Best Xbox One Steering Wheels 2024

If you’re a racing game enthusiast, you know that playing with a standard Xbox One controller simply doesn’t compare to using a proper racing wheel. The enhanced realism, control, and immersion that the best Xbox One steering wheels provide can transform your racing experience.

As an avid sim racer who has tested all of the top contenders firsthand, I’ve created this definitive guide to help you choose the right high performance racing wheel for your needs and budget in 2024. We’ll cover everything you need to know, from high-end wheels for ultra enthusiasts down to more affordable options for casual gamers.

So strap in and get ready to rule the track!

Top Pick: Fanatec Forza Motorsport Bundle

If money is no object and you demand the absolute best Xbox One racing experience, look no further than the Fanatec Forza Motorsport Wheel Bundle. Developed hand-in-hand with the team at Turn 10 Studios to be the official Forza Motorsport racing wheel, the Fanactec bundle delivers uncompromising realism perfect for the most hardcore racing enthusiasts.


The Fanactec Forza Motorsport Bundle pairs the ClubSport Steering Wheel with the bulletproof ClubSport Wheel Base v2.5. Together they form a precisely engineered system built from quality components to bring unparalleled performance straight out of the box. Both wheel and base are Xbox licensed for seamless compatibility.

While very premium-priced, the exceptional craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail makes this my top choice for serious racers who want the ultimate competitive edge. If you have a proper racing cockpit setup, this Fanatec kit completes it with professional grade equipment.

Key Features

  • 33cm leather gripped wheel: Exquisitely stitched and grippy for comfort
  • 1080 degree rotation: Ultra high rotation range for precision control
  • DirectSensor technology: Lightning fast response unhindered by gears or belts
  • Dual Hallsensors: Pinpoint accuracy with contactless measurements
  • Adjustable ABS vibration feedback: Tuned vibrations channel road feel to your hands
  • OLED display: Built-in screen with telemetry and customization options
  • Xbox compatible: Officially licensed and tuned for Xbox One and Series X/S


  • Most powerful and nuanced force feedback of any wheel
  • Leading edge sensor accuracy transmits intricate road details
  • Elite build quality with premium components promising years of performance
  • Fully adjustable settings allow extensive customization for your preferences
  • Software upgradable via PC to keep up with latest firmware enhancements


  • Extremely expensive, especially bundled with wheel base
  • Can feel too realistic for casual gamers

While the sticker shock is admittedly intense, devout Forza fans with sufficient funds will find this bundle a sound investment towards achieving driving nirvana.

Budget Pick: Thrustmaster TMX

Not everyone has the budget for a top tier racing wheel, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for a subpar experience. The Thrustmaster TMX hits a sweet spot between price and performance to satisfy bargain hunting racers.


As Thrustmasters’s entry level force feedback wheel designed for Xbox One and Windows, the TMX delivers responsive and nuanced feedback unheard of at this low price point. While made mostly of plastic to meet costs, the materials feel solid with some metal accents.

For casual to mid-core racers on a budget, the TMX brings a taste of the high life down to affordable territory. Compared to a controller, it massively enhances immersion in racers like Forza Horizon and Project CARS.

Key Features

  • 28cm textured rubber wheel: Comfortable durable grip in ample size
  • 900 degree rotation: Ample range for most racers
  • Dual belt pulley force feedback: Feels highly nuanced and reactive
  • 12 wheel buttons: Essential controls always within reach
  • Two pedal set included: Gas and brake pedals complete the package
  • Adjustable pedal angles: Configure pedals to your optimal comfort


  • Highly responsive force feedback defies budget price
  • Complete bundle with pedals at incredible value
  • Smooth quick rotation for precise maneuvers
  • Thrustmaster reliability promises years of play


  • Materials feel cheaper than premium wheels
  • Force feedback notchy at times
  • Noisier motor than expected

If you’re seeking strong force feedback performance on a tight budget, the Thrustmaster TMX is my top recommendation that outshines higher priced competitors. Step into the winner’s circle without breaking the bank!

Reviews of Other Top Models

Beyond the two standout options above, there are a variety of other Xbox One racing wheels worth considering for your needs. Let’s break down a selection of other top contenders vying for podium glory.

Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition

If you crave luxury feel along with top tier performance, Thrustmaster’s TX Leather Edition makes a compelling case wrapped in hand-stitched opulence.

This high end racing wheel loudly announces upscale intentions at first touch thanks to meticulously stitched leather hugging the 28cm wheel. But premium appointments don’t impede performance one bit.

Under the hood, a powerful brushless motor delivers silky smooth, highly dynamic force feedback to clearly translate road conditions and weight transfer. Thrustmaster’s hallmark precision engineering shines through as every input translates to instant on-screen response.

With 900 degrees of buttery rotation and abundant controls readily at hand, the TX Leather Edition backs its swagger with well-earned skill sure to satisfy the most discerning racers. The price reflects all this fine craftsmanship, but for those seeking luxury look and feel mated to virtuoso function, few wheels can compete.


  • Leather clad wheel exudes upscale aesthetic
  • Potent force feedback realistically conveys road details
  • Instantly responsive with minimal dead zones
  • Broad compatibility beyond just Xbox One


  • High sticker price tags it solely as luxury product
  • Button placement awkward for some hand sizes

Logitech G920 Driving Force

While Logitech can’t claim an official Xbox One license, the G920 Driving Force wheel makes a case for inclusion in the winner’s circle based on well-rounded excellence covering all the bases.

Sporting classy stitching paired with brushed metal and stainless steel components, the G920 makes a fine first impression. Thoughtful design choices like conveniently placed shifters and intuitively organized buttons reinforce smart ergonomic considerations catering to long, comfortable play sessions.

Digging deeper, Logitech’s dual motor force feedback feels satisfyingly realistic, conveying subtle dynamics of grip loss and traction shifts. A helical gearing system ensures smooth, quiet operation through a full 900 degrees of rotation. The accompanying three pedal set provides a proper accelerator, clutch, and firm brake petal with progressive resistance.

By bundling in essential components like a shifter and responsive pedals at a reasonable price, the G920 Driving Force offers well-polished performance that’s hard to fault. It may not claim cutting edge innovations, but Logitech delivers on the promise of quality engineering that gets all the important details right.


  • Premium quality at a palatable price point
  • Pedals and shifter included for complete package
  • Intuitive controls placed for optimal access
  • Realistic enough feedback for deeply immersive play


  • Lacks official Xbox One branding
  • Materials feel a step below luxury wheel tiers

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

Licensed by the legendary Italian automaker themselves, the Ferrari 458 Spider wheel authentically replicates the look and feel of controlling Maranello’s acclaimed berlinetta to elevate armchair racers closer to the magic of the Prancing Horse stable.

While dimensionally accurate to the original, Thrustmaster adds textured rubber grips and aluminum paddle shifters to enhance operability translating to increased driver confidence. For such an inexpensive model, materials feel reassuringly solid all around.

A unique bungee cord resistance mechanism attempts to mimic engine load, making the wheel dynamically harder to turn when applying more lock. While falling short of proper force feedback, this analog system proves surprisingly responsive helping dial up the realism.

For all its bare bones simplicity, the 458 Spider wheel punches far above its class delivering respectable performance wrapped in timeless Italian style. Novices and arcade racers craving an authentic Italian flavor would do right to consider this Thrustmaster offering as a very affordable entry point.


  • Officially licensed Ferrari replica wheel
  • Unique bungee cord force resistance system
  • Costs a fraction of other setups
  • Materials feel reassuringly solid


  • Lacks force feedback essential for serious players
  • Light pedal set prone to sliding around

So while lacking the full breadth of features demanded by hardcore racers, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider wheel brilliantly channels soul-stirring Maranello magic, letting you live life in the pole position fast lane for very reasonable money.


While Xbox One console gamers have typically made do with standard controllers in the past, recent major advancements in racing wheel accessories promise so much added realism and enjoyment that I strongly recommend upgrading if racing games are among your favorites.

As my definitive pick after testing all leading options firsthand, the Fanatec Forza Motorsport Bundle stands atop the podium as the absolute best Xbox One steering wheel available in 2024. The obsessive engineering delivering uncompromising performance truly elevates the platform’s racing experience for devoted enthusiasts.

More budget minded gamers can rejoice as incredible force feedback performance now reaches completely affordable territory thanks to Thrustmaster’s brilliant TMX wheel punching far above its class. This value performer recalls Thrustmaster’s past innovation bringing once prohibitively expensive force feedback to mainstream audiences for the first time.

While those two models take top honors in their respective classes, other Xbox One racing wheel contenders like Logitech’s comprehensive and ergonomic G920 or Thrustmaster’s gorgeous TX Leather Edition merit checking out as potential podium finishers in their own right.

No matter your intended use case or budget constraints I’ve uncovered compelling options sure to vastly improve your racing exploits and unlock far more smiles per mile. So strap into the cockpit of your choice and shift your Xbox One racing enjoyment into high gear!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the main benefit of using a racing wheel over the standard Xbox One controller?

By more closely replicating the experience of operating an actual performance vehicle, specialty racing wheels greatly enhance the realism, control precision, and overall immersion in compatible racing titles. Advanced force feedback functions allow you to feel subtle traction shifts or weight transfers directly through the wheel. This makes it far easier to find the limit without losing control compared to a handheld controller. High end wheels also provide much finer granularity to steering inputs thanks to contactless sensor accuracy unattainable by console gamepads limited to potentiometers.

Do Xbox One racing wheels work on Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, thanks to ongoing backwards compatibility enhancements, Xbox One branded racing wheels function seamlessly on Microsoft’s latest generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Top flight racing simulation titles like Forza Horizon 5 shine brighter than ever when paired with a capable racing wheel.

What additional components complement racing wheels?

While advanced force feedback wheels like the Fanatec bundles provide extremely realistic road detail conveyance direct from the wheel itself, adding supplementary pedals and manual shifters enhances immersion further. Sturdy pedal frames with realistic accelerator, brake and clutch pedals closely replicate the actual pedal feel. H-pattern shifters or paddle shifters allow quickly swapping gears manually for complete control. Combine all these for the ultimate sim racing experience!

Many enthusiasts go even further building elaborate metal racing cockpits with race seats, surround sound systems and triple monitor setups to utterly lose themselves in the action.

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Top 3 Xbox One Racing Wheels

For easy reference, here’s a lightning fast recap of my top three picks for best Xbox One racing wheels:

  1. Fanatec Forza Motorsport Bundle – Unequivocally the best performing Xbox wheel for ultra enthusiasts. Over-engineered German excellence.
  2. Thrustmaster TMX – Shockingly good force feedback for an entry-level budget. Ton of value.
  3. Logitech G920 – Excellent all-rounder with great pedals included.

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