The Best Sim Racing Pedals for 2024

If you’re looking to elevate your sim racing setup in 2024, a quality set of pedals should be at the top of your list. Precise throttle, brake and clutch control are essential to shaving off those lap times and feeling fully immersed behind the virtual wheel.

After extensive testing of pedals from all the major players in sim racing, I’ve settled on Fanatec as the brand that consistently delivers the best combination of realism, features and durability. Their Clubsport and CSL lines offer unmatched quality at midrange and budget price points.

In this guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know to choose the right pedals for your needs and skill level. You’ll also find my top recommendations, from versatile entry-level sets to pro-level pedals with incredible fidelity. Let’s dive in!

How to Choose the Best Sim Racing Pedals

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky evaluating which pedals are right for you. Here are the key factors I consider:

Build Quality and Materials

Solid construction is essential for pedals that need to stand up to thousands of brake stomps and throttle stabs. Metal components like steel and aluminum alloy offer strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight. Plastic pedals can flex and degrade more rapidly under heavy use.


Having the ability to change pedal positioning is huge for comfort and realism. Look for pedals with adjustable spacing, angle, and interchangeable springs/elastomers. This allows you to dial in the perfect settings and resistance for your driving style.

Force Sensing System

To accurately mimic real brake feel, load cell sensors are a must. They measure input force rather than just pedal travel distance. Resolution and sensitivity are also important for precision throttle control. Hall effect and magnetic sensors excel here.

Additional Features

While not strictly necessary, features like rumble motors, hydraulic dampers, and compatibility with sensor calibration software can enhance the experience and realism.

Best Overall: Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals

If you’re seeking the pinnacle of realism without completely breaking the bank, the Clubsport V3 pedals are my top pick. The quality and fidelity are on another level compared to other sets in this price range.


Constructed from durable metals with reinforced plates, the Clubsport V3s are built to withstand hardcore racing action. The excellent 90kg load cell brake is complemented by contactless magnetic sensors on the throttle and clutch. You can also add optional hydraulic dampers for ultra-smooth pedal response.

Key Features:

  • Rugged metal construction with minimal flex
  • 90kg brake load cell with realistic pressure feel
  • Contactless magnetic gas/clutch sensors
  • Fully adjustable pedal spacing and angle
  • Optional hydraulic damper kit for brake and throttle


  • Immersive and consistent brake feel improves trail braking skills
  • Load cell never needs recalibration unlike potentiometers
  • Magnetic sensors maintain precision over thousands of hours
  • Adjustments allow you to customize positioning and stiffness
  • Hydraulic dampers replicate smooth pedal response of real cars

The Clubsport V3s strike the perfect balance of performance and adjustability, giving you pro-level control and realism. The excellent build quality also ensures they’ll stand up to endless hot lapping sessions.

Best Budget Option: Fanatec CSL Pedals

If you’re seeking quality pedals on a tighter budget, the CSL pedals deliver excellent fidelity without breaking the bank. They retain the superb construction and sensors from higher-end Fanatec wheels.


Despite the lower price point, no compromises were made on materials – the CSL pedals feature an all-metal construction with reinforced plates. The 100kg load cell brake offers realistic pressure feel, while magnetic sensors on the other pedals enhance precision.

Key Features:

  • Durable forged metal components
  • 100kg load cell brake with adjustable elastomers
  • Contactless magnetic sensors for gas and clutch
  • Reinforced plates reduce flex under hard braking
  • Wide range of resistance adjustment


  • Excellent fidelity and response from load cell brake
  • Magnetic sensors maintain precision over time
  • Metal construction handles abuse from aggressive driving
  • Adjustable elastomers let you customize brake stiffness
  • Great performance and durability at an entry-level price

For sim racers seeking quality pedals on a budget, the CSL pedals deliver pro-level features without the premium price tag. They offer an ideal way to upgrade from lower-end gear while staying affordable.

Honorable Mentions

While Fanatec took the top spots in my testing, a few other pedals deserve honorable mentions:

Heusinkveld Sprint – These Dutch-made pedals compete with the Clubsport V3s in quality and features. The all-metal construction is rock solid and the detailed calibration software is exemplary. They’re an equally excellent midrange choice.

Simucube ActivePedal – If money is no object, these innovative pedals are incredible. The motorized force feedback adds tactile effects like ABS pulses and rumble strips. They’re overkill for many, but deliver ultimate realism.

Logitech G29 – On an ultra-tight budget? The G29 pedals are a great starter set, offering adjustability and responsive sensors. The lack of a proper load cell brake limits immersion, but they perform admirably given the low price point.


When prioritizing construction quality, adjustability, and immersive brake feel, Fanatec consistently comes out on top in the midrange and budget categories. Their Clubsport and CSL pedals balance performance and value, giving sim racers access to pro-level equipment.

If you’re seeking pedals to enhance your driving consistency and lap times, I highly recommend the Clubsport V3 set. The superb fidelity and smooth hydraulic damper feel justify the added expense over the budget CSL offering. Whichever you choose, Fanatec provides the ideal platform to elevate your sim racing experience.

Now that you’re an expert on picking pedals, it’s time to get driving! Remember, precision throttle control and trail braking are critical, so take advantage of your new-found brake fidelity and sensor precision to shave time off your virtual lap records. Game on!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do quality racing pedals cost?

Expect to spend $200-400 for decent midrange pedals, and $600+ for top-tier sets with advanced features. Quality metals and realistic sensors (especially load cells) add expense compared to basic plastic sets. Higher pricing generally buys you improved realism and durability.

Is a load cell brake absolutely necessary?

In my opinion, yes – load cell brakes are critical if you want a realistic and immersive experience. Unlike cheaper potentiometer sensors, load cells directly measure how hard you press the brake. This closely mimics real hydraulic brake feel and makes modulation much easier. Entry-level plastic pedals can’t match the consistency of load cell sets.

What features contribute most to realism?

Load cell brakes are number one, closely followed by quality throttle and clutch sensors. Adjustable pedal stiffness helps dial in the perfect feel. Hydraulic dampers and vibration feedback add realism but aren’t essential. Rigid metal construction ensures a rock-solid pedal base without flexing under hard braking.

How difficult are pedals to install and configure?

One of the beauties of quality pedals is they’re plug and play for basic use on PC and consoles. You supply the force! However, many allow for extensive adjustments via desktop software to fine tune stiffness, sensitivity, and response curves. This lets you customize the pedals to perfectly match your driving style and preferences.

Will better pedals instantly make me faster?

Not necessarily – they won’t immediately shave five seconds off your lap times! But higher fidelity pedals, especially load cell brakes, make it much easier to trail brake and modulate throttle smoothly. This enables you to find time through better technique and consistency. Great pedals remove limitations, letting your driving skill shine through.

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