Simlab X1 Pro


  • Unmatched rigidity and stability
  • Clever integrated monitor mounts improve immersion
  • Premium construction quality and materials
  • Easy assembly with detailed instructions
  • Highly compatible with most wheelbases and pedals
  • Loads of adjustability for fit and comfort
  • Excellent aesthetics and design


  • Expensive price tag, but justifiable
  • Large footprint required for full setup
  • Significant weight makes transport a challenge

Sim-Lab X1-Pro Sim Racing Cockpit Review


As an avid sim racer, having a high-quality cockpit is absolutely essential to get the most out of your racing setup. After years of using entry-level rigs, I finally decided to invest in a premium cockpit that could provide the rock-solid stability needed for direct drive wheels and load cell pedals. The Sim-Lab X1-Pro immediately caught my attention with its industrial design focused on maximum rigidity. After spending the past month with the X1-Pro as my daily simulator, I can confidently say it has exceeded my expectations and stands in a class of its own compared to any other cockpit I’ve owned.

In this detailed review, I’ll break down the key features of the X1-Pro and how they translate to real-world performance. I’ll also highlight some pros and cons I experienced over numerous racing sessions in various titles. Let’s dive in!

Key Features and Specifications

The X1-Pro sets itself apart with a number of well-designed features tailored specifically for serious sim racing use:

Extreme Rigidity and Stability

The foundation of the X1-Pro cockpit utilizes extra-large 120x40mm aluminum extrusion profiles that are significantly thicker and more rigid than the 80x40mm profiles commonly used on most rigs. This beefed up construction provides a rock-solid base that effectively eliminates any unwanted flex, vibration or movement. Through extensive testing with a 20Nm direct drive wheel and 100kg load cell pedals, I could not get the X1-Pro to budge even an inch.

Dedicated Wheelbase Mounting Options

Rather than a one-size-fits-all wheel deck, the X1-Pro offers dedicated mounting brackets for both top and bottom mounted wheelbases. The included front mount is ideal for OSW bases like Simucube and accomodates the massive forces without issue. There is also a separate wheel deck accessory to handle bottom mounting bases like Fanatec.

Adjustable and Compatible Pedal Deck

The pedal plate on the X1-Pro slides forward and back over a range of 180mm, allowing you to dial in the ideal pedal position relative to your wheel and seat. The plate also adjusts angle up to 4 degrees to accomodate your preferred orientation. Compatibility extends to all major pedal models including load cells.

Integrated Monitor Mounts

Built-in monitor mounts position your screen right above the wheelbase with no gap, greatly improving immersion and the sense you are sitting in a real car cockpit. The curved extrusion profiles match perfectly with the steering wheel outline.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Despite its sophisticated design, the X1-Pro cockpit can be fully assembled in around 90 minutes using only basic tools. All required hardware and components are included along with straight-forward schematics to simplify the process.

Sleek and Functional Design

From the integrated monitor mounts to the unique curved floor, the X1-Pro cockpit looks and feels like a purpose-built racing machine. High quality materials and subtle branding elements give it a premium aesthetic that compliments the performance.

Modular and Customizable

The extrusion-based design makes mounting accessories like shifters, handbrakes and keyboard trays easy and secure. You can outfit the cockpit exactly how you like to customize the experience.

Build Quality and Construction

It’s clear from the moment you begin unpacking the X1-Pro that painstaking care and attention to detail has gone into the construction. The materials, engineering and assembly quality are a tier above anything else I’ve seen.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Profiles

The foundation of the X1-Pro consists of massively overbuilt 120x40mm extrusion profiles that are significantly thicker than common 80x40mm profiles. You can immediately feel how solid these 6061 aluminum sections are.

Reinforced Structure

On top of the beefy profiles, critical joints utilize thick reinforcement plates welded between sections to remove any possibility of twisting or flexing under load. The pedal area is also reinforced for absolute rigidity.

Custom Powder-Coated Floor Panels

Rather than leaving the sides open, the X1-Pro features strong 5mm thick powder coated aluminum floor sections that fully enclose the side rails. This provides a flush and seamless surface.

Wheel Deck and Pedal Rack

The wheel deck and pedal rack are made from milled aluminum to again provide the ultimate in strength and stiffness. Rubber trims help protect the powder coated surfaces from scuffs and scratches.

Performance and Feel

Of course the most crucial aspect of any cockpit is how well it actually performs during racing. With the X1-Pro, the driving experience is taken to another level compared to any other rig I’ve owned.

Direct Feedback and Precision

The critical advantage of the X1-Pro’s extremely rigid construction is that FFB forces and pedal pressures are transmitted directly without any dampening or flex affecting feel. The precision this enables is incredible.

Stable and Secure

Despite my aggressive inputs, the X1-Pro remains completely planted and secure with absolutely zero movement of the wheel deck or pedals. This inspires confidence to push harder.

Comfortable Driving Position

Adjustability of the pedals and integrated monitor mounts allow dialing in the ideal driving position tailored to your dimensions. The curved floor makes entry and exit smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are required for assembly?

You’ll need a set of metric Allen keys and wrenches. Some sockets may also help speed up bolt tightening. An electric drill with hex bits makes quick work of the many self-tapping screws.

Does the cockpit come pre-assembled?

No, the X1-Pro ships as aluminum extrusions and components that you will need to assemble yourself. Don’t worry though, the instructions walk you through the process clearly and it is fairly straight-forward. Plan on 60-90 minutes for full assembly.

What mounting options are included?

The X1-Pro comes with the necessary brackets to mount OSW/DD wheelbases to the front profile. There are additional wheel decks available for separate purchase if you plan to use bottom mounted bases. Shifters, handbrakes etc. can all be mounted to the included side bracket.

Can I transport the assembled cockpit?

Yes, despite the large footprint and significant weight (around 135lbs fully built), the X1-Pro can be transported assembled if needed. Just be sure to secure all components carefully to avoid damage. Breaking it down is advised for regular transport.

How easy is it to get in and out?

The curved floor sections provide smooth entry and exit without catching your feet on any extrusions. The cockpit remains very stable when climbing in and out.


After using a range of entry and mid-level cockpits over the years, the Sim-Lab X1-Pro is on another level entirely when it comes to rigidity, performance and quality. The robust aluminum construction, integrated monitor mounts, and adjustable components make it the ultimate sim racing machine. If you’re serious about getting the most out of high-end equipment, the X1-Pro is worth the premium price. Just be ready to allocate space for the beastly footprint.

Simlab X1 Pro