Faanatec CSL DD Ready2Race


  • Direct drive technology provides unmatched realism
  • Heavy-duty metal construction on all peripherals
  • Highly adjustable and customizable components
  • Loads of features like rev lights and telemetry display
  • Broad cross-platform compatibility
  • Extremely affordable pricing with frequent promotions
  • Clear upgrade paths to enhance performance over time


  • Limited availability due to high demand
  • PlayStation compatibility requires a different bundle
  • Pedals use a basic potentiometer sensor without load cell (upgradeable)
  • Plastic wheel-side quick release on some wheels

CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle - The Ultimate Entry Level Direct Drive Sim Racing Bundle

The world of sim racing has seen substantial growth and evolution over the past few years. What was once a niche hobby is now a vibrant community of driving enthusiasts using high-fidelity gear to recreate authentic racing experiences at home. Naturally, having the right equipment is key to extracting maximum realism and enjoyment out of virtual driving. While traditionally the domain of expensive direct drive (DD) wheel bases, this technology has now become attainable for home sim racers thanks to Fanatec’s CSL DD Ready2Race bundle. At an unbeatable price point, this package brings DD performance to entry-level rigs.


The CSL DD Ready2Race bundle provides everything needed to start serious sim racing. The highlights include:

Direct Drive Technology Comes to Entry Level Sim Racing

Direct drive wheel bases have always been the gold standard of high-end sim racing. By eliminating the gears or belts between the motor and steering wheel, DD systems deliver extremely detailed and responsive force feedback. The level of realism is simply unmatched by gear/belt driven competitors. With the CSL DD, Fanatec has made this pro-level performance accessible to regular enthusiasts for the first time.

Unbeatable Value for Money with the CSL DD

Considering its DD base, feature-packed steering wheel, and heavy-duty pedals, the Ready2Race bundle offers unbelievable value at just €399. This all-inclusive price point shatters expectations of what entry-level DD performance can cost. The bundle goes toe-to-toe with competing gear/belt driven packages that retail for similar amounts yet fall far short on realism.

Upgrade Path for More Performance

A key advantage of the bundle is its ample room for upgrades. The base can be equipped with a Boost Kit to unlock higher torque. The pedals are compatible with several kits including a load cell brake. This upgradability ensures the bundle can grow alongside your needs and stay competitive for years to come.

CSL DD Wheel Base

The CSL DD wheel base is the centerpiece of this bundle. Despite its entry-level branding and pricing, it retains the exemplary performance and quality that Fanatec is renowned for.

Powerful and Precise Force Feedback

Fanatec designed the CSL DD from the ground up to bring the pinnacle of direct drive technology to the masses. The wheel base delivers exceptionally crisp and dynamic force effects ranging from subtle tyre grip nuances to aggressive self-aligning torque when the car snaps into oversteer. The precision and detail of the feedback provides an unparalleled connection with the virtual vehicle.

Sturdy Metal Construction

Unlike competing plastic bases, the CSL DD impressively features an aluminum housing that serves as a heat sink. This rugged metal construction makes the wheel base feel like part of a real race car while eliminating the need for distracting cooling fans. The industrial grade build quality guarantees the CSL DD will stand the test of time.

Intuitive Tuning Menus

Getting set up is straightforward with simplified Standard tuning options for beginners plus Advanced settings for enthusiasts seeking to customize the force feedback response. Fanatec’s close relationships with game developers ensure broad compatibility and consistent behavior across top racing titles.

Broad Compatibility Out of the Box

The wheel base is plug-and-play compatible with PC and Xbox when paired with a supported wheel. Fanatec’s collaboration with software studios means it works smoothly with all major racing games without time-consuming tweaking. The excellent out-of-box experience makes the CSL DD accessible for casual users.

Optional Boost Kit for Higher Torque

Already capable of a strong 5 Nm torque output, the inclusion of the Boost Kit 180 unlocks the wheel base’s full potential with 8 Nm peak torque. This optional upgrade accentuates the intricacies of the force feedback for maximum realism.

CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2

Fanatec offers the choice of several wheels to pair with the base. The CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 included in this bundle is an ideal match that balances affordability and quality.

Ideal Pairing with the CSL DD

With its 30cm diameter rim size, the P1 V2 is suited for an array of driving styles ranging from GT racers to open wheel beasts. The durable polymer and rubber materials withstand marathon sessions while retaining excellent force feedback fidelity. The wheel brings the CSL DD bundle together as a cohesive, ready-to-race package.

Durable and Feature Packed

Built to last, the P1 V2’s sturdy internal casing and comfortable rubberized grip make it suitable for extended racing. Integrated features like multi-color rev lights, a 3-digit telemetry display, and convenient controls heighten immersion in compatible titles. The premium details and components punch above the P1 V2’s entry-level price bracket.

Integrated Rev Lights

Fanatec’s signature RevStripe LED strip integrated into the wheel face provides intuitive visual feedback on RPMs and shift points. This fusion of design and function matches real race car wheels.

Telemetry Display

The integrated display under the RevLights enables showing data like vehicle speed and selected gear. This handy feature keeps key information visible during intense racing action.

CSL Pedals

Quality pedals with realistic response are essential for proper throttle and brake control. The CSL Pedals included in the bundle provide a solid foundation.

Heavy Duty All Metal Construction

Unlike the plastic builds of some competitors, Fanatec opted for industrial-grade steel in the CSL Pedals. This lends exceptional stability and a truly premium feel that holds up well to enthusiastic use. The weighty metal construction also prevents sliding around on the floor.

Upgradable with Load Cell Kit

While the brake pedal uses a simple potentiometer sensor out of the box, the CSL Pedals can be upgraded with a load cell kit for only €140. This unlocks a pressure-sensitive brake with a much more realistic feel – an incredible addition that competing ecosystems lack.

Adjustable and Modular Design

The height, spacing, and orientation of the pedals can be adjusted thanks to built-in settings and a modular layout. The customizability allows dialing in the optimal driving position. Inverted mounting is possible for rig use.

Package Contents and Availability

The complete Ready2Race bundle contains:

  • CSL DD wheel base
  • CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2
  • CSL Pedals (throttle and brake)
  • Table clamp
  • Boost Kit 180 (for 8 Nm torque)
  • Power supply and connection cables

The bundle is designed for PC and Xbox compatibility. PlayStation support requires choosing a different CSL DD package with licensed firmware.

As one of Fanatec’s most popular lineup, availability fluctuates frequently. Sign up for notifications on restocks to grab the bundle before it sells out!

Verdict – The New Gold Standard for Entry Level

It’s clear the CSL DD Ready2Race bundle represents a watershed moment for sim racing. The package redefines expectations for what direct drive performance can realistically cost. While competing belt/gear driven sets struggle to surpass €400 price points and lack upgrade paths, Fanatec shatters barriers by delivering versatile pro-level components with room to grow.

Unmatched Value and Upgradability

The Ready2Race bundle almost feels like cheating with its sublime DD feedback, durable metal construction, and wealth of features rarely seen on entry-level hardware. Yet it somehow comes in at an astounding all-inclusive pricerivaling lower tier gear driven packages. Throw in the huge optional upgrade potential, and it’s simply unmatched value.

Direct Drive No Longer Exclusive to High-End

Owning direct drive equipment was a distant dream for many average sim racers not long ago. The CSL DD makes this elite performance technology attainable for home setups without breaking the bank. It’s a taste of high-end hardware that will leave you hungry for more upgrades down the road.

Leagues Ahead of Belt/Gear Driven Competition

The DD experience showcases the profound difference in precision and realism compared to belt or gear driven bases. There’s no muffled or vague feel – every nuance of weight transfer, slip angle, and surface interaction comes through with incredible clarity. Competing entry-level packages pale in comparison.


What games and platforms are compatible?

The bundle works natively on PC and Xbox. PlayStation support requires a different licensed CSL DD package. Major racing titles have plug-and-play support.

Faanatec CSL DD Ready2Race