The Best PC Racing Wheels in 2024

As an avid sim racer and racing game enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of testing a wide range of racing wheels for PC over the years. After evaluating numerous models across various price points and performance tiers, I’m excited to share my picks for the absolute best PC racing wheels you can buy in 2024.

Whether you’re just getting started with racing games or you’re a seasoned sim racing veteran looking to upgrade, this guide explores excellent wheel options to fit any budget and gameplay style. I’ll be putting a special spotlight on products from Fanatec, widely considered among the best racing peripheral manufacturers. Their direct drive wheels represent the pinnacle of realism that sim racing has to offer. Let’s get right into the contenders!

Top Pick: Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Direct Drive Wheel


If money is no object and you demand the most realistic and responsive force feedback immersion, look no further than Fanatec’s flagship Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel. Featuring industry-leading direct drive technology powered by Fanatec’s proprietary brushless motors, the level of detail conveyed through this wheel is simply unmatched.

You’ll feel the minute textures of road surfaces, weight transfer of the car chassis, and traction of individual tires transmitted through the expertly crafted steering wheel. Hands down, the Gran Turismo DD Pro provides the closest experience to actual racing currently possible in a consumer racing wheel. It’s built with premium components like an aluminum alloy wheel base, carbon fiber face plates, and sturdy quick release locks. This is the ultimate weapon for competitive online racing and pushing lap time leaderboards.

Key Features

  • Direct drive force feedback technology with 8NM peak torque
  • Fully metal internal construction with belt-driven precision
  • Advanced vibration control and tuning through Fanatec software
  • Interchangeable wheel rims from 270mm to 320mm diameters
  • Industrial-grade fiberglass and aluminum pedal set with precise load cell brake
  • Fully customizable inputs via on-wheel LCD display and toggle encoders
  • Native PlayStation and PC compatibility, Xbox compatible with additional wheel rim

Reasons To Choose This Wheel

  • Incredibly nuanced and realistic racing feel unachievable on any other consumer platform
  • Fully modular wheel base allows using compatible Fanatec wheels for different vehicle types
  • Ability to fine-tune force feedback down to minute details with Fanatec software
  • High-quality pedals with brake feel closely mirroring real race cars
  • Ideal choice to pair with dedicated racing cockpit or wheel stand

The level of mechanical precision in the Gran Turismo DD Pro combined with its best-in-class software tuning potential makes for the definitively most realistic and exciting racing experience on the market in 2024. It’s built from quality components to withstand the beating of racing wheel enthusiasts practicing for hours on end. While the asking price is certainly steep, for serious sim racers prioritizing immersion above all else, the GT DD Pro more than justifies its cost.

Best Budget Wheel: Logitech G923


If you’re seeking excellent racing wheel performance on a budget, look no further than the Logitech G923. Long known for their quality gaming peripherals, Logitech brings adjustability, reliability, and strong force feedback at a reasonable price with the G923.

While it may lack some of the ultra-premium touches of high-end wheels, the overall racing experience holds up strongly against models double the cost. Combined with approachable setup and included pedals, the Logitech G923 is my top value recommendation for PC racing wheel beginners.

Key Features

  • 900 degree rotation with gear-driven force feedback
  • LED RPM indicator lights for optimal gear shifting
  • Quality three pedal set included with progressive brake pressure
  • Sturdy hand-stitched leather wheel grip covering 11 inches
  • On-wheel game controls for integrated racing adjustment
  • Dual paddle shifters and console buttons for multi-platform use
  • Natively supports PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows use

Reasons To Choose This Wheel

  • Highly intuitive plug-and-play setup out of the box
  • Very approachable pricing for newcomers
  • Smooth and reactive force feedback adds realism
  • Quality pedal set adds immersion without added cost
  • Support and configuration software keeps wheel updated
  • Versatile crossover use with major console platforms

For those wanting excellent racing wheel performance without excessive complexity or cost, the Logitech G923 hits a sweet spot. It brings better steering feedback than budget wheels while avoiding the ultra-premium pricing of high-end hardware. Combined with inclusive console support and a quality pedal set included, it’s a complete package ready to maximize racing enjoyment.

Alternative Quality Wheels

Beyond the two recommendations above, there are a few other excellent mid-range to high-end wheel options worth mentioning:

Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer

Serious racing enthusiasts wanting robust performance at a more affordable price than Fanatec’s offerings will feel right at home with the TS-XW Racer wheel and base from Thrustmaster.

Built using a combination of strong belt drive force feedback, magnetic sensors, and excellent industrial design courtesy of collaboration with real world racing brand Sparco, the TS-XW provides a supremely accurate and thrilling driving experience.

  • 1080 degree fluid rotation capability
  • Interchangeable wheels courtesy of Thrustmaster ecosystem
  • Embedded cooling system prevents feedback degradation
  • High fidelity pedals with adjustable spacing
  • Native Xbox and PC support

While priced below the Gran Turismo DD Pro, the TS-XW Racer still carries premium sensibilities in its industrial design and components that justify its higher cost over more budget oriented models. It warrants consideration from buyers wanting immense racing precision without overspending.

Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel

On the opposite end of the pricing scale above the Gran Turismo DD Pro sits the Logitech G Pro wheel. Built purely with professional racing applications in mind, The G Pro wheel is crafted to utmost perfection to satisfy even the most discerning sim racing veterans.

No expenses were spared by Logitech to deliver the absolute best possible materials, components, and attention to detail. The wheel exudes craftsmanship, from the dual hand-stitched leather grip to the anodized aluminum of the pedal set. Pair this with Logitech’s fantastic TRUEFORCE feedback for unmatched in-game immersion.

While certainly not a budget purchase, buyers who appreciate perfection and demand the highest quality PC racing experience will feel their money is well spent with the G Pro racing wheel system. It represents the pinnacle of Logitech’s 30 years of racing wheel R&D.

Important Accessories

Beyond just the wheel and pedals themselves, a racing setup can be augmented through accessories like racing seats and manual shifter units:

Racing Seats

While a wheel stand or clamp to your desktop can certainly work, considering adding an dedicated racing-style seat can really take immersion to the next level. The Playseat Challenge is a popular folding unit made of steel and faux leather that securely cradles wheels, pedals, and your body in proper racing position.

More advanced aluminum profile rigs with full racing shells also exist for enthusiasts with dedicated racing rooms. These provide fully realistic vehicle seating positions tailored for specific race car designs. High-end hydraulic motion rigs even allow replicating g-forces on your body, but prepare for very high costs.

Shifters & Handbrakes

If you plan to tackle more serious racing and rally simulation titles, consider adding standalone manual shifter and handbrake units to complement your wheel purchase. These replica stick shift panels and hydraulic e-brake levers provide vital extra inputs to smoothly control car transitions and navigate tight spaces.

Brands like Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec make specific shifter and handbrake hardware tailored to perfectly fit their racing wheels and integrate with their ecosystem of racing titles. Having that tangible manual interaction goes a long way towards mastering advanced driving technique.


I hope this guide has helped showcase some of the excellent PC racing wheel options available in 2024 to match a wide range of budgets and racing passion. Fanatec continues leading the way with ultra-realistic racing technology integrated into products like their flagship direct drive Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel. For those wanting an accessible entry point, Logitech’s G923 remains a high value wheel to start out.

No matter your experience level, adding a proper force feedback racing wheel accessory can massively level up enjoyment and engagement with top racing games on PC and consoles. I wish you the best chasing checkered flags in your sim racing endeavors! Let me know if you have any other questions finding your perfect setup. Enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I prioritize when choosing a racing wheel?

Focus on force feedback quality, rotation degree, wheel size, and pedal set realism matching your budget. Consider console compatibility and manual shifters if playing advanced racing titles. High-end wheels emphasize premium materials, direct drive precision, tuning software, and modular parts.

Is an expensive racing wheel worth it for casual gaming?

Bang for buck, mid-range models offer the best value. High-priced direct drive wheels mainly benefit extremely dedicated sim racers and eSports participants wanting maximal realism. More budget oriented wheels still dramatically increase immersion.

Do I need other hardware like seats to use a racing wheel?

A wheel stand or desk clamp works fine for casual use. But serious players may benefit investing in a fitted racing seat with mounting points matching their wheel ecosystem for optimal ergonomics. High-end motion platforms also exist for ultimate immersion.

What’s better – Logitech or Thrustmaster wheels?

Both popular brands make quality wheels spanning beginner to hardcore models. Logitech leads innovation in approachability and force feedback realism. Thrustmaster focuses on premium industrial design and racing authenticity through technical partnerships. Personal preferences in budget and platform ecosystem may inform choice between them.

How difficult is configuring and using a racing wheel?

Modern wheels work practically plug and play on PC and consoles. Most racing games auto-detect popular wheels and adjust button mappings accordingly. Granular settings like force feedback strength, deadzones, and rotation lock can be tuned as you skill up. High-end wheels have companion apps to manageprofiles.

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