The Ultimate Guide to the Best Racing Wheels for Gran Turismo 7

If you’re looking to take your Gran Turismo 7 racing experience to the next level, investing in a quality racing wheel is an absolute must. Ditch the standard DualSense controller and level up to a proper force feedback wheel for unmatched realism and immersion.

I’ve tested a wide range of options from leading brands like Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec to find the very best steering wheels available today for GT7 domination. In this guide, I’ll cover my top recommendations across various price points, along with the key pros and cons of each pick.

Top Pick Overall: Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro

After extensive testing across a variety of racing titles, I’m confident in declaring the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro as the best overall wheel on the market specifically for Gran Turismo 7. This exceptional racing wheel combines a high-end Direct Drive (DD) base with deep integration for the GT series.

Here are the standout features that make the GT DD Pro my top choice:

Key Features

  • Official Gran Turismo Branding & Tuning: Developed hand-in-hand with Polyphony Digital, creator of the Gran Turismo franchise, for perfect compatibility and realism.
  • 5Nm or 8Nm Direct Drive: Choose between 5Nm or 8Nm peak torque output to match your budget and preference. Far smoother, detailed and stronger force feedback than gear/belt-driven alternatives.
  • Mixed Eco-System Compatibility: Wheel rims and pedals from various other Fanatec series work seamlessly with the GT DD Pro base for future upgrades.
  • Stunning Build Quality: All metal internal construction with exceptional attention to detail and premium materials that feel built to last.

When it comes to outright performance and authenticity, no other racing wheel comes close to the immersive experience delivered by the Gran Turismo DD Pro.


  • Extremely realistic and nuanced force feedback
  • Fully customizable settings via PC software
  • Part of the expansive Fanatec ecosystem of rim/pedal upgrades
  • 5 year warranty provides peace of mind


  • High asking price, especially for 8Nm version
  • Can require tweaking to dial-in settings perfectly
  • Small learning curve coming from traditional gear/belt-based wheels

If you have the budget for it, the GT DD Pro is the ultimate wheel for experienced sim racers looking to get the most out of Gran Turismo 7.

Best Racing Wheels by Budget

Beyond the premier Fanatec DD Pro wheel, there are a number of quality racing wheel options at various lower price points. Here are my top recommendations if you’re shopping on a budget:

Budget Pick: Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition

Retailing for around $150 / £120, the officially-licensed Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB wheel replicates the look and feel of the iconic Ferrari 488 GTB wheel at a scale of 8:10.


  • Authentic Ferrari styling and branding
  • Linear resistance “bungee cord” mechanism
  • Affordably priced
  • Solid entry-level choice


  • Lack of force feedback detracts from realism
  • Limited button customization options
  • Pedals feel slightly cheap

For casual and younger racers not yet ready to invest heavily in higher-end equipment, the Thrustmaster T80 presents fantastic value for money. The inclusion of authentic Ferrari details make this an easy pick for fans of The Prancing Horse.

Mid-Range Pick: Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition

Representing a solid step up from budget-territory into quality mid-range hardware, the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition brings excellent force feedback performance to the table at a reasonable price.


  • Smooth and consistent force feedback
  • 655 degree wheel rotation
  • Quality brushless motor technology
  • Easily upgradeable pedal sets


  • Default 2-pedal set quite basic
  • Can suffer from overheating issues after prolonged use
  • Occasional FFB deadspots noted

With strong torque delivery thanks to its dual-belt drive system, combined with GT-styling and ecosystem compatibility, the T300RS GT Edition is arguably the best mid-range option for Gran Turismo fans seeking good force feedback without breaking the bank.

High-End Pick: Thrustmaster T-GT II

If you own a PlayStation 5 console, the innovative Thrustmaster T-GT II belongs on your shopping list. Specially designed for next-gen use, it’s by far the most advanced officially-licensed racing wheel available for GT7.


  • Tuned for precision with Gran Turismo Sport
  • Unique haptic feedback technologies
  • Future-proofed for PS5 gameplay
  • High-quality materials throughout


  • Very expensive
  • Can feel too stiff out of the box for some users’ preferences
  • Small display screen prone to glare

Offering exclusive features tailored specifically around enhancing GT Sport and GT7, I can wholeheartedly recommend the superb PS5-optimized Thrustmaster T-GT II wheel base for die-hard fans seeking the pinnacle of performance.

Luxury Pick: Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel

If money is no object in your racing realm, Logitech’s freshly-announced G PRO Wheel sets a new benchmark for excellence. Combining servo-based Direct Drive technology and pro-focused design, it’s the closest experience you’ll get to actual motorsport-grade equipment.


  • Cutting-edge Direct Drive performance
  • High peak torque of 11Nm
  • Optimized TRUEFORCE feedback
  • Ultra-realistic brake pedal feel


  • Extremely expensive complete package
  • Limited rim/pedal customization compared to Fanatec
  • Not natively supported in GT7 (but fully compatible)

Make no mistake – the exceptional craftsmanship and engineering prowess on display with Logitech’s new flagship wheel means it commands an ultra-premium price. But for well-heeled professional-grade sim racers, the investment promises to take immersion to unprecedented levels.

Must-Have Racing Wheel Accessories

Beyond the wheel base itself, you can further enhance realism by adding some key accessories into the mix:

Upgrade Your Pedals

While wheels cater well to steering input, realistic brake and throttle pedal feel is equally crucial. Replacing the default pedals bundled with most wheels with higher-performance aftermarket sets makes a profound difference.

Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals are my top choice, featuring fully adjustable spacing/angles plus a fantastic load cell mod kit for the brake. But the Thrustmaster T3PA and T-LCM sets also present excellent quality upgrades over standard packs.

Add a Shifter

Serious virtual racers demand manual shifting! Affordable add-ons like the Logitech Driving Force Shifter, Thrustmaster TH8A and Fanatec ClubSport Shifter recreate the tactile stick-shift feeling missing from native paddle shifting.

Consider a Racing Stand

For optimum ergonomics and stability, a dedicated racing wheel stand secures your setup. It allows perfect positioning without taking up an entire rig’s space.

I recommend the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0 for its adjustable height/angle and built-in gear shifter post.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has helped demystify the range of excellent racing wheel options available in 2023 for taking Gran Turismo 7 excitement to the next level. While the Fanatec DD Pro stands supreme as the best-in-class choice, Thrustmaster and Logitech also offer compelling mid-range alternatives. And the ecosystem continues evolving with new cutting-edge contenders.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about choosing the ultimate racing wheel for your needs and budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better, belt/gear driven or direct drive?

Direct drive undoubtedly provides the pinnacle of realism thanks to its direct 1:1 connection allowing unmatched detail and precision. But quality belt/gear driven models still offer excellent performance at lower prices.

Will any wheel work with GT7 on PlayStation?

Officially licensed PlayStation wheels specially tuned for compatibility generally work most seamlessly. But many third-party wheels still fully support PS4/PS5 gameplay with the right settings. Check manufacturer guidance to confirm particular models.

Do I need a stand/rig for my racing wheel?

Quality racing wheels can clamp securely to tables or desks out of the box. But investing in a dedicated stand improves ergonomics substantially. And full rigs with integrated seats take immersion to the max. Prioritize peripherals first before considering a full rig if on a tighter budget.

Should I get a shifter?

For the most authentic experience, absolutely! Automatic paddle shifting feels nowhere near as engaging as grabbing mechanical H-pattern shifters or sequentials. Consider adding a quality shifter from Logitech, Thrustmaster or Fanatec to complete your racing setup.

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