily reached without taking hands off the wheel. The responsive and clicky buttons allow for shifting, DRS, look left/right, and other secondary functions while maintaining steering focus. Pit limiter buttons are a bit of a stretch during intense racing. Overall, the ergonomics make supplementary controls accessible in the heat of racing.


A key selling point of the T150 is its flexibility to work across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms right out of the box. This wide compatibility maximizes the available racing titles to enjoy.

PlayStation, Xbox and PC

I put the T150 through its paces on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X consoles, as well as Windows. The included switchable plates and standard wired USB setup allowed flawless connectivity and button integration on all systems tested. No drivers or special software required.

Compatible Racing Titles

The racing games I tested included Gran Turismo 7, Forza Horizon 5, F1 2022, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, and rFactor 2. The wheel enhanced immersion and control on every title – from hardcore sims to more arcade fare. The T150 can capably handle just about any racing game style you throw at it.

Upgradability with Thrustmaster Ecosystem

A beneficial feature is the T150’s compatibility with Thrustmaster’s ecosystem of add-ons. Whether you want three-pedal T3PA pedals, TH8A shifter, different wheel rims or other accessories, the T150 provides a ready-made upgrade path. Your entry-level setup can grow with your skills.

Value and Wrap Up

Taking everything into account, the Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel provides compelling value and performance given its entry-level price point. While it lacks some of the adjustability, premium materials and advanced technology of more expensive options, the T150 succeeds where it matters.

It delivers on the promise of immersive, realistic force feedback and control. The 1080 degree rotation range keeps you dialed into the steering. The comfortable ergonomic grip and easily accessible controls let you focus on racing. Add in wide platform compatibility, upgrade potential, and foolproof setup, and you have a feature-packed budget wheel ready for the track.

Sure, the flimsy pedals leave room for improvement. But for around $200, the T150 gives novice and budget-focused racers an affordable on-ramp to the sim racing hobby. Once the upgrade bug bites for pedals, shifters and more, the solid T150 foundation provides a steady platform to build upon.

For those new to sim racing or wanting to dip their toes in without a huge investment, the Thrustmaster T150 deserves a spot near the top of your shopping list. It nails the basics and just might make you

Thrustmaster T150