Fanatec GT DD Pro

Key Advantages

  • Superb fidelity from direct drive technology
  • Gran Turismo wheel included in the bundle
  • Impressive first direct drive option for PlayStation
  • Quiet, cool and compact wheelbase
  • Highly customizable and upgradable setup
  • Excellent value for performance

Potential Drawbacks

  • Wheel construction feels a bit basic
  • Only 2 pedals included in starter bundle
  • Some compatibility issues on Xbox titles
  • Can’t access full torque without upgrade
  • Load cell brake requires sturdy rig

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Racing Wheel Review

The Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro is the newest direct drive force feedback wheel aimed at delivering professional-level performance at an affordable price point. I’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly test and review this exciting new racing sim setup. Here’s an in-depth look at how it performs across PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.


The GT DD Pro bundle includes the DD wheelbase, an official Gran Turismo steering wheel designed by Polyphony Digital, and Fanatec’s entry-level CSL pedals. With a starting price under $700/€700, it brings direct drive technology to a much wider audience of sim racing enthusiasts.

Offering intuitive and detailed force feedback, extensive customization options, and quality construction, the GT DD Pro punches above its price class. While a few compromises were made to hit the lower cost, it remains a fantastic option for dedicated sim racers.

Compatibility and Supported Platforms

The GT DD Pro was designed first and foremost as the official Gran Turismo 7 wheel, so PlayStation support comes as no surprise. Fortuntely, it also works great on PS4 consoles and popular PlayStation racing titles like GT Sport.

On PC, the experience is identical to the CSL DD wheelbase since it uses the same direct drive internals. During my testing on PC, it handled all the top racing sims flawlessly, feeling very consistent across different titles.

Xbox compatibility requires using an Xbox-licensed steering wheel rim. I did run into some issues getting older Xbox games to recognize the wheel, but overall functionality seemed solid. The lack of native Xbox support may be a negative for some users, but Fanatec’s wheel rims offer a good cross-platform solution.

Design and Build Quality

The GT DD Pro wheelbase demonstrates Fanatec’s engineering capabilities, packing pro-level performance into a compact housing. The wheelbase is small enough to fit easily on a desk, but still has an all-metal construction that resists flexing.

Rather than noisy, failure-prone fans, the base uses the metal casing as a heatsink for passive cooling. During extensive testing, it never got more than slightly warm, even at maximum power.

Fanatec developed a specialized direct drive motor with advanced “FluxBarrier” technology for the DD Pro. It delivers smooth, highly-detailed force feedback with minimal cogging effects. A composite shaft also reduces rotating mass for greater responsiveness.

Steering Wheel Design

Bundled with the GT DD Pro is an official Gran Turismo wheel created by Polyphony Digital. It’s similar in layout to previous GT wheels, with a 280mm diameter suiting a range of driving styles.

The D-shaped rim is coated in grippy rubber, although the majority of the wheel uses plastic not metal. Buttons feel a little cheap compared to higher-end Fanatec wheels, but get the job done. An OLED display shows settings and telemetry, a useful feature.

While the included wheel is perfectly functional, it is one area where sacrifices were made to reach the lower price point. The plastic construction lacks luxury feel, so upgrading to a premium wheel later on is an easy improvement.

Impressive Direct Drive Performance

The DD Pro immediately stands out from more basic gear like Logitech or Thrustmaster wheels. The nuanced, organic force feedback translates all the subtle details of weight transfer, traction, curbs and more. It’s leaps ahead for realism.

Out of the box, torque is capped at 5Nm with the included 90W power supply. That’s already enough strength to challenge your arms, but for the full 8Nm experience, you can upgrade to the 180W Boost Kit. This significantly expands the dynamic range for powerful effects.

Either way, the fidelity and smoothness of the direct drive system allows very precise car control. The feeling through the wheel is so intuitive that it’s much easier to catch slides or prevent understeer.

Entry-Level Pedals Included

Fanatec’s CSL pedals are bundled with the GT DD Pro kit. This simple set has an accelerator and brake pedal, leaving out the clutch. While plastics are used for the pedal faces, the underlying structure is metal, and you get a load cell upgrade option.

The high-travel brake pedal has progressive resistance from a foam insert, providing a responsive and forgiving feel. Experienced drivers can also bolt on the load cell brake to simulate ultra-stiff racing car brakes. Just make sure your rig can handle the forces!

While the included pedals are good quality for the price, upgrading to a set with clutch and load cell down the road will extract the most from the DD Pro wheelbase. The pedals are one component where spending more pays off.

Highly Customizable and Upgradable

A major advantage of the GT DD Pro is the ecosystem of interchangeable parts and accessories offered by Fanatec. With the same quick release system used across Fanatec wheels and pedals, you’re able to upgrade components down the road.

Whether you want to pump up the torque, swap to a premium steering wheel, or move up to a full 3-pedal setup with load cell, the DD Pro gives you an affordable starting point. Fanatec’s modular components even allow mixing and matching between platforms.

The ability to upgrade prevents the GT DD Pro from becoming obsolete over time. As your sim racing skills progress, you can tailor the setup to match your evolving needs and budget.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The Fanatec GT DD Pro racing wheel delivers an unbeatable mix of quality and value. Excellent engineering provides a pro-level direct drive experience at half the price of its competitors.

While some parts like the wheel rim feel basic relative to high-end gear, overall the DD Pro punches far above its weight class. For both experienced racers and those looking to upgrade from entry-level setups, it hits the sweet spot.

The GT DD Pro cements Fanatec’s leadership in steering wheel innovation. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a premium force feedback experience on console or PC. Thanks to its upgradability, it will keep you happy racing for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the GT DD Pro compare to Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels?

The nuanced and smooth direct drive force feedback is in another league entirely. The GT DD Pro far surpasses products like the Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T300 in realism.

Is the wheel good for beginners?

The strong forces take some practice to control, so total beginners may want to start with an entry-level wheel. However, the GT DD Pro is a smart long-term investment as your skills improve.

Can you use it without the Boost Kit upgrade?

Absolutely – the 5Nm torque delivers incredibly detailed force feedback on its own. The Boost Kit extends the dynamic range for more powerful effects, but isn’t essential.

Does the GT DD Pro work on Xbox?

Yes, it works on Xbox consoles when using an Xbox-licensed steering wheel rim. The wheelbase itself does not have native Xbox support. Some older Xbox titles may have minor compatibility issues.

How difficult is it to mount and setup?

One of the best aspects of the GT DD Pro is the quick and painless setup. The wheelbase has a built-in clamping system for attaching to a desk or rig. Software and drivers are easy to install too.

Fanatec GT DD Pro