The Best Sim Racing Gloves for 2024

As an avid sim racer, upgrading my equipment with quality accessories has taken my driving to the next level. And one often overlooked addition that can really improve your experience, control and immersion are a proper set of sim racing gloves. Here are my top recommendations for the finest gloves currently available to bring you closer to real race car driving.

Why Bother with Sim Racing Gloves?

You may be wondering if gloves designed for virtual racing are really necessary. It’s easy to dismiss them as not providing any tangible benefit over regular gloves or even bare hands. However, quality racing gloves tailored for sim setups offer some key advantages:

Improved Grip and Control

The number one reason to use driving gloves is the superior grip and control they provide, even during lengthy stints. The gloves are constructed from grippy leather, rubber and microfiber materials that prevent your hands from slipping on the wheel. This allows you to catch slides more easily and have better feel through the force feedback.

Gloves also give you better traction and contact area for toggling toggles and pressing buttons/dials on your racing wheel or button boxes.

Enhanced Immersion and Realism

Wearing authentic racing gloves simply makes you feel more like you’re actually driving a performance vehicle. It improves the simulation and role playing element as you fully dress up as a race car driver at the wheel. Visually in your peripheral vision and physically sensing the driving gloves adds to the experience.

For aspiring e-sports racers or those taking their sim craft seriously, the aesthetic and psychological impact shouldn’t be underestimated for getting into the right headspace.

Key Features to Consider in Sim Racing Gloves

With a crowded market of options, here are the most important features to evaluate:

Grip Material and Textures

  • Rubber grips tend to be more durable and have better traction when wet from sweat or taking hands on/off the wheel
  • Leather palms allow for more feel and flexibility when operating controls
  • Some models also have silicone grip pads on key contact points

Consider your wheel material as well – rubber palms work best for slick plastic/metal materials.

Breathability and Moisture Control

  • Full leather gloves tend to get hot, so look for moisture wicking fabrics, perforations and mesh venting for longer races
  • Partial coverage or minimalist options maximize airflow

Make sure they help dissipate heat and sweat so your hands don’t become slick.

Fit, Flexibility and Finger Articulation

You want your gloves to fit like a second skin for optimum control and feedback through the wheel and pedals. Consider:

  • Carefully measure your hand size
  • Opt for some lycra/spandex or elastic materials for flexible comfort
  • Ensure good mobility to operate controls

Avoid any bunching up or restricted movement of fingers that impairs dexterity.

Smart Features and Integration

Additional aspects that provide an edge:

  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips so you don’t have to remove to use devices
  • Tight integration with your racing ecosystem (e.g. magnetic wrist bands, easy connectivity)
  • Quick release pull tabs to swiftly take gloves on and off between sessions

While not essential, focus on functional design choices that enhance usability.

Budget and Value

Prices range widely from about $20 up to $200+:

  • Entry-level cycling gloves offer surprising quality for cost
  • Mid-range options balance features for casual to intermediate racers
  • Premium gloves for professionals prioritizing performance

Make sure you get suitable durability and features based on usage intensity without overspending.

Reviews of the Top Sim Racing Glove Contenders

Taking the evaluation criteria above into account, these stand out as my top recommendations currently:

1. Sparco Hypergrip FIA Gloves

The iconic racing brand also produces a special gaming edition glove living up to their reputation.


  • Impressive grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Highly breathable lightweight material
  • Distinctive racing styling true to Sparco heritage
  • Touchscreen compatible index fingertip included
  • Three sizes accommodate most hand measurements


  • Looser fit sacrifices some precision and touch sensitivity
  • No magnetic wristband so can be misplaced

For those demanding comfort, ventilation and authentic race car vibes, Sparco hits the mark with the Hypergrips.

2. Igrip Sim Racing Gloves

This newcomer offers an affordable sim glove packed with functionality.


  • Economical sub $50 price point
  • Silicone grip pads for enhanced traction
  • Mesh spandex upper with perforated microfiber palms balance airflow and grip
  • Pull loops for swift glove removal between sessions
  • Snug ergonomic shape mimics driving position


  • Lesser known brand with short company track record
  • Sizing runs small

If you want proven sim racing glove performance without breaking the bank, iGrip makes for a compelling value-focused option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gloves really necessary for sim racing?

Gloves are not an absolute requirement, but they do enhance grip, control and immersion considerably. For serious and competitive racers they are highly recommended. Even as a casual user you’ll likely appreciate the benefits once you try a set.

Does glove choice depend on wheel type?

Yes the gloves should pair well with your specific setup – leather grips for alcantara/suede wheels, rubber grips for plastic/metal. Make sure to pick gloves that improve traction with your wheel material. Also consider if you need padding or articulation for unique performance wheels.

How often do sim racing gloves need replacing?

With heavy usage expect about 2 years until gloves show significant wear and deteriorating performance. The outer material may start peeling earlier with mesh gloves but otherwise palm grip and integrity lasts 12-24 months normally. Have backups ready for when fatigue sets in.

Is there glove maintenance I should do?

There’s no strict protocol but wipe off dust and grime after sessions, air them out to dry fully, and store properly. Some people apply leather conditioners which can refresh grip. Most sim racing gloves are pretty low maintenance by racing glove standards.

In Conclusion…

Adding racing gloves specifically designed for sim setups takes the experience to another level through better traction, control precision and immersion. Models like the Fanatec ClubSport integrating with your wheel as well as premium brands like Sparco and newcomers alike prove you have excellent options to upgrade your driving. While not the most essential accessory, quality driving gloves are certainly worth consideration by both hardcore and casual racers.

Let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything to this review article draft. I aimed for an enthusiastic sim racer tone with comprehensive product evaluations. But I can adjust the tone or structure as needed. Please advise if you need any revisions or additional details.

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