How To Stop Your Desk Chair From Rolling

If you’re sim racing using a desk and chair then you will quickly discover the frustrations of a chair that rolls or slides when you steer, accelerate, or brake.

Fortunately, this is a widespread problem, and there are a few straightforward solutions that thousands of others have used to alleviate the pain of this frustrating issue.

To stop your desk chair from rolling when sim racing, you need to immobilize the wheels in some way. The most common ways to do this include buying a pedal mount from Amazon, replacing the wheels on your chair with some cheap locking caster wheels or permanently fixed feet, or placing old shoes or half tennis balls under the wheels.

Stand Alone Pedal Mount

A pedal mount like the Pedal Mount PEIN which is available on Amazon solves two problems that nearly all sim racers experience at some stage, keeping your chair in place, and keeping your pedals in place.

Whilst the pedal mount is designed to keep your pedals and chair firmly in place, the pedal mount also has the added benefit of being able to adjust the angle that your pedals are at, as well as keeping them at a fixed distance. This is a really important factor in being able to setup up a comfortable environment in order to be as consistent as possible when you race.

Replace Your Chair Wheels

Replacing the wheels on your desk chair is the most effective way of removing unwanted rolling. Using a locking caster wheel which you can get for reasonably cheap on Amazon allows you to have the best of both worlds by enabling the locking when you’re sim racing and unlocking them when you’re not.

The other option if you are wanting a more permanent solution to your rolling issues is to replace them with a permanent fixed foot which you can also get pretty cheaply off Amazon.

If you go with either of these options make sure that you double-check that they are compatible with the current chair that you are using. A lot will be universal but there will always be some exceptions.

Temporary Options

If you’re just looking for a super basic and free option then you can probably use a few things that you’ve got laying around the house.

Grab a pair of shoes and put them under two of the rear casters or do the same thing with halved tennis balls. There really isn’t that much more to discuss in this section, it’s as simple as that. Whilst this may not be the greatest solution in the long term when it comes to a free and quick fix in the short term, it’s more than acceptable.

DIY Options

If you’re the D.I.Y type then a few sim racers have come up with some pretty smart ways of building surrounds for their pedals than attach onto the chair, locking both the pedals and the chair in place.

You can check out a few solutions that the guys over at /r/simracing have implemented if you’re up to the challenge.

Wrap Up

Whilst your chair rolling around when you’re sim racing is an annoying problem, there are fortunately many cheap and easy ways to stop this from happening.

If you’re willing to spend some money and pick up a pedal mount or replace the feet of your chair then there are plenty of options on Amazon that you can look up to quickly and effectively solve your problem.

If you’re looking for free options, then you can go and grab a pair of shoes and wedge the wheels in them or cut a couple of tennis balls in half and stuff them under the back wheels. It will keep the chair in place, and it’s free. Win-win.

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