The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best PS4 Racing Wheels

For racing game enthusiasts, using a racing wheel can provide a much more immersive and realistic experience compared to a regular PlayStation controller. Racing wheels allow for greater precision in steering, better acceleration and braking control, and force feedback that lets you feel the car react to the road. This makes driving simulation games like Gran Turismo Sport or F1 2022 feel like you’re truly behind the wheel.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top racing wheels compatible for the PS4 to help you find the right option for your needs and budget. As seasoned sim racing fans ourselves, we’ve tested and reviewed all the leading products to bring you the definitive rankings. Read on for our picks of the best PS4 racing wheels across various price points.

Top Pick: Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro

If money is no object and you want the absolute best PS4 racing wheel available, look no further than the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro. As our top overall choice, this direct drive wheel delivers an unmatched level of realism that fully immerses you into the driving experience.


Built under official license for PlayStation, the Gran Turismo DD Pro is the ultimate PS4 racing wheel designed specifically for the Gran Turismo games. But it’s also compatible with any PlayStation racing title, as well as on PC.

The DD stands for “direct drive” – instead of using belts or gears, the wheel base is directly coupled to an industrial-grade brushless motor. This allows extremely detailed and nuanced force feedback unmatched by any other wheel. You’ll feel every minor bump, kerb, loss of traction, and change in terrain surface through the wheel.

With premium quality materials including leather, aluminum, and steel, the level of craftsmanship exudes luxury. This is a racing wheel built to last many years and provide a true-to-life experience every time you drive.

Key Features

  • Direct drive force feedback – With 8Nm of torque delivered from the direct drive motor, you’ll feel the most realistic and detailed force feedback of any PS4 wheel. From subtle tire grip changes to heavy crash impacts, you’ll feel it all through the wheel.
  • Official PlayStation license – As the official wheel of Gran Turismo, the GT DD Pro is specially designed for PlayStation with matching blue accents and buttons. It’s plug-and-play compatible with PS4 and PS5.
  • Advanced force feedback – The direct drive motor is mated to an advanced firmware that modulates feedback nuances no other wheel can match. You can adjust the feedback intensity as well.
  • 1080° rotation angle – Whether driving an F1 car or truck, the 1080° rotation allows you to turn the wheel exactly as far as needed. Rotation angle is easily adjusted.
  • OLED display and Rev LEDs – The wheel features an OLED screen for data display and Rev LEDs along the top that indicate RPM and shift points. Very handy during intense racing!
  • High-end materials – From the stainless steel spokes and pedals to the thick leather wheel grip, every material is carefully chosen for luxury feel and extreme durability.


  • Extremely realistic and nuanced force feedback unmatched by any other PS4 wheel
  • Premium quality materials offer luxury feel and long-term durability
  • Official PlayStation licensed product designed for PS4 and PS5
  • Fully adjustable feedback, rotation, sensitivity


  • Very expensive, around $700 USD
  • No included shifter or handbrake
  • Requires separate power supply to reach full 8Nm torque

If you want the absolute best force feedback immersion and materials without compromise, the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro is a worthwhile investment. Just be prepared to pay for the premium experience. For most people though, it may be overkill. Next we’ll look at some more affordable options.

Best for Beginners: Hori Racing Wheel Apex

For more casual racing fans or total beginners looking to upgrade from a controller, the officially Sony licensed Hori Racing Wheel Apex hits a great budget-friendly price point.


As an officially Sony-licensed PS4 accessory, the Hori wheel is guaranteed compatible and designed specifically for PlayStation. The realistic size and ergonomic shape make driving games more immersive than a tiny controller.

While it lacks force feedback, the vibration motors provide some feedback sensation during crashes or slippage. The Apex delivers great entry-level performance for the budget-conscious.

Key Features

  • Official Sony PlayStation license – As an officially licensed product, it’s guaranteed compatible with PS4, PS5 and racing game titles.
  • 270° rotation angle – The wheel rotation is limited to 270° compared to higher-end wheels but still an improvement over a controller.
  • Vibration feedback – While not true force feedback, the vibrations in the wheel help convey some feedback sensation during gameplay events.
  • Pedals included – A simple 2-pedal set (gas and brake) comes included to cover the basics.
  • Clamp system – The wheel base securely clamps to a table or rig with an adjustable mounting.


  • Extremely affordable pricing, usually around $100
  • Official Sony license guarantees PS4 compatibility
  • Super easy setup with clamp system
  • Good entry-level wheel for casual gamers


  • Lacks force feedback which is a big downside
  • Small 270° rotation angle limits steering realism
  • Pedals feel cheap and plasticky

The Hori Racing Wheel Apex succeeds as a budget-friendly starter wheel thanks to its PlayStation compatibility and simplicity. Just don’t expect much in terms of realism – a more advanced wheel can provide a much better experience.

Best Mid-Range: Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition

For enthusiast PS4 players who want great performance without breaking the bank, the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition hits the sweet spot. Offering advanced hybrid force feedback and quality materials at a reasonable price point, it’s our favorite mid-range choice.


Thrustmaster is a leader in racing wheels, and the quality shows in the T300RS. It uses a hybrid system combining gears and a belt driven by a brushless industrial motor for exceptionally smooth, detailed, and responsive force feedback.

Materials like the metal wheel spokes and pedals strike a balance of great feel without being too expensive. The teardown quick release system also makes it easy to change wheels. Overall it hits a sweet spot between performance and value.

Key Features

  • 1080° rotation angle – A full 1080° turning radius allows precise mimicry of steering angles in real cars – huge for immersion.
  • Mixed belt-pulley and gears – The hybrid drive system is very smooth and quiet while delivering strong feedback forces.
  • Brushless servo motor – The industrial grade brushless motor was chosen for extreme durability and efficiency. It’s also eco-friendly!
  • Detachable wheel – The 11″/28cm diameter wheel uses Thrustmaster’s quick release system to easily swap and change wheels.
  • HEART HallEffect AccuRate Technology – Uses contactless magnetic sensors for responsive, accurate, and reliable signal sampling.


  • Superb force feedback with the mixed belt and gears system
  • Metal wheel frame and pedals give premium feel
  • 1080° turning radius greatly improves immersion
  • Efficient and durable brushless motor


  • Slightly expensive, around $400 USD
  • Could use an included shifter
  • Pedals feel a bit cheap

For PlayStation racing fans wanting excellent force feedback that’s a step above budget wheels but not wallet-busting, the Thrustmaster T300RS GT hits the sweet spot. Just be ready to supply your own shifter.

Essential Factors to Consider

Beyond our top recommendations, here are some key factors to consider as you choose a PS4 racing wheel.


The first essential factor is ensuring compatibility with your PS4 console. Check product descriptions carefully, as not every wheel on the market works with PlayStation. Models officially licensed by Sony are guaranteed compatible.

Force Feedback

This is the “force” part of force feedback – the level of strength and detail in the feedback forces delivered through the wheel as you drive. More basic wheels use vibration motors that just shake and rumble. True force feedback uses motors coupled to the steering to convey detailed roadfeel. Higher-end direct drive wheels feel the most realistic.

Rotation Angle

This spec indicates how far you can turn the wheel, measured in degrees of rotation. Entry-level wheels may be limited to 270°, while higher fidelity wheels offer 1080° or full 900° turning motion. The greater the angle, the more realistic steering becomes.


Many wheels come bundled with a pedal set for gas/brake, while some don’t include pedals at all. Having quality pedals with adjustable resistance can improve control over braking and acceleration. Look for pedals with adjustable height as well for comfort.

Shifter & Buttons

Paddle shifters mounted right on the wheel are convenient for quick shifting. Some bundles also include a manual stick shifter and clutch pedal for most realism. Buttons on the wheel should provide easy access to look behind, pit settings, etc.


Wheels usually clamp securely to a table or TV tray. But for more adjustability and sturdy mounting, a dedicated racing rig or cockpit is preferred. If you plan to mount to a rig, make sure the wheel is compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

For those new to racing wheels, here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Are all racing wheels compatible with all PS4 models?

Unfortunately no, not every wheel on the market is guaranteed to work with all PS4 consoles. That’s why it’s important to carefully verify PS4 compatibility before purchasing. Licensed Sony wheels are assured compatible.

Can I use a racing wheel with non-racing games?

While designed for racers, some wheels can work with other genres too. The right thumbstick or D-Pad must be accessible for menus and functions beyond steering though. So games like arcade driving and flying titles may work, but non-driving games will be limited.

Do I need mounting hardware for my racing wheel?

Basic clamps allow many wheels to mount to a table or TV tray just fine. But for more adjustability and stability, a dedicated racing rig or cockpit is preferred. This gets the wheel and pedals positioned optimally. Just ensure your wheel is compatible with the mounting solution you have in mind.

What PC racing titles are compatible with PS4 wheels?

Nearly any PC racing simulation game should detect and be mappable with PS4-compatible wheels plugged into your computer. Popular titles like Assetto Corsa, iRacing, rFactor 2, and more all work great. Just check for dual PC/PS4 compatibility on the wheel first.

Is it easy to setup a racing wheel with my PS4?

The nice thing about PlayStation compatible wheels is that they’re truly plug-and-play. Simply wire the USB connection (and power) to the console, turn on the wheel, and you should be ready to map controls and start playing in minutes. It’s a very quick and painless process.


We hope this guide has helped demystify PS4 racing wheels and provided a comprehensive look at the best options across various price points. For hardcore racing fans, the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro offers an unparalleled experience through direct drive precision. More casual players can still enjoy improved realism with budget-friendly starter wheels like the Hori Racing Wheel Apex. And mid-range picks like the Thrustmaster T300RS split the difference nicely.

No matter your experience level, upgrading from the included PlayStation controller to a proper racing wheel is a great way to get more deeply immersed in driving simulations. Just be sure to verify PS4 compatibility, and think about whether you need shifters, pedals and mounting ability. With so many quality wheels available, the four rubber-burning tires of your virtual car await!

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