How Much Does A Sim Racing Setup Cost

a sim racing wheel and seat

Sim racing setups can range from a couple of hundred dollars all the way up into the tens of thousands of dollars range. There are a number of variables that are going to determine how much a sim racing setup will cost. Whether you are looking for your first basic wheel and pedal set for … Read more

Best iRacing Apps and Addons

simracingapps displayed on a tablet and a phone

iRacing has a great range of apps and addons that have been created by the community in order to increase the experience that iRacing offers. In my opinion the best iRacing apps are: VRS Telemetry CrewChief Trading Paints SIMRacingApps SoundShift VRS Telemetry Virtual Racing School Telemetry is something that I always have on when … Read more

Do You Need a Wheel For Sim Racing

using a controller for sim racing

No, you do not need a wheel for sim racing, however, the sims that you are able to play may be limited. You may be able to use a controller or a keyboard but it is highly suggested that you do use a wheel for sim racing in order to get the most enjoyable and … Read more

Can You Make Money Sim Racing

can you make money from sim racing

You can make money sim racing however the chances are rather small. Currently, there are only a handful of ways that sim racers can make money. Private leagues, professional series, and sponsorships. Privates leagues usually have a signup fee where the total prize pool is split among the winning team, professional series have extremely large … Read more

How To Get Faster At Sim Racing

iracing race cars racing on a track

Sim racing can be a frustrating hobby to be involved in. The skill gap between the top and the bottom sim racers is insane and even getting to the level where you’re somewhat competitive with the other racers in your race is no easy task. You have more than likely been in online races where … Read more

Best Gloves For Sim Racing in 2021

Racing gloves on a driver gripping a sim racing wheel

You might think that wearing gloves for sim racing is a bit overkill and, in a lot of cases, you’d be right! They do, however, serve a purpose especially as you start to become more competitive, race harder, and move towards higher-end gear. If you’re not sold on the benefits of gloves I recently wrote … Read more

Do You Need Gloves for Sim Racing?

Racing gloves on a sim racing rig

The reason why sim racers wear gloves when sim racing is because they offer a layer of protection for their gear and their hands, as well as increase the grip on their wheel for the duration of the race. Sim racing wheels are susceptible to wear and tear from the friction, sweat, and natural oils … Read more