sim racing headphones

Best Headphones for Sim Racing

A good pair of headphones is an affordable upgrade to your sim racing setup that can make a surprising amount of difference to your sim racing experience. Whilst racers often rely on their visuals to determine where cars are on the track, having a good quality headset can help you pinpoint the location of cars

sim racing wheel stand

Best Wheel Stands For Sim Racing

Wheel stands offer a great aopportunity to upgrade your sim racing setup without spending the money, or sacrificing the space, that is needed in order to set up a complete sim racing rig. Wheels stands are an affordable way to get your pedals, wheels, and shifter mounted in a consistent and ergonomic location, and remove

sim racing books feature image

Best Sim Racing Books

Whilst there are some fantastic resources online that you can use to improve as a sim racer, sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics and pick up a good old fashion book! Fortunately for us sim racers, a huge amount of books and other resources that are written about real-world racecraft can also

a picture of locking chair caster wheels for sim racing

How To Stop Your Desk Chair From Rolling

If you’re sim racing using a desk and chair then you will quickly discover the frustrations of a chair that rolls or slides when you steer, accelerate, or brake. Fortunately, this is a widespread problem, and there are a few straightforward solutions that thousands of others have used to alleviate the pain of this frustrating

cars from car mods in asseto corsa

Where To Find Mods For Assetto Corsa

One of the biggest reasons that Assetto Corsa remains one of the top sims almost 6 years after it was originally released is largely in part due to the outstanding amount of high-quality mods available. Whether you want to race Formula 1 around the Red Bull Ring in Austria, cruise the highways of Tokyo in

sim racing pedals next to a non slip mat

How To Stop Sim Pedals From Sliding On The Floor

If you haven’t got a sim racing rig or somewhere to mount your sim racing pedals then you have probably encountered the annoying issue of your sim racing pedals sliding on the floor when you press on the throttle or brake pedals. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy solutions to this annoying problem!

image of a sim racing shifter

5 Best Sequential Shifters for Sim Racing

A sequential shifter is a fantastic piece of equipment that can seriously add tremendous value to any sim racing rig. Whether you’re planning on driving Supercars around Bathurst or Rally in Spain, a sequential shifter is going to add some fantastic immersion and value. Here are the 5 best sequential shifters for sim racing Thrustmaster

iracing night race with headlights on

Why Do People Flash Their Headlights In Sim Racing

You may have been in a race and seen someone sitting 3-feet off your bumper, flashing their headlights like a mad man. If you don’t know what to do it can be pretty unnerving! Are they angry? Are they saying hello? Are they spelling out the lyrics of their favorite song in morse code? When

fanatec load cell pedals

Do Load Cell Pedals Make You Faster

If you’ve been in the sim racing scene for any length of time then you’ve probably heard or read about load cell pedals and how they’re some magical cure for sub-optimal lap times. Whilst that isn’t always the case, they are definitely one of the single biggest upgrades that a sim racer can make to

a sim racing wheel and seat

How Much Does A Sim Racing Setup Cost

Sim racing setups can range from a couple of hundred dollars all the way up into the tens of thousands of dollars range. There are a number of variables that are going to determine how much a sim racing setup will cost. Whether you are looking for your first basic wheel and pedal set for

simracingapps displayed on a tablet and a phone

Best iRacing Apps and Addons

iRacing has a great range of apps and addons that have been created by the community in order to increase the experience that iRacing offers. In my opinion the best iRacing apps are: VRS Telemetry CrewChief Trading Paints SIMRacingApps SoundShift VRS Telemetry Virtual Racing School Telemetry is something that I always have on when

using a controller for sim racing

Do You Need a Wheel For Sim Racing

No, you do not need a wheel for sim racing, however, the sims that you are able to play may be limited. You may be able to use a controller or a keyboard but it is highly suggested that you do use a wheel for sim racing in order to get the most enjoyable and

can you make money from sim racing

Can You Make Money Sim Racing

You can make money sim racing however the chances are rather small. Currently, there are only a handful of ways that sim racers can make money. Private leagues, professional series, and sponsorships. Privates leagues usually have a signup fee where the total prize pool is split among the winning team, professional series have extremely large

iracing race cars racing on a track

How To Get Faster At Sim Racing

Sim racing can be a frustrating hobby to be involved in. The skill gap between the top and the bottom sim racers is insane and even getting to the level where you’re somewhat competitive with the other racers in your race is no easy task. You have more than likely been in online races where

Racing gloves on a driver gripping a sim racing wheel

Best Gloves For Sim Racing in 2021

You might think that wearing gloves for sim racing is a bit overkill and, in a lot of cases, you’d be right! They do, however, serve a purpose especially as you start to become more competitive, race harder, and move towards higher-end gear. If you’re not sold on the benefits of gloves I recently wrote

A sim racing rig in front of a television

How Far Should Your Sim Racing Monitor Be From You?

The distance from your eyes to your sim racing monitor should be between 25.5″ – 31.5″ (65cm – 80cm). This distance should ideally put the monitor just above the back of your wheelbase. The reason that it is best to have your monitors set at this distance is so you can get as close to

Racing gloves on a sim racing rig

Do You Need Gloves for Sim Racing?

The reason why sim racers wear gloves when sim racing is because they offer a layer of protection for their gear and their hands, as well as increase the grip on their wheel for the duration of the race. Sim racing wheels are susceptible to wear and tear from the friction, sweat, and natural oils

Best Ultrawide Monitors for Sim Racing

Ultrawide monitors offer an alternative to triple monitors or VR headsets for sim racers that are looking up to upgrade their sim rigs from a single standard widescreen monitor to something that will increase the race performance. The best ultrawide monitors for simracing are: Samsung Business CH890 34″ LG 34GN850-B 34″ LG 38GL950G-B 38″ AOC

How To Install Setups For iRacing

Installing setups on iRacing is very straight forward. You just have to know where the folders are located and what files to drop into them. To install setups in iRacing simply drop the setup file that you have (this will be a file with a .sto extension) in the correct cars’ setup folder. By default,

Best Wireless Media Keyboards for Sim Racing

This might be a weird subject to do an article on, but hear me out. If you’ve spent any amount of time in a sim racing rig or if your setup is away from your computer then you’ll quickly realise the pain and annoyance that comes with trying to type, enter races, change cars, etc.

A Beginners Guide to iRacing

It’s no secret that iRacing has exploded in popularity in the recent weeks, but for many newcomers, it can be a daunting and confusing experience to get started. This is a guide to help you get out on the track with some confidence that you know what’s going on and to hopefully remove some of

Top 10 Tips For Beginner Sim Racers

When you’re just learning the ropes of sim racing it can be a daunting, frustrating process. Here are 10 tips that I recommend that will hopefully help you get up to speed(literally) as quickly as possible. 1. One Car, One Track It’s really tempting to jump straight into a GTE, an LMP1, or maybe a

What Is a Direct Drive Sim Racing Wheel

Force feedback sim racing wheelbases come in a couple of different configurations. Gear or belt-driven, and direct drive. But what exactly is the difference between these, and what advantages does direct drive bring? Gear and belt-driven wheels are your common, run of the mill, sim racing wheels that 90% of us have. G920, ClubSport V2.5,

Best Virtual Reality Headsets For Sim Racing

Sim Racing is currently one of the few genres of games that works incredibly well with virtual reality headsets so it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking at getting into the virtual reality world. It can be very daunting to make the leap though and whereas a few years ago the options

Where to Find Setups for iRacing

If you’ve been on iRacing for long enough to get out of the fixed series and into the opens, you’ll know exactly how important setups are for your car. They can quite literally be the difference between first and last place and the higher the strength-of-field, the more that they will determine that. You can

Best Triple Monitors For Sim Racing

Monitors are a pretty important aspect of any sim racers rig and one of the things that I would suggest not being frugal with. Below is a list of a few different model monitors that are popular in the sim racing and gaming community and may fit what you are looking for. I’ve tried to

Sim Racing In Virtual Reality

For many people, virtual reality is seen as a bit of a gimmick. Something that is fun to mess around with, maybe play some Beat Saber or some VR Chat and then it sits on your desk for 6-months until it’s dusted off for another few hours of use when you’re bored next. Sim racing

Sim Racing on a Budget

Sim racing can be an expensive hobby, there’s no doubt about that, but just like many other hobbies, there are always cheaper ways to get started. Let’s have a look at what an inexpensive setup might look like for someone just looking to get started in sim racing. To get started in sim racing cheaply,

correctly positioned triple monitors for sim racing

What Is Best For Sim Racing – Triple Monitors or Ultrawide?

Making the decision to upgrade your monitors to enhance your sim racing experience can be a difficult decision, and not to mention an expensive one! I remember feeling overwhelmed when trying to make this exact decision not too long ago. It’s an expensive investment and you don’t want to make the wrong decision. Ultrawide and