What Is a Direct Drive Sim Racing Wheel

Force feedback sim racing wheelbases come in a couple of different configurations. Gear or belt-driven, and direct drive. But what exactly is the difference between these, and what advantages does direct drive bring? Gear and belt-driven wheels are your common, run of the mill, sim racing wheels that 90% of us have. G920, ClubSport V2.5, … Read more

Where to Find Setups for iRacing

If you’ve been on iRacing for long enough to get out of the fixed series and into the opens, you’ll know exactly how important setups are for your car. They can quite literally be the difference between first and last place and the higher the strength-of-field, the more that they will determine that. You can … Read more

Best Triple Monitors For Sim Racing

Monitors are a pretty important aspect of any sim racers rig and one of the things that I would suggest not being frugal with. Below is a list of a few different model monitors that are popular in the sim racing and gaming community and may fit what you are looking for. I’ve tried to … Read more

Sim Racing In Virtual Reality

For many people, virtual reality is seen as a bit of a gimmick. Something that is fun to mess around with, maybe play some Beat Saber or some VR Chat and then it sits on your desk for 6-months until it’s dusted off for another few hours of use when you’re bored next. Sim racing … Read more