Best iRacing Apps and Addons

simracingapps displayed on a tablet and a phone

iRacing has a great range of apps and addons that have been created by the community in order to increase the experience that iRacing offers. In my opinion the best iRacing apps are: VRS Telemetry CrewChief Trading Paints SIMRacingApps SoundShift VRS Telemetry Virtual Racing School Telemetry is something that I always have on when … Read more

How To Install Setups For iRacing

Installing setups on iRacing is very straight forward. You just have to know where the folders are located and what files to drop into them. To install setups in iRacing simply drop the setup file that you have (this will be a file with a .sto extension) in the correct cars’ setup folder. By default, … Read more

Where to Find Setups for iRacing

If you’ve been on iRacing for long enough to get out of the fixed series and into the opens, you’ll know exactly how important setups are for your car. They can quite literally be the difference between first and last place and the higher the strength-of-field, the more that they will determine that. You can … Read more