Simlab P1X


  • Stunning build quality with top-notch components
  • Fully adjustable and customizable for your perfect position
  • Universally compatible with all major wheel/pedal brands
  • Extremely rigid construction minimizes flex
  • Easy to add mounts for accessories as needed
  • New adjustable pedal tray design is a big improvement


  • Doesn’t include seat or all mounting hardware
  • Assembly is time-consuming for first-timers
  • Expensive pricing, but justifiable for the quality

The Ultimate Sim Lab P1-X Sim Racing Chassis Review

As a sim racing enthusiast, I’ve tested my fair share of rigs. But none have impressed me as much as the Sim Lab P1-X racing chassis. As Sim Lab’s flagship cockpit built with 80/20 aluminum extrusion profiles, this rig left me thoroughly satisfied and convinced it’s the ultimate setup for serious sim racers.

In this comprehensive 1500 word review, I’ll share my hands-on experience with the P1-X to help you determine if it’s the right investment for your virtual racing needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons before we dive in:

Overview of the P1-X Racing Chassis

The P1-X with its matte black anodized aluminum profile frame isn’t flashy, but exudes an air of serious racing business.

Specifications and Features

This cockpit has a footprint of 1350 x 680 mm and stands 780 mm tall. It tips the scales at a sturdy 60 kg.

For its structure, Sim Lab utilizes their premium 160 x 40mm extruded aluminum profiles that are renowned for maximum durability.

The P1-X comes packaged with all the necessary bolts, rubber feet, brackets, pedal tray, and spare parts required for fitting accessories. No last minute trips needed for missing hardware!

However, it does not include the seat, seat bracket/slider, shifter mounts, or heel plate. These must be purchased separately.

What’s Included and Not Included


  • Aluminum profiles and mounting materials
  • Hardware for installing wheels, pedals, seat
  • Rubber feet
  • Pedal tray
  • Connector plates

Not Included:

  • Seat and seat bracket
  • Adjustable feet
  • Shifter/handbrake mounting plates
  • Heel plate


This chassis touts near universal compatibility with all major sim racing gear brands.

For wheels, it’s compatible with:

  • Logitech (G25, G27, G29)
  • Thrustmaster (T-GT, TS-XW, T500RS, and more)
  • Fanatec Podium DD (DD1, DD2, DD Pro, CSL DD)
  • AccuForce (V1, V2)
  • Bodnar
  • SimuCube

The pedal tray can fit pedals from:

  • Fanatec
  • Thrustmaster
  • Heusinkveld
  • Logitech
  • and many others

Plus, it has pre-drilled holes for adding shifters, handbrakes, and other accessories from various brands.

Key Benefits and Improvements

Let’s get into the specifics of what makes the P1-X such an exceptional rig.

New Pedal Tray Design

Previous Sim Lab models had their pedal trays fixed in place. But the P1-X brings adjustable pedal mounts with 4 corner brackets.

This enables you to really dial in your ideal pedal position, angle, and height. Having the pedals exactly where you want them is crucial for braking and throttle control.

The adjustable heel plate gives the flexibility to fit pedal sets from different brands while maintaining a proper relationship between the pedals and your feet.

Play-Free Connector Plates

Direct drive wheels produce tremendous torque forces which get transferred into the chassis. The P1-X uses multiple sturdy connector plates that join the upright aluminum extrusions.

This reinforces the overall structure and keeps the uprights rock steady. You’ll encounter zero flex or play even when hammering the throttle out of corners.

Extra Side Mount Profiles

The P1-X thoughtfully includes additional 40 x 120 mm aluminum profiles on the left and right sides. This provides ample room for mounting shifters, handbrakes, control boxes, and other accessories right where you need them.

The dual side mounts allow both left and right handed shifter configurations to match your preference.

Top-Notch Build Quality

As the official cockpit supplier to the Mercedes-AMG F1 Esports team, Sim Lab is synonymous with elite quality engineering.

The P1-X utilizes premium European aluminum extrusions and metal components. Everything is precisely machined and fits together perfectly.

This is a rig built to last through years of intense racing. It will likely outlive your wheel and pedal sets!

Universal Compatibility

The versatility of the P1-X is one of its biggest assets. The wheel deck, front mounting, and pedal tray offer flexible mounting points to work with just about any hardware.

Have a particular racing seat in mind? No problem, the P1-X can handle it.

This means you can create your ultimate custom setup without being limited by brand compatibility issues.

Maximum Rigidity

Rigidity and stability are essential for serious racing. Nothing kills your focus like a flexy chassis that twists and shifts as you drive.

The P1-X employs extra bracing and reinforcement to achieve exceptional stiffness. The wheel deck mounting is engineered to minimize any vibration or feedback forces from the pedals and wheel.

When mounted, your wheelbase truly becomes an extension of the chassis. The precision and detail of its force feedback can fully shine thanks to the rock solid foundation.

Easy Assembly and Accessory Attachment

Constructing a rig of this size does require a time commitment. Thankfully, the assembly process is straightforward for experienced builders.

Sim Lab provides an instruction manual with diagrams online. Following these, I was able to get it built up solo in a few hours. Just be prepared with the right hex keys and a buddy to help position it.

The benefits of the modular aluminum profile system really come into play when installing accessories. You can easily bolt on pieces like shifter mounts, cup holders, keyboard trays, and monitor stands wherever you need them.

Conclusion – A Rig Built to Last

After evaluating countless rigs over the years, none have impressed me more than the Sim Lab P1-X. It’s not cheap, but worth every penny if you’re serious about competitive racing.

The premium components, flawless engineering, and sheer adjustability make this the last chassis you’ll ever need. I have full confidence it will stand the test of time and handle everything I can throw at it.

For sim racers who prioritize quality, stability, and customization, the P1-X belongs on your shortlist. This is the pinnacle of sim racing hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to assemble?

With the instructions, an experienced builder can get it put together in 5-8 hours solo. Having a helper makes things easier.

What tools do I need?

Hex keys are the only tools required. The manual provides the sizes needed.

Can I mount my 49″ ultrawide monitor?

Yes, Sim Lab offers a monitor mount add-on specifically for supporting large ultrawide monitors.

Is the P1-X portable or easy to move?

Not really. It’s a heavy, fixed structure. You’ll want to place it in a permanent spot.

Does it come with cable management?

There are holes in the uprights for attaching ties or clips to manage cables. It’s also easy to run them along the open aluminum profiles.

What is the weight limit?

Sim Lab rates it to safely support up to 180 kg (396 lb) of total gear/accessories.

Is there an adjustable seat slider?

No, but Sim Lab has an optional seat bracket with rails that enables seat adjustment.

Can I mount flight sim gear to it?

Yes, the side mounts and accessory holes allow fitting flight sim equipment like joystick mounts.

Simlab P1X